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Voting Record

HB 9 - Authorizes Home Brewing - Voting Record

Alabama House

Issues: Food Processing and Sales
Roll Number: 239
Yea: 58 Nay: 33
Bill Passed (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
AL 66 Republican Yea
AL 63 Republican Yea
AL 21 Rep.  James  M.  'Jim'  Patterson  Jr. Republican Yea
AL 29 Republican Yea
AL 90 Rep.  Charles  O.  Newton  Republican Yea
AL 91 Republican Yea
AL 67 Rep.  Darrio  Tramen  Melton  Democratic Yea
AL 25 Republican Yea
AL 76 Democratic Yea
AL 31 Rep.  Charles  Barrett  'Barry'  Mask  Republican Yea
AL 27 Rep.  Oliver  Wesley  'Wes'  Long  Republican Yea
AL 22 Rep.  Wayne  Johnson  Republican Yea
AL 33 Republican Yea
AL 101 Rep.  Jamie  Ison  Republican Yea
AL 41 Rep.  Mike  Hill  Republican Yea
AL 61 Democratic Yea
AL 4 Rep.  Micky  Hammon  Republican Yea
AL 19 Democratic Yea
AL 2 Republican Yea
AL 60 Democratic Yea
AL 94 Republican Yea
AL 70 Democratic Yea
AL 45 Republican Yea
AL 46 Rep.  Paul  DeMarco  Republican Yea
AL 69 Rep.  David  Bernard  Colston  Democratic Yea
AL 8 Republican Yea
AL 93 Republican Yea
AL 40 Republican Yea
AL 98 Democratic Yea
AL 32 Democratic Yea
AL 65 Democratic Yea
AL 10 Republican Yea
AL 39 Democratic Yea
AL 77 Democratic Yea
AL 79 Rep.  Mike  Gregory  Hubbard  Republican Yea
AL 73 Rep.  Joseph  Lister  'Joe'  Hubbard  Democratic Yea
AL 78 Democratic Yea
AL 9 Republican Yea
AL 28 Democratic Yea
AL 102 Rep.  Chad  Fincher  Republican Yea
AL 1 Rep.  Greg  Burdine  Democratic Yea
AL 89 Republican Yea
AL 16 Rep.  Daniel  H.  Boman  Democratic Yea
AL 3 Democratic Yea
AL 104 Rep.  Jim  Barton  Jr. Republican Yea
AL 75 Rep.  Greg  Wren  Republican Yea
AL 5 Rep.  Dan  Williams  Republican Yea
AL 6 Republican Yea
AL 49 Republican Yea
AL 82 Democratic Yea
AL 80 Rep.  Lesley  Vance  Republican Yea
AL 64 Republican Yea
AL 55 Democratic Yea
AL 20 Republican Yea
AL 52 Democratic Yea
AL 58 Rep.  Oliver  Robinson  Democratic Yea
AL 13 Rep.  Bill  Roberts  Republican Yea
AL 37 Rep.  Richard  J.  Laird  Sr. Independent Nay
AL 18 Democratic Nay
AL 15 Republican Nay
AL 17 Republican Nay
AL 62 Rep.  John  H.  Merrill  Republican Nay
AL 88 Republican Nay
AL 50 Rep.  Jim  McClendon  Republican Nay
AL 14 Rep.  Richard  Baughn  Republican Nay
AL 56 Rep.  Lawrence  McAdory  Democratic Nay
AL 96 Republican Nay
AL 74 Rep.  Jay  Love  Republican Nay
AL 86 Republican Nay
AL 36 Republican Nay
AL 92 Republican Nay
AL 35 Republican Nay
AL 57 Democratic Nay
AL 34 Republican Nay
AL 42 Rep.  Kurt  Wallace  Republican Nay
AL 72 Democratic Nay
AL 81 Republican Nay
AL 51 Republican Nay
AL 48 Republican Nay
AL 105 Republican Nay
AL 12 Rep.  Marvin  'Mac'  Buttram  Republican Nay
AL 87 Republican Nay
AL 24 Rep.  Todd  Greeson  Republican Nay
AL 38 Rep.  DuWayne  H.  Bridges  Republican Nay
AL 26 Republican Nay
AL 30 Republican Nay
AL 44 Rep.  Arthur  Payne  Republican Nay
AL 100 Republican Nay
AL 84 Democratic Nay
AL 7 Republican Nay
AL 47 Republican Did Not Vote
AL 71 Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 99 Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 68 Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 23 Rep.  John  Robinson  Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 53 Rep.  Demetrius  C.  Newton  Sr. Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 95 Republican Did Not Vote
AL 83 Rep.  George  C.  'Tootie'  Bandy  Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 59 Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 54 Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 43 Rep.  Mary Sue  McClurkin  Republican Did Not Vote
AL 103 Rep.  Joseph  C.  Mitchell  Democratic Did Not Vote
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