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Voting Record

S 2247 - Education Law Amendments - Voting Record

Massachusetts House


Roll Number: 282
Yea: 98 Nay: 47
Conference Report Adopted (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
MA First Barnstable Rep.  Cleon  H.  Turner  Democratic Yea
MA Second Barnstable Rep.  Demetrius  J.  Atsalis  Democratic Yea
MA Third Barnstable Rep.  Matthew  C.  'Matt'  Patrick  Democratic Nay
MA Fourth Barnstable Democratic Yea
MA Fifth Barnstable Rep.  Jeffrey  Davis  'Jeff'  Perry  Republican Did Not Vote
MA Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket Rep.  Timothy  R.  'Tim'  Madden  Democratic Yea
MA First Berkshire Rep.  Daniel  E.  Bosley  Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Second Berkshire Rep.  Denis  E.  Guyer  Democratic Yea
MA Third Berkshire Rep.  Christopher  N.  Speranzo  Democratic Yea
MA Fourth Berkshire Democratic Yea
MA First Bristol Republican Yea
MA Second Bristol Rep.  Bill  Bowles  Democratic Yea
MA Third Bristol Rep.  James  H.  Fagan  Democratic Nay
MA Fourth Bristol Rep.  Steven  J.  'Steve'  D'Amico  Democratic Nay
MA Fifth Bristol Democratic Yea
MA Sixth Bristol Rep.  David  B.  Sullivan  Democratic Nay
MA Seventh Bristol Rep.  Kevin  Aguiar  Democratic Yea
MA Eighth Bristol Rep.  Michael  J.  Rodrigues  Democratic Yea
MA Ninth Bristol Rep.  John  F.  Quinn  Democratic Yea
MA Tenth Bristol Democratic Yea
MA Eleventh Bristol Democratic Yea
MA Twelfth Bristol Rep.  Stephen  R.  Canessa  Democratic Yea
MA Thirteenth Bristol Democratic Yea
MA Fourteenth Bristol Republican Yea
MA First Essex Rep.  Michael  A.  Costello  Democratic Yea
MA Second Essex Rep.  Harriett  L.  Stanley  Democratic Yea
MA Third Essex Democratic Yea
MA Fourth Essex Republican Yea
MA Fifth Essex Democratic Nay
MA Sixth Essex Rep.  Mary  E.  Grant  Democratic Yea
MA Seventh Essex Rep.  John  D.  Keenan  Jr. Democratic Nay
MA Eighth Essex Democratic Nay
MA Ninth Essex Rep.  Mark  V.  Falzone  Democratic Nay
MA Tenth Essex Rep.  Robert  F.  Fennell  Democratic Nay
MA Eleventh Essex Rep.  Steven  Myles  Walsh  Democratic Nay
MA Twelfth Essex Rep.  Joyce  A.  Spiliotis  Democratic Nay
MA Thirteenth Essex Democratic Yea
MA Fourteenth Essex Rep.  David  M.  Torrisi  Democratic Yea
MA Fifteenth Essex Democratic Yea
MA Sixteenth Essex Rep.  William  Lantigua  Democratic Yea
MA Seventeenth Essex Rep.  Barry  R.  Finegold  Democratic Yea
MA Eighteenth Essex Rep.  Barbara  A.  L'Italien  Democratic Yea
MA First Franklin Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Second Franklin Rep.  Christopher  J.  Donelan  Democratic Yea
MA First Hampden Republican Yea
MA Second Hampden Democratic Nay
MA Third Hampden Rep.  Rosemary  Sandlin  Democratic Nay
MA Fourth Hampden Rep.  Donald  F.  'Don'  Humason  Jr. Republican Did Not Vote
MA Fifth Hampden Rep.  Michael  F.  Kane  Democratic Yea
MA Sixth Hampden Rep.  James  T.  Welch  Democratic Nay
MA Seventh Hampden Democratic Yea
MA Eighth Hampden Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Ninth Hampden Rep.  Sean  Curran  Democratic Yea
MA Tenth Hampden Rep.  Cheryl  A.  Coakley-Rivera  Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Eleventh Hampden Rep.  Benjamin  Swan  Sr. Democratic Yea
MA Twelfth Hampden Democratic Nay
MA First Hampshire Democratic Yea
MA Second Hampshire Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Third Hampshire Rep.  Ellen  S.  Story  Democratic Yea
MA First Middlesex Rep.  Robert  S.  'Bob'  Hargraves  Republican Yea
MA Second Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Third Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Fourth Middlesex Rep.  Danielle  W.  Gregoire  Democratic Nay
MA Fifth Middlesex Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Sixth Middlesex Rep.  Pamela  'Pam'  Richardson  Democratic Nay
MA Seventh Middlesex Rep.  Tom  Sannicandro  Democratic Yea
MA Eighth Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Ninth Middlesex Democratic Nay
MA Tenth Middlesex Rep.  Peter  J.  Koutoujian  Democratic Yea
MA Eleventh Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Twelfth Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Thirteenth Middlesex Rep.  Thomas  P.  'Tom'  Conroy  Democratic Yea
MA Fourteenth Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Fifteenth Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Sixteenth Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Seventeenth Middlesex Democratic Nay
MA Eighteenth Middlesex Rep.  Kevin  J.  Murphy  Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Nineteenth Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Twentieth Middlesex Republican Yea
MA Twenty-First Middlesex Rep.  Charles  A.  'Charley'  Murphy  Democratic Yea
MA Twenty-Second Middlesex Rep.  William  G.  Greene  Jr. Democratic Yea
MA Twenty-Third Middlesex Democratic Nay
MA Twenty-Fourth Middlesex Rep.  William  N.  Brownsberger  Democratic Yea
MA Twenty-Fifth Middlesex Rep.  Alice  K.  Wolf  Democratic Yea
MA Twenty-Sixth Middlesex Rep.  Timothy  J.  'Tim'  Toomey  Jr. Democratic Yea
MA Twenty-Seventh Middlesex Democratic Nay
MA Twenty-Eighth Middlesex Rep.  Stephen  Stat  Smith  Democratic Nay
MA Twenty-Ninth Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Thirtieth Middlesex Democratic Nay
MA Thirty-First Middlesex Rep.  Jason  M.  Lewis  Democratic Yea
MA Thirty-Second Middlesex Rep.  Katherine  M.  Clark  Democratic Nay
MA Thirty-Third Middlesex Rep.  Christopher  G.  Fallon  Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Thirty-Fourth Middlesex Rep.  Carl  M.  Sciortino  Jr. Democratic Nay
MA Thirty-Fifth Middlesex Democratic Nay
MA Thirty-Sixth Middlesex Democratic Nay
MA Thirty-Seventh Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA First Norfolk Democratic Nay
MA Second Norfolk Rep.  Arthur  Stephen  Tobin  Democratic Nay
MA Third Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Fourth Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Fifth Norfolk Rep.  Joseph  R.  Driscoll  Jr. Democratic Nay
MA Sixth Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Seventh Norfolk Rep.  Walter  F.  Timilty  Democratic Nay
MA Eighth Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Ninth Norfolk Rep.  Richard  J.  Ross  Republican Yea
MA Tenth Norfolk Rep.  James  E.  'Jim'  Vallee  Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Eleventh Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Twelfth Norfolk Democratic Nay
MA Thirteenth Norfolk Rep.  Lida  E.  Harkins  Democratic Nay
MA Fourteenth Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Fifteenth Norfolk Democratic Nay
MA First Plymouth Rep.  Viriato  Manuel  'Vinny'  deMacedo  Republican Yea
MA Second Plymouth Republican Yea
MA Third Plymouth Rep.  Garrett  J.  Bradley  Democratic Yea
MA Fourth Plymouth Democratic Nay
MA Fifth Plymouth Rep.  Robert  J.  Nyman  Democratic Yea
MA Sixth Plymouth Rep.  Daniel  K.  Webster  Republican Yea
MA Seventh Plymouth Rep.  Allen  J.  McCarthy  Democratic Yea
MA Eighth Plymouth Rep.  David  L.  Flynn  Democratic Nay
MA Ninth Plymouth Rep.  Michael  D.  Brady  Democratic Nay
MA Tenth Plymouth Rep.  Christine  E.  Canavan  Democratic Nay
MA Eleventh Plymouth Rep.  Geraldine  Creedon  Democratic Nay
MA Twelfth Plymouth Democratic Yea
MA First Suffolk Rep.  Carlo  P.  Basile  Democratic Yea
MA Second Suffolk Rep.  Eugene  L.  'Gene'  O'Flaherty  Democratic Yea
MA Third Suffolk Democratic Yea
MA Fourth Suffolk Rep.  Brian  P.  Wallace  Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Fifth Suffolk Rep.  Marie  St. Fleur  Democratic Yea
MA Sixth Suffolk Rep.  Willie Mae  Allen  Democratic Yea
MA Seventh Suffolk Rep.  Gloria  L.  Fox  Democratic Yea
MA Eighth Suffolk Rep.  Martha  'Marty'  Walz  Democratic Yea
MA Ninth Suffolk Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Tenth Suffolk Rep.  Michael  F.  'Mike'  Rush  Democratic Nay
MA Eleventh Suffolk Democratic Nay
MA Twelfth Suffolk Rep.  Linda  Dorcena  Forry  Democratic Yea
MA Thirteenth Suffolk Rep.  Martin  J.  Walsh  Democratic Yea
MA Fourteenth Suffolk Democratic Yea
MA Fifteenth Suffolk Democratic Yea
MA Sixteenth Suffolk Rep.  Kathi-Anne  Reinstein  Democratic Yea
MA Seventeenth Suffolk Democratic Yea
MA Eighteenth Suffolk Democratic Yea
MA Nineteenth Suffolk Democratic Yea
MA First Worcester Rep.  Lewis  G.  Evangelidis  Republican Did Not Vote
MA Second Worcester Rep.  Robert  L.  Rice  Democratic Nay
MA Third Worcester Rep.  Stephen  L.  'Steve'  DiNatale  Democratic Nay
MA Fourth Worcester Rep.  Dennis  A.  Rosa  Democratic Yea
MA Fifth Worcester Rep.  Anne  M.  Gobi  Democratic Yea
MA Sixth Worcester Rep.  Geraldo  Alicea  Democratic Yea
MA Seventh Worcester Republican Yea
MA Eighth Worcester Rep.  Paul  Kujawski  Democratic Yea
MA Ninth Worcester Rep.  George  N.  Peterson  Jr. Republican Yea
MA Tenth Worcester Rep.  John  V.  Fernandes  Democratic Yea
MA Eleventh Worcester Rep.  Karyn  E.  Polito  Republican Yea
MA Twelfth Worcester Democratic Did Not Vote
MA Thirteenth Worcester Rep.  Robert  P.  'Bob'  Spellane  Democratic Nay
MA Fourteenth Worcester Democratic Nay
MA Fifteenth Worcester Rep.  Vincent  A.  Pedone  Democratic Yea
MA Sixteenth Worcester Rep.  John  P.  Fresolo  Democratic Nay
MA Seventeenth Worcester Rep.  John  J.  Binienda  Sr. Democratic Yea
MA Eighteenth Worcester Rep.  Jennifer  M.  Callahan  Democratic Nay
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