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Voting Record

SB 180 - Criminal and Civil Liability for Gender Identity Crimes - Voting Record

Nevada Senate

Roll Number: None
Yea: 10 Nay: 11
Bill Failed (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
NV 2 Democratic Yea
NV 7 Democratic Yea
NV 8 Sen.  Barbara  K.  Cegavske  Republican Nay
NV 10 Sen.  Ruben  J.  Kihuen  Democratic Yea
NV 12 Republican Nay
NV 14 Republican Nay
NV 15 Sen.  Greg  Brower  Republican Nay
NV 16 Republican Nay
NV 17 Republican Nay
NV 20 Republican Nay
NV 21 Sen.  Mark  A.  Manendo  Democratic Yea
NV Central Nevada Sen.  Mike  McGinness  Republican Nay
NV Clark 1 Sen.  John  Jay  Lee  Democratic Nay
NV Clark 3 Sen.  Valerie  Wiener  Democratic Yea
NV Clark 5 Sen.  Shirley  A.  Breeden  Democratic Yea
NV Clark 6 Sen.  Allison  Copening  Democratic Yea
NV Rural Nevada Sen.  Dean  A.  Rhoads  Republican Nay
NV Washoe 1 Sen.  Sheila  Leslie  Democratic Yea
NV Clark 9 Sen.  Elizabeth  Nicole  Halseth  Republican Nay
NV Clark 11 Sen.  Michael  A.  'Mike'  Schneider  Democratic Yea
NV Sen.  Steven  Horsford  Democratic Yea
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