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2014 October 03

September 7 was the 50 year anniversary of the airing of the most notorious attack ad in history. 'Daisy,' a political commercial promoting eventual President, Lyndon B. Johnson, showed a little girl picking daisies, at peace, and happy. All of a sudden, a nuclear explosion fills the screen, changing everything. The commercial ends with a call to action: “Vote for Lyndon B. Johnson.”

Politicians have discovered it is not only cheaper but easier to manipulate voters emotionally rather than informing them intellectually. Since politics has become a dollars race, whoever raises the most money will win. Platforms, competence, and ideas have taken a back seat to attack ads and courage-less politicians.

A looming question has arisen: do citizens of the United States want to be informed intellectually?

According to a Gallup poll, 19% of citizens trust government just about always or most of the time; 81% trust Washington only some of the time or never. That is why trustworthiness and non-partisanship are so important to changing the political landscape. Since the internet boom, it has been increasingly easy to reach a large number of voters. Political information resources have exploded online with the likes of, and, etc. These organizations believe the only way to overcome emotional voting is to provide non-partisan, factual information on candidates, but most importantly, to be a source that is trustworthy, and reliable.

This election season, attack ads will continue to be a force in the political marketplace and they grow evermore nasty ...

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