Willie Carter's Political Positions

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Willie Carter submitted the 2016 Political Courage Test after the official deadline and release of results to the media.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Presidential Election 2016 Political Courage Test

Pro-lifeCandidate AnswerDo you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?
Other or expanded principles

I believe that life begins at conception and must be protected, and the only reason for termination of a pregnancy must be to protect the life of the mother of infant in cases where either life is in jeopardy, giving the mother the option to decide the fate of both, herself and the unborn fetus.

YesIn order to balance the budget, do you support reducing defense spending?
YesCandidate AnswerIn order to balance the budget, do you support an income tax increase on any tax bracket?
Other or expanded principles

There are many things to do to balance the budget including military spending and in some cases the taxes must be adjusted to be fair. I believe that much of the military spending is to help in foreign conflicts, and we must justify the reasons, examine the need and why of the involvement in each case. The American taxpayer can only afford so much of a cost to keep peace in the world without causing damage to our economy at home.

YesDo you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?
Other or expanded principles

I believe that indirect campaign contributions can have a major effect on the outcome of an election, overriding the power of individual contributions.

YesDo you support capital punishment for certain crimes?
YesDo you support alternatives to incarceration for certain non-violent offenders such as mandatory counseling or substance abuse treatment?
NoCandidate AnswerDo you support mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders?
Other or expanded principles

I believe that in premeditated murder cases, the punishment fits the crime to send a strong signal to those persons thinking of committing such a crime. I believe that in order to help those nonviolent offenders, alternatives to incarceration would help to reduce criminal records. We have a justice system to deal with individual offenders, let's keep it just by giving the most opportunity for offenders to repair their lives especially one time offenders.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support lowering taxes as a means of promoting economic growth?
YesDo you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation?
Other or expanded principles

Federal spending can be very helpful in promoting economic growth when under control.
I believe lowering taxes always helps to incite the economy.
I believe, as a business owner, that tax incentives can be a very important part of business growth giving space for new jobs, and affording the business the necessary finances to create those new jobs.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support requiring states to implement education reforms in order to be eligible for competitive federal grants?
Other or expanded principles

I believe that sometimes the federal grants requirements to be eligible are strenuous on the states, especially when the states governing abilities are under attack.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support building the Keystone XL pipeline?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support funding for the development of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, thermal)?
YesDo you support increased regulations on the hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") industry?
Other or expanded principles

What and how it will affect our nation and the states involved, must be clear for me to completely give my support.
I believe there are many benefits, cleaner air, lower energy cost, which has always been a going thing since the upgrade from horses to automobiles, coal and wood to natural gas, electric lights form candles.
Hydraulic fracking must have guarantees that we are not causing other environmental dangers, earthquakes, damage to the core of the earth, and if increases in regulations can make the overall program safe through proper inspections.

YesDo you believe that human activity is contributing to climate change?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?
Other or expanded principles

I believe that human activity greatly contributes to climate change as people increase the use of the resources, they must be restored to continue the delicate balance of our solar system, the water planet.
I believe the heat reflected back by greenhouse gases produces a measurable warming of the Earth?s surface and oceans for that reason must be regulated.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you generally support gun-control legislation?
Other or expanded principles

I support gun-control to keep guns out of the hands of would be criminals, especially multiple offenders: But I believe that the right to bears arms guaranteed by the Constitution to the law abiding American citizen should not be abolished or weakened.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare")?
Other or expanded principles

I support Affordable healthcare but not mandatory restriction that can lead to fines or imprisonment.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship?
Other or expanded principles

I believe that an illegal immigrant, that has not applied for citizenship within a reasonable amount of time should face deportation.

NoCandidate AnswerDo you support same-sex marriage?
Other or expanded principles

I believe that same sex is offensive to the teachings in the Holy Bible and will not support it.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support targeting suspected terrorists outside of official theaters of conflict?
YesShould the U.S use military force in order to prevent governments hostile to the United States from possessing a nuclear weapon?
Other or expanded principles

Targeting suspected terrorist, bringing them to justice, where ever they are prevents surprises by terrorist like the 911 attack.
Protecting our freedom in the United States requires advance preparation to prevent a nuclear surprise attack.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?
Other or expanded principles

With the understanding that the amount of Social Security tax benefits will be reduced accordingly, that amount must be regulated to keep the Social Security reliable for those with limited income to continue to receive benefits, for the Social Security was mainly set up to, provide income for those unable to save for the time of aging to have a lively income when no longer able to work.


Indicate what federal spending levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.

Maintain Statusa) Agriculture
Maintain Statusb) Arts
Maintain Statusc) Defense
Maintain Statusd) Education
Maintain Statuse) Environment
Maintain Statusf) Homeland Security
Maintain Statusg) International aid
Maintain Statush) Medical Research
Maintain Statusi) Scientific Research
Maintain Statusj) Space exploration
Maintain Statusk) United Nations
Maintain Statusl) Welfare
m) Other or expanded categories

Let us keep all of the options open to best adjust our nation's spending


Indicate what federal tax levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.

Maintain Statusa) Capital gains taxes
Maintain Statusb) Corporate taxes
Maintain Statusc) Small business taxes
Maintain Statusd) Excise taxes (alcohol)
Maintain Statuse) Excise taxes (cigarettes)
Maintain Statusf) Excise taxes (transportation fuel)
Maintain Statusg) Income taxes (low-income families)
Maintain Statush) Income taxes (middle-income families)
Maintain Statusi) Income taxes (high-income families)
Maintain Statusj) Inheritance taxes
Maintain Statusk) Payroll taxes
l) Other or expanded categories

I would like to start off with maintaining the status until my administration, if elected, with the help of Congress can examine and make adjustments that are fair for all of the tax brackets.

Please explain in a total of 100 words or less, how you would use executive orders if elected.

I am very reserved about giving executive orders, as I truly believe that the President must serve all of the people to be an effective President, only giving executive orders when absolutely necessary, I believe in the balance of power necessary to achieve the goals of our nation, These United States of America. God Bless America. Of the People, by the People, for the People. I would enjoy working with the Congress to address our nation's needs

Please explain in a total of 100 words or less, your top two or three priorities if elected. If they require additional funding for implementation, please explain how you would obtain this funding.

I hope to continue Protection of Divine Providence by honoring God our Creator.
I hope to eradicate the homeless problem across our nation, with proper programs in place to address all of their needs, job training, affordable housing, drug rehabilitation, programs that work, Incentives for business to prepare and hire those ready for employment. Get America out of every body?s war around the world, costing many lives and billions of dollars, the United States of America, with restraints helping the nations around the world with a peaceable approach, and I will work with Congress to secure the funding.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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