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Voting Record

HB 1099 - Fireworks Sales, Regulations, Discharge, Public Safety Fees, and Injuries  - Voting Record

Indiana House

Roll Number: 454
Yea: 59 Nay: 35
Conference Report Adopted (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
IN 1 Democratic Nay
IN 2 Rep.  Earl  L.  Harris  Democratic Nay
IN 3 Democratic Nay
IN 4 Rep.  Ralph Donald  Ayres  Republican Yea
IN 5 Rep.  Craig  R.  Fry  Democratic Nay
IN 6 Democratic Did Not Vote
IN 7 Rep.  Thomas  S.  Kromkowski  Democratic Yea
IN 8 Democratic Yea
IN 9 Democratic Yea
IN 10 Rep.  Duane  F.  Cheney  Democratic Nay
IN 11 Rep.  Dan  C.  Stevenson  Sr. Democratic Nay
IN 12 Rep.  John  C.  Aguilera  Jr. Democratic Nay
IN 13 Rep.  Chester  F.  'Chet'  Dobis  Democratic Nay
IN 14 Democratic Nay
IN 16 Rep.  Eric  A.  Gutwein  Republican Yea
IN 17 Rep.  Steven  Heim  Republican Nay
IN 18 Republican Yea
IN 19 Rep.  Robert Daniel  'Bob'  Kuzman  Democratic Yea
IN 20 Rep.  Mary Kay  Budak  Republican Yea
IN 21 Rep.  Jackie  Walorski  Republican Nay
IN 22 Rep.  William  J.  'Bill'  Ruppel  Republican Nay
IN 23 Republican Yea
IN 24 Rep.  Richard  W.  'Rich'  McClain  Republican Yea
IN 25 Republican Yea
IN 25 Rep.  Jeb  Bardon  Democratic Did Not Vote
IN 26 Rep.  Joe  Micon  Democratic Nay
IN 27 Democratic Yea
IN 28 Republican Yea
IN 29 Republican Yea
IN 30 Rep.  John  E.  Smith  Republican Yea
IN 31 Rep.  Timothy  W.  'Tim'  Harris  Republican Yea
IN 32 Rep.  P. Eric  Turner  Republican Did Not Vote
IN 33 Rep.  Bill  J.  Davis  Republican Yea
IN 34 Rep.  Dennis  Tyler  Democratic Yea
IN 35 Rep.  L. Jack  Lutz  Republican Yea
IN 36 Democratic Nay
IN 37 Rep.  Scott  E.  Reske  Democratic Yea
IN 38 Rep.  James  R.  'Jim'  Buck  Republican Yea
IN 39 Republican Yea
IN 40 Rep.  Matthew  D.  'Matt'  Whetstone  Republican Yea
IN 41 Republican Nay
IN 42 Rep.  Floyd  Dale  Grubb  Democratic Yea
IN 43 Democratic Yea
IN 44 Rep.  Andrew  P.  'Andy'  Thomas  Republican Yea
IN 45 Rep.  Bruce  A.  Borders  Republican Yea
IN 46 Rep.  Vern  Tincher  Democratic Nay
IN 47 Rep.  Ralph  M.  Foley  Republican Yea
IN 48 Rep.  Timothy  'Tim'  Neese  Republican Nay
IN 49 Rep.  John  D.  Ulmer  Republican Nay
IN 50 Republican Yea
IN 51 Rep.  Richard  A.  'Dick'  Dodge  Republican Yea
IN 52 Rep.  Marlin  A.  Stutzman  Republican Yea
IN 53 Republican Yea
IN 54 Republican Nay
IN 55 Rep.  Robert  A.  'Bob'  Hoffman  Republican Yea
IN 56 Rep.  Phillip  'Phil'  Pflum  Democratic Yea
IN 57 Rep.  Allen  Lucas  'Luke'  Messer  Republican Yea
IN 58 Republican Yea
IN 59 Rep.  David  B.  Yount  Sr. Republican Nay
IN 60 Rep.  Peggy  M.  Welch  Democratic Yea
IN 61 Democratic Nay
IN 62 Rep.  Jerry  L.  Denbo  Democratic Yea
IN 63 Rep.  David  L.  'Dave'  Crooks  Democratic Yea
IN 64 Rep.  Troy  A.  Woodruff  Republican Nay
IN 65 Rep.  Eric  Allan  Koch  Republican Yea
IN 66 Democratic Yea
IN 67 Rep.  Cleo  Duncan  Republican Yea
IN 68 Rep.  Robert  J.  'Bob'  Bischoff  Democratic Yea
IN 69 Rep.  William  E.  'Billy'  Bright  Republican Yea
IN 70 Rep.  Paul  J.  Robertson  Democratic Nay
IN 71 Rep.  Carlene  Bottorff  Democratic Nay
IN 72 Rep.  William  C.  'Bill'  Cochran  Democratic Did Not Vote
IN 73 Rep.  Dennie  R.  Oxley  II Democratic Yea
IN 74 Rep.  Russell  L.  'Russ'  Stilwell  Democratic Nay
IN 76 Rep.  William  Trent  Van Haaften  Democratic Nay
IN 77 Rep.  George Philip  'Phil'  Hoy  Democratic Nay
IN 78 Rep.  Suzanne  Crouch  Republican Yea
IN 79 Rep.  Michael  A.  'Mike'  Ripley  Republican Yea
IN 80 Rep.  Benjamin  E.  'Ben'  GiaQuinta  Sr. Democratic Nay
IN 81 Rep.  Winfield  C.  'Win'  Moses  Jr. Democratic Nay
IN 82 Rep.  Jeffrey  K.  'Jeff'  Espich  Republican Yea
IN 83 Rep.  Matthew  P.  'Matt'  Bell  Republican Yea
IN 84 Rep.  Randy  L.  Borror  Republican Yea
IN 85 Rep.  Phyllis  J.  Pond  Republican Nay
IN 86 Rep.  David  Orentlicher  Democratic Nay
IN 87 Rep.  Cindy  J.  Noe  Republican Yea
IN 88 Republican Did Not Vote
IN 89 Rep.  Lawrence  L.  'Larry'  Buell  Sr. Republican Yea
IN 90 Rep.  Michael  B.  'Mike'  Murphy  Republican Yea
IN 91 Republican Yea
IN 92 Rep.  Phillip  D.  'Phil'  Hinkle  Republican Yea
IN 93 Republican Yea
IN 94 Rep.  Carolene  R.  Mays  Democratic Did Not Vote
IN 95 Rep.  Mae  Dickinson  Democratic Nay
IN 96 Democratic Yea
IN 97 Rep.  Edmund  M.  'Ed'  Mahern  Democratic Yea
IN 98 Rep.  William  A.  'Bill'  Crawford  Democratic Nay
IN 99 Democratic Yea
IN 100 Rep.  John  Joseph  Day  Democratic Nay
IN Rep.  Dennis  T.  Avery  Democratic Nay
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