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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

Can a sweater do that?

2011 December 15

Consider giving a gift that's in everyone's special interest, a gift membership to Project Vote Smart.
As the holiday season approaches we find that it's always easy to buy more stuff. You can buy that new iPad for your tech-centric cousin, but the reality is it that it could very well be a tech-themed paperweight by the next holiday season. You could get your son or daughter that new cellphone with lightning fast (insert trait) and rock-bottom (insert legal term). Your dad always likes those sweaters, right? But then again, have you seen your dad's closet? 

One can't argue that it's nice to see the presents pile up around the (insert religious symbol of your favorite winter holiday). But, how about giving the gift that keeps on informing? That teaches that tech-centric cousin how to use his iPad to keep elected officials on task? That helps your son or daughter feel confident when voting for the first-time? Or helps your dad win that office argument about which congressional representative raised more in their first quarter from the agriculture industry (maybe we're the only ones who have such “office arguments”).  

You know our reputation, you know our dedication, and you know how important Vote Smart is for this election and many more to come. Now it's time to tell others and help them realize the value of a smart vote. Give a gift membership to Project Vote Smart and help us keep our politicians ...

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2011 December 12

Special elections typically are a result of unusual circumstances, scandal, or tragedy, and the race for Oregon's 1st Congressional district is no exception. 

Is pizza a vegetable?

2011 December 08

" increase in the amount of tomato paste required for the paste to be considered a serving of vegetables." Do you agree? 

Redistricting: The 10-year shake up

2011 December 07

There is one issue that only pops up every decade with noticeable consequences, and that issue is redistricting.

That's strong stuff

2011 November 30

University of Southern California student, and current intern, David Hernandez discusses his experience working as a part of our research team. 

Response from major parties following 'SuperCommittee' failure

2011 November 29

The inability of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or 'Supercommittee', to come to an agreement to reduce the United States' government debt by over one trillion dollars has prompted a significant response by both Democrats and Republicans. 

Immigration: What are the presidential candidates saying?

2011 November 28

Research intern Julie Bissinger takes a closer look at what the 2012 presidential candidates have said recently on the issue of immigration.

'Supercommittee' misses deadline

2011 November 22

The U.S. Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction was established with the goal of improving both the short and long term financial outlook of the US and reducing the deficit “ at least $1,500,000,000 over the period of fiscal years 2012 to 2021” But they missed their deadline...

Help us expand our legislative research

2011 November 21

Our Legislative Research Department’s primary responsibility of tracking legislation at the state and federal levels has been so well-received that we are thinking about expanding to other areas that might be useful to voters, but we need your input.

Why I volunteer

2011 November 17

Voters aren’t stupid; they know that political ads are emotionally deceptive, and they hunger for real facts. Project Vote Smart can help. Why do I volunteer here? Because it matters.

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