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John Fleming, Jr.'s Public Statements

Date Title
Jan. 31, 2013 House Representatives Urge Thorough Examination of Former Senator Chuck Hagel
Jan. 29, 2013 Fleming Rejects Obama Immigration Agenda
Jan. 24, 2013 Letter to President Obama - Gun Control
Jan. 22, 2013 Forty Years of Victims' Legacy of Abortion
Jan. 16, 2013 Fleming: Don't Use Guns to Drive a Wedge Between Doctors and Patients
Jan. 15, 2013 Fleming Amendment Goes After Wasteful Spending in Sandy Bill
Jan. 15, 2013 Fleming Amendment Cuts $9.8 Million in Non-Emergency Spending from Sandy Bill
Jan. 14, 2013 Fleming: Use of Executive Orders for Gun Control Agenda Won't Be Tolerated
Jan. 4, 2013 Black Joined by Scalise, Smith, Pitts, Fleming & 19 Fellow House Members Introduce Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act
Jan. 4, 2013 Fleming Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Simplify Tax Filing for Seniors
Jan. 1, 2013 Americans for Prosperity: Federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Dec. 4, 2012 Fiscal Cliff
Nov. 29, 2012 Fleming Urges Party to Stand on Principle
Nov. 29, 2012 Hearing of the Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs Legislative Subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee - H.R. 511
Nov. 21, 2012 Fleming Continues to Stand with Israel
Nov. 15, 2012 Fleming Supports Louisiana Rejection of Obamacare Exchanges
Sept. 14, 2012 Fleming Votes for No More Solyndras Act
Sept. 13, 2012 Letter to President Obama
Sept. 12, 2012 Fleming Condemns Attacks in Egypt and Libya
Sept. 11, 2012 Fleming Remembers 9-11
July 27, 2012 Fleming on Obama Immigration Policy: President Continues to Circumvent Congress and Implement Amnesty
July 26, 2012 Fleming Votes to Cut Red Tape
July 24, 2012 Congressional Replacement of President Obama's Energy-Restricting and Job-Limiting Offshore Drilling Plan
July 18, 2012 Fleming Legislation to Undo Obamacare's Attacks on Health Savings Accounts
July 10, 2012 Doctors Caucus Special Order
July 10, 2012 Repeal of Obamacare Act
June 19, 2012 Hearing of the Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs Legislative Subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee - H.R. 2706, H.R. 3472 and H.R. 4100
June 11, 2012 Physicians in Congress Release "Doctors' Note' on Medicare
June 6, 2012 Same-Sex Ceremony on Army Base Denounced by Rep. Fleming
May 30, 2012 Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act
May 17, 2012 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013
May 10, 2012 Fleming Continues Fight to Stop Retirement of Air Force A-10s
May 8, 2012 Hearing of the Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs Subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee - H.R. 3210 and H.R. 4171
May 8, 2012 Witnesses: Bills to Amend Lacey Act Would Correct Unintended Consequences of Law, Protect from Over-Criminalization
May 7, 2012 Letter to Conferees
April 27, 2012 The Washington Times - Fleming: Undeniable: Entitlements are Unsustainable
April 26, 2012 Fleming Calls for Resignation of EPA Official Who Wants to "Crucify" Energy Companies
April 26, 2012 EPA
April 24, 2012 Letter to Douglas Shulman, Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service - Internal Revenue Service Emails
April 24, 2012 Fleming Warns that President Obama is not Serious about Entitlement Reform
April 24, 2012 GOP Doctors Caucus: Medicare Trustee Report Reinforces Urgent Need for Reform
April 17, 2012 Fleming on Reintroduction of H.Res. 615: "Any health care law should apply to Congress, too."
April 17, 2012 Sportmen's Heritage Act of 2012
April 17, 2012 GOP Doctors Caucus: Health Care's Broken Promises
April 3, 2012 Fleming: Interior Secretary's Remarks Show Clueless Arrogance
March 30, 2012 Obamacare's Medicaid Problems
March 29, 2012 Fleming Rejects Temporary Highway Bi
March 29, 2012 Fleming Votes for Cutting Spending and Balancing the Budget
March 29, 2012 The Times-Picayune - Congress Passes 90-Day Stopgap Transportation Bill
March 28, 2012 Fleming Supports Subpoenas to Investigate Obama Drilling Moratorium
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