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Office: Governor (NJ), Republican
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8/03/17 Governor Christie Announces Expansion Of Successful Homelessness Reduction Program 7/21/17 Christie Administration Delivers 11.4-Percent Rate Decrease For Atlantic City Property Taxpayers 6/27/17 Gov. Christie: Announcing $9M In Housing Initiatives, Making Trenton More Livable & Attractive 6/27/17 Governor Christie Enhances Trenton Revitalization With $9 Million In New Housing Initiatives 3/30/16 Governor Christie Announces New Statewide Housing First Initiative to Assist New Jersey's Most Vulnerable 3/30/16 Governor Christie: We Have Had Incredible Progress In Reducing Homelessness In This State 2/06/16 Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Annotated 7/13/15 Governor Christie Seeks Federal Disaster Aid for Four Southern New Jersey Counties Impacted by June 23rd Macroburst Storm 7/13/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States of America - Federal Disaster Aid 5/29/15 Governor Christie Announces $6.2 Million Flood Resiliency Project for Belmar 5/27/15 Governor Christie Marks Two-Year Anniversary Of Post-Sandy Blue Acres Program With 300th Acquisition 5/27/15 Gov. Christie on Blue Acres: Giving Residents The Opportunity To Start Their Lives Over Again 4/24/15 Governor Christie Takes Action on Recommendations to Stem Homelessness in New Jersey 3/17/15 Governor Christie: We Want To Get You Back In Your Home As Quickly As Possible 12/16/14 Christie Administration Rolls Out Proposed Plans for Third Round of Federal Sandy Recovery Funds Allocated to New Jersey by HUD 10/29/14 Governor Christie: We're Not Going To Leave Anybody Behind 10/29/14 Governor Christie Announces Milestone Purchase of 200th Home as Part of Highly Successful Sandy Blue Acres Buyout Program 10/23/14 Governor Christie Announces More Than $1 Billion In Sandy Housing Recovery Assistance Programs Has Been Committed 10/23/14 Governor Christie: I Know It's A Pain In The Neck 8/28/14 Governor Christie Announces Award Of $8.5 Million In State Coastal Protection Funds For Sea Wall Project In Sea Bright 8/27/14 Christie Administration Announces The Award Of 236 More Post-Sandy Home Elevation Grants 7/07/14 Governor Christie: Raise Your Home Out Of Harm's Way 5/06/14 Christie Administration Strengthens Efforts to Combat Homelessness with Launch of "Single Point Of Entry' in Atlantic County 5/06/14 Governor Christie: Our Job Is Not Only To Give A Home, But Hope 4/24/14 Christie Administration Announces Assistance Delivered To More Than 18,000 Families Through Homeowner Resettlement Program 4/24/14 Governor Christie: 98% Money On Resettlement Is Now Out The Door 4/24/14 98 Percent of Resettlement Checks Mailed Out to Sandy-Impacted Homeowners 4/14/14 Video & Transcript: Governor Christie: Are You Protecting Taxpayers Or Playing Politics? 4/08/14 Christie Administration Asks FEMA To Give New Jersey Residents And Businesses A 6-Month Extension To File Flood Claims Related To Superstorm Sandy 3/26/14 Christie Administration Submits Plan To Federal Government For Use Of Second Round Sandy Recovery Funds 3/25/14 Mayor Matt Doherty: Let's Give A Warm, Belmar Welcome To Governor Chris Christie 2/06/14 Christie Administration Announces $26.3 Million in Federal Aid for Post-Sandy Buyouts of 89 Residential Properties in Woodbridge 2/04/14 Governor Christie: This Is About New Jersey's Working Class 2/03/14 Christie Administration Rolls Out Plan For Second Round Of Federal Sandy Recovery Funds 2/03/14 Christie Administration Seeks To Shift Sandy Recovery Funds to Support Tenant-Based Housing Vouchers And Create Lead Hazard Reduction Program 1/28/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Federal Approval To Extend FEMA Temporary Housing Assistance For New Jersey Families Displaced By Superstorm Sandy 1/16/14 Governor Christie: The Strength Of This State Is The Heart Of Its People 1/16/14 Christie Administration Announces More Than $800 Million Milestone In Federal Sandy Housing Recovery Funds For Families In Need 11/19/13 Christie Administration Announces Launch Of Home Repair And Advocacy Program For Residents Affected By Superstorm Sandy 10/22/13 Christie Administration Announces $57 Million Sandy Housing And Rental Assistance Program 10/22/13 Governor Christie: Folks Still Suffering Are Not Forgotten 7/24/13 Christie Administration Expands "reNew Jersey Stronger' Housing Initiative With $70 Million Landlord Rental Repair Program 7/16/13 Christie Administration Announces First Post-Sandy Buyout Offers Made To Owners Of Storm-Damaged Homes 7/10/13 Statement From Governor Chris Christie Regarding Supreme Court Decision On The Council On Affordable Housing 5/29/13 Governor Christie: We Need to Work Together to Keep Senior Housing Affordable 5/24/13 Christie Administration Announces Launch of "reNew Jersey Stronger" Housing Assistance Initiative 5/16/13 Governor Christie Announces $300 Million Buyout Plan To Give Homeowners The Option To Sell Sandy-Damaged 4/04/13 Christie Administration Announces FEMA Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program Extended A Final Time To April 30 3/28/13 Christie Administration Submits Disaster Recovery Action Plan To Federal Government For Approval 3/21/13 Christie Administration Announces Extension of FEMA Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program

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