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Voting Record

HCR 1 - Limits the Disclosure of Legislative Information - Voting Record

New Mexico House

Roll Number: 4100
Yea: 48 Nay: 16
Bill Passed (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
NM 1 Rep.  Thomas  C.  Taylor  Republican Yea
NM 2 Republican Yea
NM 3 Republican Yea
NM 4 Republican Yea
NM 5 Rep.  Sandra  D.  Jeff  Democratic Yea
NM 6 Democratic Yea
NM 7 Republican Nay
NM 8 Republican Nay
NM 9 Democratic Yea
NM 10 Rep.  Henry  'Kiki'  Saavedra  Democratic Yea
NM 11 Rep.  Rick  S.  Miera  Democratic Yea
NM 12 Rep.  Ernest  Henry  Chavez  Sr. Democratic Yea
NM 13 Democratic Yea
NM 14 Democratic Yea
NM 15 Rep.  Emily  A.  Kane  Democratic Nay
NM 16 Democratic Yea
NM 17 Rep.  Edward  C.  Sandoval  Democratic Yea
NM 18 Democratic Yea
NM 19 Democratic Yea
NM 20 Rep.  James  P.  White  Republican Yea
NM 21 Rep.  Mimi  Stewart  Democratic Yea
NM 22 Republican Nay
NM 23 Rep.  Paul  A.  Pacheco  Republican Nay
NM 24 Rep.  Elizabeth  L.  Thomson  Democratic Nay
NM 25 Democratic Yea
NM 26 Democratic Did Not Vote
NM 27 Republican Yea
NM 28 Republican Yea
NM 29 Rep.  Thomas  A.  Anderson  Republican Yea
NM 30 Republican Nay
NM 31 Republican Yea
NM 32 Rep.  Dona  G.  Irwin  Democratic Yea
NM 33 Democratic Nay
NM 34 Rep.  Mary Helen  A.  Garcia  Democratic Yea
NM 35 Rep.  Jeff  Steinborn  Democratic Nay
NM 36 Rep.  Phillip  M.  Archuleta  Democratic Nay
NM 37 Rep.  Terry  H.  McMillan  Republican Did Not Vote
NM 38 Rep.  Dianne  Miller  Hamilton  Republican Yea
NM 39 Rep.  Rodolpho  S.  'Rudy'  Martinez  Democratic Yea
NM 40 Democratic Yea
NM 41 Democratic Yea
NM 42 Democratic Yea
NM 43 Rep.  Stephanie  M.  Garcia Richard  Democratic Nay
NM 44 Republican Yea
NM 45 Democratic Yea
NM 46 Democratic Yea
NM 47 Democratic Nay
NM 48 Rep.  Luciano  'Lucky'  Varela  Democratic Yea
NM 49 Rep.  Don  L.  Tripp  Republican Yea
NM 50 Rep.  Stephen  P.  Easley  Democratic Yea
NM 51 Republican Nay
NM 52 Democratic Yea
NM 53 Rep.  Nate  P.  Cote  Democratic Nay
NM 54 Rep.  William  J.  'Bill'  Gray  Republican Yea
NM 55 Republican Yea
NM 56 Republican Did Not Vote
NM 57 Republican Yea
NM 58 Republican Yea
NM 59 Rep.  Nora  Espinoza  Republican Did Not Vote
NM 60 Rep.  Timothy  Dwight  'Tim'  Lewis  Republican Yea
NM 61 Republican Did Not Vote
NM 62 Rep.  Donald  E.  Bratton  Republican Yea
NM 63 Democratic Yea
NM 64 Rep.  Anna  M.  Crook  Republican Yea
NM 65 Rep.  James  Roger  Madalena  Jr. Democratic Did Not Vote
NM 66 Republican Yea
NM 67 Republican Nay
NM 68 Republican Nay
NM 69 Rep.  W.  Kenneth  'Ken'  Martinez  Democratic Yea
NM 70 Democratic Yea
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