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Voting Record

S 31 - Electing the President by Popular Vote - Voting Record

Vermont Senate

Roll Number: None
Yea: 20 Nay: 10
Bill Passed (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
VT Addison Sen.  Harold  W.  Giard  Democratic Yea
VT Addison Democratic Yea
VT Bennington Sen.  Robert  M.  'Bob'  Hartwell  Democratic Yea
VT Bennington Democratic Yea
VT Caledonia Democratic Nay
VT Caledonia Republican Nay
VT Chittenden Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden Democratic, Progressive Yea
VT Chittenden Sen.  Hinda  Miller  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden Sen.  Diane  B.  Snelling  Republican Yea
VT Chittenden Sen.  Sally  G.  Fox  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden Democratic Yea
VT Essex-Orleans Democratic Yea
VT Essex-Orleans Sen.  Vincent  'Vince'  Illuzzi  Republican Nay
VT Franklin Sen.  Sara  Branon  Kittell  Democratic Yea
VT Franklin Sen.  Randolph  D.  'Randy'  Brock  Republican Nay
VT Grand Isle Democratic Yea
VT Lamoille Republican Nay
VT Orange Democratic Nay
VT Rutland Sen.  Kevin  J.  Mullin  Republican Nay
VT Rutland Republican Nay
VT Rutland Sen.  William  'Bill'  Carris  Democratic Yea
VT Washington Democratic Nay
VT Washington Sen.  William  T.  'Bill'  Doyle  Republican Nay
VT Washington Democratic, Working Families, Progressive Yea
VT Windham Sen.  Peter  W.  Galbraith  Democratic Yea
VT Windham Democratic Yea
VT Windsor Democratic Yea
VT Windsor Democratic Yea
VT Windsor Sen.  John  F.  Campbell  Democratic Yea
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