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Voting Record

SS for HCS for HB 3 - Presidential Elections - Voting Record

Missouri Senate


Issues: Campaign Finance and Elections
Roll Number: None
Yea: 16 Nay: 16
Amendment Rejected (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
MO 1 Sen.  Jim  W.  Lembke  Republican Yea
MO 2 Sen.  Scott  T.  Rupp  Republican Yea
MO 3 Sen.  Kevin  Engler  Republican Yea
MO 4 Sen.  Joseph  'Joe'  Keaveny  Democratic Nay
MO 5 Sen.  Robin  Wright-Jones  Democratic Nay
MO 6 Republican Yea
MO 7 Sen.  Jane  D.  Cunningham  Republican Did Not Vote
MO 8 Sen.  Will  Kraus  Republican Yea
MO 9 Democratic Nay
MO 10 Sen.  Jolie  L.  Justus  Democratic Nay
MO 11 Sen.  Victor  Callahan  Democratic Nay
MO 12 Sen.  Brad  Lager  Republican Nay
MO 13 Sen.  Timothy  P.  'Tim'  Green  Democratic Nay
MO 14 Democratic Nay
MO 15 Sen.  Eric  Schmitt  Republican Nay
MO 16 Republican Nay
MO 17 Sen.  Luann  Ridgeway  Republican Nay
MO 18 Republican Yea
MO 19 Sen.  Kurt  Schaefer  Republican Nay
MO 20 Republican Yea
MO 21 Sen.  Bill  Stouffer  Republican Yea
MO 21 Sen.  David  Pearce  Republican Yea
MO 22 Sen.  Ryan  Glennon  McKenna  Democratic Nay
MO 23 Sen.  Thomas  D.  'Tom'  Dempsey  Republican Yea
MO 24 Sen.  John  T.  Lamping  Republican Nay
MO 25 Sen.  Robert  N.  'Rob'  Mayer  Republican Yea
MO 26 Sen.  Brian  D.  Nieves  Republican Yea
MO 27 Sen.  Jason  Glennon  Crowell  Republican Did Not Vote
MO 28 Sen.  Mike  Parson  Republican Yea
MO 29 Sen.  Jack  Goodman  Republican Nay
MO 30 Republican Yea
MO 32 Republican Yea
MO 33 Sen.  Chuck  Purgason  Republican Nay
MO 34 Republican Yea
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