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Vote Smart Live-Tweeted the Republican Primary Debate on CNBC

29 October 2015
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Great Divide Ranch, MT -- Last night, Vote Smart's researchers and fact-finders huddled around the TV - laptops and tablets in tow - to Live-Tweet the Republican Presidential Primary Debate on CNBC! Just like last time, it was a great success, thanks in large part to our members and followers who sent so much support. If you missed our Live-Tweet event or you're not a Twitter user, you don't have to miss all of the information! We have recapped the event in the infographic below and complied a list of all of our Tweets, organized by candidate. If you do use Twitter, check out @VoteSmart or #VoteSmartLive for our tweets of the debate and more!

You can view the full debate transcript here.

If you enjoyed our Live-Tweets, let us know! Donate to support our work and email us at We would love to hear your suggestions for future Live-Tweet events!