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8/25/12 WTRF - Ohio Congressional Candidate Charlie Wilson Holds Town Hall Meeting in Belmont County 7/27/12 The Columbus Dispatch - Incumbent Congressman's Ads Say He's an Outsider 10/29/10 Letter To Bobby Scott, Chairman, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security 10/25/10 Wilson: "Health care reform is helping thousands of seniors at home in Ohio" 10/22/10 Survey Results 10/19/10 Letter To Todd Hawkins, USPS District Manager 10/15/10 Standing Up for Seniors 10/15/10 Wilson Stands Up for Seniors 10/01/10 It`s Time for China to Stop Manipulating it`s Currency. It`s Killing American Jobs. 9/29/10 Wilson Backs Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act 9/24/10 Newsletter, Help For Small Businesses, September 24, 2010 9/23/10 Wilson Backs Small Business Bill 9/23/10 Wilson Backs Small Business Bill 9/23/10 Wilson Backs Small Business Bill 9/17/10 Newsletter, Make It In America, September 17, 2010 9/16/10 Wilson Votes to Lower Energy Bills and to Create Jobs 9/15/10 Wilson Votes to "Make it in America" 9/15/10 Wilson Rallies With Coal Miners On Capitol Hill 8/24/10 Wilson: "This is a Wonderful Victory for Ohio Schools" 8/23/10 Wilson: "This is a Huge Win for our Area" 8/10/10 Letter to The Honorable Masayuki Naoshima, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan 8/10/10 Wilson Votes to Save Ohio Teachers' Jobs 7/30/10 Wilson Maintains Record on Energy: Opposes Taxes & EPA Intrusion 7/29/10 Wilson Votes for Commonsense Transportation and Housing Funding 7/28/10 Wilson Votes for Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act 7/22/10 Wilson Supports Final Passage of Unemployment Extension 7/22/10 Wilson Works in Committee to Protect Ohio's Chance to Host Shuttle 7/21/10 Wilson Praises New Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Law PDF 7/21/10 Wilson Votes to Improve Oil Spill Prevention and Response 7/20/10 Honoring Social Security's 75th Anniversary 7/15/10 Unemployment Benefits 7/15/10 Wilson Pleased House Sends Improper Payments Bill to President's Desk 7/14/10 A Discussion About Jobs--Continued 7/14/10 A Discussion About Jobs 7/02/10 Letter to Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury - Anshan Iron and Steel Group 6/30/10 Wilson Votes to Reform Wall Street and Protect Consumers 6/29/10 Wilson Announces Employers May Begin Applying for Help To Cover Early Retirees 6/24/10 Introducing the Sweep Act 6/24/10 Wilson Votes for the DISCLOSE Act 6/24/10 Charlie Tackles the Debt 6/22/10 Wilson, Nye Introduce SWEEP Act 6/18/10 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Not to not to veto the National Defense Authorization Act Veto the National Defense Authorization Act 6/17/10 Wilson Votes to Create Jobs, Strengthen Small Business 6/16/10 Letter to Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency 6/16/10 Wilson Announces One of his Ten Debt Reduction Initiatives Passes the House 6/15/10 Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole is Beginning to Close 6/10/10 Starting Today, Democratic Health Reform Eats Away at the Donut Hole 6/10/10 Check the Debt 6/09/10 Wilson Introduces "Check the Debt" 6/09/10 Letter to Tony Hayward Chief Executive Officer, BP

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