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2016 Congressional Political Courage Test Results

2016 October 26

2016 Congressional Political Courage Test Results:

The Political Courage Test, which has been endorsed by major media in every election since 1992, asks candidates to demonstrate their political courage by providing voters with that essential information, in spite of the fact that opponents might use their answers in political attacks.

Afraid of their opponents, more than 70% of congressional candidates now refuse to answer basic questions on the key issues voters in their districts and states are concerned about. The 2016 Political Courage Test results released today show a dramatic 20-year decline in the response rates from 72% in 1996 to only 24%. However, Vote Smart has done an end run around the candidates by researching their public records and publishing all candidates’ positions on thirteen key issues on VoteEasy.

Check out the results, below!

Total Candidates sent PCT: Total Candidates: 1200

Republicans: 449

Democrats: 454

Ind./3rd Party: 297

Incumbents: 416 Challengers: 784

Total Candidates returning PCT:

Republicans: 74

Democrats: 104 Ind./3rd Party: 115 Incumbents: 32

Challengers: 261  


Breakdown by State:

Alabama: 8%
Alaska: 22%
Arizona: 21%
Arkansas: 40%
California: 20%
Colorado: 43%
Delaware: 25%
Florida: 33%
Georgia: 16%
Hawaii: 36%
Idaho: 50%
Illinois: 13%
Indiana: 23%
Iowa: 33%
Kansas: 60%
Kentucky: 42%
Louisiana: 15%
Maine: 0%
Maryland: 26%
Massachusetts: 35%
Michigan: 24%
Minnesota: 21%
Mississippi: 0%
Missouri: 36%
Montana: 0%
Nebraska: 0%
Nevada: 33%
New Hampshire: 25%
New Jersey: 28%
New Mexico: 17%
New York: 13%
North Carolina: 34%
North Dakota: 33%
Ohio: 24%
Oklahoma ...

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