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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

2014 Voter Self-Defense Manual Release

2014 September 30

The Voter’s Self-Defense Manual— Just the Facts in Your Hands

Sept. 29-- Vote Smart announced today that the 2014 Voter’s Self-Defense Manual is available free to all voters by simply calling 888-VoteSmart or emailing

The manual gives an accurate review of each Congressional member’s recent job performance: votes on major legislation, their contributors, and the ratings they have received from conservative-to-liberal special interests.

“This is the 13th edition,” said Margaux Meyer, editor of the Manual. “Vote Smart has provided this publication free of charge to millions of citizens each election year since 1990. The manual remains a key source of factual data on members of congress for thousands of citizens who prefer to get their facts in hard copy rather than from a computer screen,” Meyer said.

The Manual represents a tiny sampling of the data compiled at, which includes far more extensive research: each politician’s background, issue positions, public statements in issue-searchable databases, voting records, special interest ratings and campaign finances.

The print edition of the Manual is being replaced by the far more popular interactive tools now available at These powerful, easy-to-use new tools provide instant access to a vastly richer database of facts on all politicians. They include:

I SPY: which allows a user to select any politician and then review their entire factual record in six categories: biography, key votes (in simple, easy-to-understand terms), issue positions, public statements (in issue-specific categories), ratings by every special interest in the nation, and campaign ...

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September Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 September 26

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Revolutionizing Transparency in Government through Technology

2014 September 15

Today, Vote Smart announces the unveiling of its powerful new tools that provide every citizen interactive, instant access to the facts on any politician, on any issue, at any time.

Three Prominent Elections Experts Join Vote Smart Board

2014 September 09

Three prominent political research experts, Brooks Jackson, Ted McConnell, and Sheila Krumholz, have joined the board of Vote Smart (, the leading non-partisan national research organization focused on politicians and elections.

Unmatched Free Database on 150,000 Politicians Now Available

2014 September 07

Vote Smart (, the leading non-partisan national research organization focused on politicians and elections, announced a series of massive additions to its factual database on over 150,000 current and former elected officials and candidates. 

Charity Navigator 4 Star Rating

2014 September 05

 Vote Smart’s Great Divide Research Center reported today that its member contributions have increased in 2014 by 81%, and that it has gotten Charity Navigator’s highest four star rating. 

August Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 August 20

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Vote Smart Magic is Almost Here!

2014 August 08

We are only a few weeks away from announcing the biggest event in Vote Smart history.  It will transform the way you use our data and the way you view candidates and elections in the future. 

July Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 July 21

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Volunteer at the Great Divide Ranch!

2014 June 24

If you are a member and have ever thought of volunteering at Vote Smart and haven't done it yet, or if you want to return for another tour of duty, 2014 would be a great year to come volunteer at the ranch! 

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