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Jim Rundberg has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2016 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests. Historically, candidates have failed to complete our test due to the advice they receive from their parties and advisors and out of fear of negative attack ads.

What is the Political Courage Test?

This candidate has demonstrated 0% courage during the test.

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Presidential Election 2012 Political Courage Test

This candidate has responded to a Political Courage Test in a previous election. As a continued effort to provide the American public with factual information on candidates running for public office, these archived responses are made available here.


Candidate Answer
Official Position: Candidate had the Political Courage to address this issue directly.
Inferred Answer
Inferred Position: Candidate refused to address this issue directly, but Vote Smart inferred this issue position based on the candidate's public statements, voting record, and evaluations from special interest groups.
Unknown Answer
Unknown Position: Candidate refused to address this issue.
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Pro-lifeCandidate AnswerDo you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?
Other or expanded principles

I am absolutely pro-life! I believe abortion is wrong. I believe all life is precious. I believe life begins at conception, and the life conceived is separate and distinct from the life of the mother. I believe a mother has no right to terminate the life conceived. Every human life is unique and very special. Every human life has the right to live, and to develop to the fullest extent of it's capabilities. Through abortion we have time and again denied ourselves the gift of God that would bless us as a nation. We have aborted more than 600,000,000 humans.


Indicate which proposals you support (if any) for balancing the federal budget.

In order to balance the budget,

NoCandidate Answerdo you support reducing defense spending?
NoCandidate Answerdo you support an income tax increase on any tax bracket?
NoCandidate Answerdo you support reducing Medicaid spending?
NoCandidate Answerdo you support reducing Medicare spending?
YesCandidate AnswerIs balancing the budget an administrative priority?
Other or expanded principles

When America prospers, we will bring greater revenues into our treasury because the incomes of all Americans will be higher. Let's create higher incomes, not higher taxes. With the increased revenues, we will be able to balance the budget. We will have money available for social programs and defense.


Indicate what federal spending levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.

Greatly Increasea) Agriculture
Greatly Increaseb) Arts
Greatly Increasec) Defense
Greatly Increased) Education
Greatly Increasee) Environment
Maintain Statusf) Homeland Security
Maintain Statusg) International aid
Greatly Increaseh) Medical Research
Greatly Increasei) Scientific Research
Greatly Increasej) Space exploration
Maintain Statusk) United Nations
Greatly Increasel) Welfare
Greatly Increasem) Other or expanded categories

I am for the privatization of space. We Americans are of the pioneer spirit, and we need new frontiers to explore. We can not know what awaits us in this universe if we do not make the effort to find out. Space is a beginning industry. Many new products and services await our launch! We will follow in the courageous steps of many bold and great Americans. I am in favor of the exploration of mars. I believe this will take a multi-national effort, but will result in thousands of jobs, and new inventions.


Indicate what federal tax levels (#1-6) you support for the following general categories. Select one number per category; you can use a number more than once.

Greatly Decreasea) Capital gains taxes
Greatly Decreaseb) Corporate taxes
Maintain Statusc) Excise taxes (alcohol)
Maintain Statusd) Excise taxes (cigarettes)
Greatly Decreasee) Excise taxes (transportation fuel)
Greatly Decreasef) Income taxes (low-income families)
Greatly Decreaseg) Income taxes (middle-income families)
Greatly Decreaseh) Income taxes (high-income families)
Greatly Decreasei) Inheritance taxes
Greatly Decreasej) Payroll taxes
Greatly Decreasek) Other or expanded categories

I am for lower taxes across the board.

YesDo you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?
Other or expanded principles

A free and open election is a necessity to our way of life. We cannot allow special interest to interfere with, or sway our elections. The will of the people is utmost important.

YesDo you support capital punishment for certain crimes?
Other or expanded principles

I believe we need stiffer penalties for crime. Our justice system must have one standard of justice. We currently have 50 different standards of justice. When only one can be "justice", all others are then unjust. I will ask Congress for a uniform code for our states.

NoCandidate AnswerDo you support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support spending on infrastructure projects for the purpose of job creation?
YesDo you support the 2010 temporary extension of unemployment benefits?
YesDo you support the 2010 temporary extension of tax relief?
Other or expanded principles

The prospering of our economy does not depend upon raising or lowering the income tax. Our economic prosperity is reflected in our Gross National Product. We must increase our national production to prosper our economy. As President, I will accomplish this by creating demand, and taking advantage of existing demand. Our nation will supply that demand, and we will prosper.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support requiring states to implement education reforms in order to be eligible for competitive federal grants?
Other or expanded principles

Our childen are our future. We must make education a priority, and we must all take part in the providing of it. Education requires all our involvement. We are all teachers. Let us teach our young to be productive members of society. America, we are one family!

YesDo you believe that human activity is contributing to climate change?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support reducing restrictions on offshore energy production?
Other or expanded principles

Our economic move to a dual economy of petroleum and compressed natural gas will result in an overall lessening of greenhouse gases. Natural gas is methane. Our public service providers add an agent to methane to give it a distinct odor so one can tell if there is a gas leak. Burning compressed methane in our automobiles takes the pollutant effect away.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support United States' combat operations in Afghanistan?
YesDo you support a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan?
YesCandidate AnswerDo you support targeting suspected terrorists outside of official theaters of conflict?
Other or expanded principles

We need to resolve the Afghanistan conflict with honor. We must resolve it quickly, and bring our military home! It is imperitive that we have a prosperous economy so that our men and women can come home to jobs, and opportunity. Will will bring them home to be honored as they deserve! I believe we must rebuild Afghanistan.

NoCandidate AnswerDo you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?
Other or expanded principles

I am against gun control. I believe violent people are the problem; not guns. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution maintains our right.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act?
NoCandidate AnswerShould individuals be required to purchase health insurance, as mandated in the 2010 Affordable Care Act?
Other or expanded principles

No, individuals should not be required to purchase heath insurance. Our government is here to protect our individual rights and to protect us from the abuse of others. Government's role in health insurance is to make sure it is available, but not necessarily government provided. To be health insured is the individual decision of every America.

NoCandidate AnswerDo you support requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship?
YesDo you support allowing illegal immigrants, who were brought to the United States as minors, to pursue citizenship without returning to their country of origin?
YesDo you support the enforcement of federal immigration law by state and local police?
Other or expanded principles

We do not need to build or buy higher fences between the United States and Mexico. This view is isolationism, and wrong for this country. We need to develop Mexico as a market, and to help our neighbor to have a prosperous economy. We can do this by going to a Dual Economy here in America. Mexico will be a great help to our provisioning of this economic move. The jobs we create in Mexico will halt the flow across our borders, and will create business opportunities here at home. Let's adopt a better way of thinking!

NoCandidate AnswerDo you support same-sex marriage?
Other or expanded principles

I do not support same-sex marriage. I believe marriage is an institution created by God. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Man and Woman were created to complete eachother, and to have offspring.

YesCandidate AnswerDo you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?
Other or expanded principles

It is imperitive to continue Social Security. I make this committment to America. I believe we need to look at better ways to manage Social Security. And, we must increase the monthly benefit to recipients. If we had invested the money in Social Security that we invested in economic stimulus packages, we could have increased benefits for years to come, and stimulated our economy in the process. The recipients of Socal Security are our parents, and family. These people are our loved ones, and we must think of them first.

Please explain in a total of 100 words or less, your top two or three priorities if elected. If they require additional funding for implementation, please explain how you would obtain this funding.

First, I believe America needs to move to a dual economy of petroleum/compressed natural gas. This will be a jumpstart to our economy, creating thousands of jobs. This move will create great opportunity for America in our world community. Secondly, I believe America must form new agreements to take advantage of the demand that exists in our world. Our world needs an American standard of living. We have Free Trade Agreements with only 16 countries out of a possible 194. We have been denying ourselves markets. America must be the supplier of the world.

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