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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

Volunteer at the Great Divide Ranch!

2014 June 24

We finally see summer creeping up on us here at the Great Divide Ranch, after a long, harsh winter and chilly spring:  the grass is green, the aspen have leafed out, there is still snow on the mountains, and the wildlife are out in force.  Yesterday Richard and I saw a herd of 18 elk and two moose along Moose Lake Road.  Elk, deer and even an occasional moose visit our salt lick in the front pasture, our own pairs of sand hill cranes, grebes, and golden eye ducks are back to nest, and thousands of ground squirrels are keeping our St. Bernards, POTUS & Abigail Adams, running in all directions at once.  Franklin, our lodge "mouser," is also earning his keep. 

Yes, I am trying to capture your interest in coming out to see it for yourself!  If you are a member and have ever thought of volunteering at the Ranch and haven't done it yet, or if you want to return for another tour of duty, this would be a good year.  The most interesting part of the election year is upon us, and it will be very busy through mid-October.  We need more volunteers to work on the computers entering and checking candidate information, starting in mid-August. 

Volunteers come for two weeks, are housed in our lodge buildings, and work from 8-5, mostly in the office, alongside our staff and interns. They do simple data entry, proofing, mailings, some internet research, and sometimes outside work helping to maintain ...

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