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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

Fighting in the Dirt

2010 November 01

Project Vote Smart, CNN and prominent national leaders of both parties completed the 2010 National Political Courage Test to measure each congressional candidate’s bravado, tenacity and eagerness to avoid public scrutiny.

After being aggressively approached by citizens and national media pressing candidates on crucial issues, a record 64% of the candidates stood their ground in square-jawed, steely-eyed silence. The other 36% ran into the arms of their tormentors, pleading for cover as they told voters what they actually thought.

The Courage Test has been conducted each election year since 1992, when an overwhelming number of candidates, weak with freedom’s sentimentality, imprudently surrendered their positions on issue after issue at the request of voters and test sponsors.

This year (after clobbering each candidate with questions on jobs, foreign policy, the economy, education, the environment, immigration, and other issues confronted by the nation) Courage Test organizers demonstrated that this crop of candidates set a new standard for the kind of toughness and duplicity that moves the nation forward at its current levels of civility, reason and responsibility.

A half century ago, no candidate was courageous enough or cunning enough to avoid answering questions on major issues when confronted by citizens and major media. Then candidates simply lacked the strength of character necessary to turn away when confronted by principle.
Today candidates of both major parties march in lock step behind their armies of consultants paving the road to election victory.  It isn’t just this dashing crop of candidates that are showing their pluck ...

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Project Vote Smart is putting a BIG GUARD DOG onto the political playing field. Today VoteEasy will go national with the attached release.  It has not been easy to create and we need your help to build on it. Even if you be a contributing member or volunteer, please use it to defend yourself from the political nonesense that frustrates and often disgusts us all. 

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