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Voting Record

AB 571 - Amending Smoking Regulations - Voting Record

Nevada House

Issues: Health and Health Care
Roll Number: None
Yea: 23 Nay: 19
Bill Passed (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
NV 1 AM  Marilyn  Kirkpatrick  Democratic Yea
NV 2 Republican Yea
NV 3 AM  Margaret  Cornstock  'Peggy'  Pierce  Democratic Nay
NV 4 AM  Richard  McArthur  Republican Yea
NV 5 AM  Marilyn  Dondero Loop  Democratic Yea
NV 6 AM  Harvey  James  Munford  Democratic Nay
NV 7 Democratic Nay
NV 8 AM  Jason  Frierson  Democratic Nay
NV 9 AM  Richard  'Tick'  Segerblom  Democratic Nay
NV 10 AM  Joseph  M.  'Joe'  Hogan  Democratic Yea
NV 11 Democratic Yea
NV 12 Democratic Nay
NV 13 AM  Scott  T.  Hammond  Republican Yea
NV 14 Democratic Yea
NV 15 Democratic Nay
NV 16 AM  John  W.  Oceguera  Democratic Nay
NV 17 AM  Kelvin  Atkinson  Democratic Nay
NV 17 AM  Steven  Brooks  Democratic Nay
NV 18 Democratic Yea
NV 19 AM  Cresent  Hardy  Republican Yea
NV 21 AM  Mark  Sherwood  Republican Yea
NV 22 AM  Lynn  D.  Stewart  Republican Nay
NV 23 Republican Yea
NV 24 AM  David  P.  Bobzien  Democratic Nay
NV 25 AM  Pat  T.  Hickey  Republican Yea
NV 26 AM  Randy  Kirner  Republican Yea
NV 27 Democratic Nay
NV 28 AM  Lucy  Flores  Democratic Yea
NV 29 AM  April  Mastroluca  Democratic Nay
NV 30 AM  Debbie  Smith  Democratic Nay
NV 31 AM  Richard  'Skip'  Daly  Democratic Yea
NV 32 Republican Yea
NV 33 Republican Yea
NV 34 AM  William  C.  Horne  Democratic Nay
NV 35 AM  Peter  J.  'Pete'  Goicoechea  Republican Yea
NV 36 AM  Edwin  A.  'Ed'  Goedhart  Republican Yea
NV 37 AM  Marcus  L.  Conklin  Democratic Yea
NV 38 AM  Thomas  J.  'Tom'  Grady  Republican Yea
NV 39 AM  Kelly  D.  Kite  Republican Yea
NV 40 AM  Peter  L.  'Pete'  Livermore  Republican Nay
NV 41 AM  Paul  Aizley  Democratic Nay
NV 42 Democratic Nay
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