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Chris Christie's Public Statements

Date Title
June 30, 2017 Governor Governor Christie's Full Opening Remarks From Today's Press Conference: Only The Senate And The Assembly Can Get A Budget To My Desk, Send Me A Budget
June 29, 2017 Gov. Christie: If Speaker Prieto Wants To Close The Government, It's Going To Be His Decision
June 29, 2017 Gov. Christie: There's a Bipartisan Agreement, It's Time The Speaker Got on Board
June 27, 2017 Gov. Christie: Announcing $9M In Housing Initiatives, Making Trenton More Livable & Attractive
June 27, 2017 Gov. Christie On NJ Sports Betting Case: I'm Thrilled That We Got Certiorari And I'm Very Optimistic
June 27, 2017 Governor Christie Enhances Trenton Revitalization With $9 Million In New Housing Initiatives
June 27, 2017 Gov. Christie: Policyholders Paid For Carnival Of Lobbyists Horizon Enlisted To Protect Profits
June 23, 2017 Governor Christie: Thank You For Your Sacrifice, Service, And Fidelity To The People Of This State
June 23, 2017 Governor Christie Signs Executive Order Ensuring Immediate Public Disclosure Of Agency Enforcement Actions
June 23, 2017 Governor Christie: The Character You Bring To Your Uniform Will Bring Continued Honor To The State Police
June 21, 2017 Governor Christie: Insuring 55% Of NJ, Horizon Should Not Be Able To Operate In The Dark
June 21, 2017 Gov. Christie: Horizon's Medicaid Denials, Delays & Failures Increased Their Profiting Off Poor People
June 20, 2017 Gov. Christie: The TTF/Tax Fairness Package Is Advantageous To Both NJ Commuters And Taxpayers
June 20, 2017 Gov. Christie: We're Going To Continue To Let People Know How Their Money Is Being Spent
June 20, 2017 Governor Christie Highlights TTF-Funded Rehabilitation of Critical Portion of I-95
June 16, 2017 Statement from Governor Chris Christie On President Trump's Call To Return Joanne Chesimard
June 16, 2017 Gov. Christie: The Biggest Goal Of This Commission Is To Bring Addiction Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light
June 15, 2017 Gov. Christie: We're Working To Help Get People Across The Nation The Treatment They Need
June 14, 2017 Governor Chris Christie's Statement on the Celebration of Flag Day
June 14, 2017 Governor Christie Announces Trenton Quality-of-Life Improvements
June 14, 2017 Gov. Christie: This Revitalization Will Have A Positive Impact On Our Capital City
June 13, 2017 Governor Christie Announces Bipartisan Agreement on Model Legislation to Reclaim Lives
June 13, 2017 Gov. Christie: State Of Art Terminal Will Provide Improved Amenities For Millions More Passengers Every Year
June 13, 2017 Governor Christie Leads Groundbreaking At Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal A
June 13, 2017 New Jersey is Only Recipient of Disaster Recovery Funds to Comply With All Federal Internal Audit Regulations, Ensuring Proper Use of Sandy Aid
June 12, 2017 Gov. Christie: I'm Going To Use Every Day I Have Left As Governor To Make A Difference
June 12, 2017 Governor Christie: I Need People In This Army To Save Lives
June 8, 2017 Governor Christie Announces Early Completion Of Job-Creating Bayonne Bridge Clearance Project
June 8, 2017 Governor Christie: The Replenished TTF Is Making Commuters' Lives Easier, Better, And Safer
June 7, 2017 Gov. Christie On PMP: Today, Five More States Are Joining This Proven, Lifesaving Network
June 7, 2017 Gov. Christie On Treating Addiction: I've Gone To Too Many Funerals, Too Many
June 7, 2017 Governor Christie's Commitment To Enhancing New Jersey's Prescription Monitoring Program
June 6, 2017 Statement from Governor Chris Christie on 73rd Anniversary of D-Day
June 1, 2017 Governor Christie: MGM Resorts And Caesars Are Ready To Make Significant New Investments In Atlantic City
June 1, 2017 Governor Chris Christie Signs E.O. To Bolster NJ's Cyber Security, IT Enterprise
June 1, 2017 Governor Christie: This Executive Order Is A Sea Change In The Way Government Is Managed
May 30, 2017 Governor Christie: Working With Mayor Jackson, We Will Make Our Capital City The Shining City In NJ
May 30, 2017 Governor Christie Announces Trenton Public Safety Initiatives To Bolster Revitalization
May 29, 2017 Statement From Governor Chris Christie In Honor Of Memorial Day
May 26, 2017 Governor Christie: The Jersey Shore Is Back And Better Than Ever
May 26, 2017 Gov. Christie: Hydrus Is Going To Be The Symbol Of The Comeback Of The Jersey Shore
May 25, 2017 Governor Christie On The Opioid Crisis: We Have Got To Stop This Pain
May 25, 2017 Governor Christie: We Need As A Community To Start Marching And Own The Opioid Issue
May 24, 2017 Governor Christie To Vanessa: You're The Face Of Hope For This Disease
May 24, 2017 Governor Christie: Every Day I Have Left As Governor, I Will Not Give Up On All Of You
May 24, 2017 Gov. Christie: The Sheridans Helped Camden Become A Leader In Our State And Region
May 24, 2017 Gov. Christie: Jail Does Not Cure, Treatment Cures, And That's What Drug Court Is All About
May 23, 2017 Gov. Christie: This Is A Dangerous World, We Need To Find A Balance Between Safety And Privacy
May 23, 2017 Gov. Christie: Our Paramount Concern Is Always Safety, Reliability For Our NJ TRANSIT Customers
May 23, 2017 Gov. Christie: I'm Not Happy About Any Of This, But The Repairs Need To Be Made Now
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