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Voting Record

H 436 - Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Fund Amendments - Voting Record

Vermont House

Roll Number: None
Yea: 93 Nay: 46
Bill Passed (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
VT Addison-1 Rep.  Betty  A.  Nuovo  Democratic Yea
VT Addison-1 Rep.  Steven  Maier  Democratic Yea
VT Addison-2 Rep.  Willem  W.  Jewett  Democratic Yea
VT Addison-3 Rep.  Gregory  S.  Clark  Republican Nay
VT Addison-3 Democratic Yea
VT Addison-4 Rep.  Michael  J.  Fisher  Democratic Yea
VT Addison-4 Democratic Yea
VT Addison-5 Rep.  Christopher  A.  Bray  Democratic Yea
VT Addison-Rutland Rep.  William  C.  'Will'  Stevens  Independent Yea
VT Bennington-1 Democratic Yea
VT Bennington-2-1 Rep.  Joseph  L.  Krawczyk  Jr. Republican Yea
VT Bennington-2-1 Democratic Yea
VT Bennington-2-2 Republican Nay
VT Bennington-2-2 Rep.  Anne  H.  Mook  Democratic Yea
VT Bennington-3 Democratic Yea
VT Bennington-4 Rep.  Jeffrey  D.  'Jeff'  Wilson  Democratic Yea
VT Bennington-4 Democratic Did Not Vote
VT Bennington-Rutland Rep.  Patricia  C.  'Patti'  Komline  Republican Nay
VT Caledonia-1 Rep.  Leigh  B.  Larocque  Republican Nay
VT Caledonia-2 Rep.  Lucy  Leriche  Democratic Yea
VT Caledonia-3 Rep.  Gerald  W.  'Gary'  Reis  Republican Nay
VT Caledonia-3 Rep.  Robert  C.  'Bob'  South  Democratic Yea
VT Caledonia-4 Rep.  Howard  T.  Crawford  Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Caledonia-4 Republican Nay
VT Caledonia-Washington Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-1 Rep.  Anne  T.  O'Brien  Democratic Did Not Vote
VT Chittenden-2 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-2 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3 Rep.  William  R.  'Bill'  Frank  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-4-2 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-5-1 Rep.  Katherine  L.  'Kate'  Webb  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-5-2 Rep.  Joan  G.  Lenes  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-6-1 Republican Nay
VT Chittenden-6-4 Rep.  Kesha  K.  Ram  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-6-5 Rep.  Susan  L.  Wizowaty  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-6-5 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-6-7 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-7-1 Rep.  John  Zenie  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-7-2 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-7-3 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-8-1 Republican Nay
VT Chittenden-8-1 Rep.  Debbie  G.  Evans  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-8-2 Rep.  Linda  J.  Waite-Simpson  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-8-2 Rep.  Timothy  'Tim'  Jerman  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-8-3 Rep.  Martha  P.  Heath  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-9-1 Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-9-2 Republican Nay
VT Chittenden-9-2 Rep.  Kristy  K.  Spengler  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-10 Rep.  Ronald  E.  Hubert  Republican Nay
VT Chittenden-10 Republican Nay
VT Essex-Caledonia-Orleans Rep.  William  F.  'Bill'  Johnson  Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Franklin-1 Rep.  Gary  Gilbert  Democratic Yea
VT Franklin-1 Rep.  Carolyn  Whitney  Branagan  Republican Nay
VT Franklin-2 Rep.  Richard  J.  'Dick'  Howrigan  Sr. Democratic Nay
VT Franklin-3-1 Democratic Nay
VT Franklin-3-2 Republican Nay
VT Franklin-4 Rep.  Michel  A.  Consejo  Democratic Yea
VT Franklin-4 Republican Nay
VT Franklin-4 Rep.  Peter  E.  Perley  Republican Did Not Vote
VT Franklin-5 Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Franklin-6 Rep.  Norman  H.  McAllister  Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Grand Isle-Chittenden Democratic Yea
VT Lamoille-1 Republican Nay
VT Lamoille-2 Rep.  Linda  J.  Martin  Democratic Yea
VT Lamoille-3 Rep.  Floyd  W.  Nease  Democratic Yea
VT Lamoille-Washington Rep.  Shapleigh  'Shap'  Smith  Jr. Democratic Did Not Vote
VT Lamoille-Washington Rep.  Philip  'Peter'  Peltz  Democratic Yea
VT Orange-1 Rep.  Philip  C.  Winters  Republican Nay
VT Orange-1 Rep.  Susan Hatch  Davis  Democratic, Progressive Yea
VT Orange-2 Democratic Yea
VT Orange-Caledonia Democratic Yea
VT Orange-Washington-Addison Rep.  Lawrence  E.  'Larry'  Townsend  Democratic Yea
VT Orange-Washington-Addison Rep.  Patsy  T.  French  Democratic Yea
VT Orleans-1 Rep.  Scott  Wheeler  Republican Nay
VT Orleans-1 Rep.  Robert  W.  Lewis  Republican Nay
VT Orleans-2 Rep.  Duncan  Frey  Kilmartin  Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Orleans-2 Democratic, Republican Did Not Vote
VT Orleans-Lamoille Republican Nay
VT Rutland-1 Rep.  Andrew  Patrick  'Andy'  Donaghy  Republican Nay
VT Rutland-2 Democratic Yea
VT Rutland-3 Rep.  Eldred  Minor  French  Democratic Yea
VT Rutland-3 Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Rutland-3 Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Rutland-4 Rep.  James  L.  McNeil  Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Rutland-5-1 Republican Nay
VT Rutland-5-2 Rep.  Margaret  'Peg'  Andrews  Democratic Yea
VT Rutland-5-3 Rep.  Steven  James  'Steve'  Howard  Democratic Yea
VT Rutland-5-4 Rep.  Gale  Courcelle  Democratic Yea
VT Rutland-6 Rep.  Margaret  K.  'Peg'  Flory  Republican Nay
VT Rutland-Bennington Rep.  John  W.  Malcolm  Democratic Yea
VT Rutland-Windsor-1 Rep.  Megan  M.  Smith  Democratic Yea
VT Rutland-Windsor-2 Republican Nay
VT Washington-1 Republican Nay
VT Washington-2 Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Washington-2 Rep.  Thomas  F.  'Tom'  Koch  Democratic, Republican Did Not Vote
VT Washington-3 Independent Did Not Vote
VT Washington-3 Rep.  Therese  M.  'Tess'  Taylor  Democratic Yea
VT Washington-4 Democratic Yea
VT Washington-4 Democratic Yea
VT Washington-5 Rep.  Anthony  W.  'Tony'  Klein  Democratic Yea
VT Washington-6 Democratic Yea
VT Washington-7 Independent Nay
VT Washington-7 Democratic Yea
VT Washington-Chittenden Democratic Yea
VT Windham-1 Rep.  Patricia  A.  'Pat'  O'Donnell  Republican Nay
VT Windham-2-2 Democratic, Progressive Yea
VT Windham-3 Democratic Yea
VT Windham-4 Democratic Yea
VT Windham-4 Democratic Yea
VT Windham-4 Rep.  Michael John  Obuchowski  Democratic Yea
VT Windham-5 Rep.  Richard  J.  Marek  Democratic Yea
VT Windham-6 Rep.  Ann  P.  Manwaring  Democratic Yea
VT Windham-Bennington Rep.  John  T.  Moran  Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-1 Rep.  Donna  G.  Sweaney  Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-2 Rep.  Ernest  W.  Shand  Democratic Did Not Vote
VT Windsor-3-2 Rep.  Cynthia  T.  Martin  Democratic, Working Families Yea
VT Windsor-3-2 Democratic, Working Families Yea
VT Windsor-5 Rep.  Alison  Hudnut  Clarkson  Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-Orange-1 Rep.  David  M.  Ainsworth  Republican Nay
VT Windsor-Orange-2 Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-Orange-2 Rep.  Margaret  R.  Cheney  Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-Rutland Democratic, Progressive Yea
VT Chittenden-1-2 Rep.  Scott  A.  Orr  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3-1 Rep.  William  N.  'Bill'  Aswad  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3-2 Rep.  Mark  Larson  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3-3 Rep.  Rachel  Weston  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3-3 Rep.  Jason  P.  Lorber  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3-4 Rep.  David  E.  'Dave'  Zuckerman  Progressive Yea
VT Chittenden-3-6 Rep.  Kenneth  W.  Atkins  Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3-7 Rep.  Frank  J.  Geier  III Democratic Yea
VT Chittenden-3-9 Rep.  Albert  C.  'Sonny'  Audette  Democratic Nay
VT Essex-Caledonia-1 Rep.  Janice  L.  Peaslee  Republican Nay
VT Franklin-3 Rep.  Jeffrey  'Jeff'  Young  Democratic Yea
VT Grand Isle-Chittenden-1-1 Rep.  Ira  Trombley  Democratic Did Not Vote
VT Lamoille-4 Rep.  Richard  A.  Westman  Republican Did Not Vote
VT Orleans-Caledonia-1 Rep.  John  S.  Rodgers  Democratic Yea
VT Orleans-Caledonia-1 Rep.  John  Morley  III Republican Nay
VT Rutland-1-2 Rep.  Joseph  A.  Baker  Republican Nay
VT Rutland-7 Rep.  Joe  N.  Acinapura  Democratic, Republican Nay
VT Washington-3-3 Rep.  Patricia  A.  'Pat'  McDonald  Republican Nay
VT Washington-Chittenden-1 Rep.  Sue  M.  Minter  Democratic Yea
VT Windham-3-1 Rep.  Virginia  A.  'Gini'  Milkey  Democratic Yea
VT Windham-3-3 Rep.  Sarah  R.  Edwards  Democratic, Progressive Yea
VT Windham-Bennington-Windsor-1 Rep.  Richard  W.  'Rick'  Hube  Republican Did Not Vote
VT Windsor-1-1 Rep.  Kathy  Pellett  Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-4 Rep.  Steven  C.  Adams  Republican Nay
VT Windsor-6-1 Rep.  Mark  B.  Mitchell  Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-6-2 Rep.  Charles  W.  'Chuck'  Bohi  Democratic Yea
VT Windsor-6-2 Rep.  John  J.  Clerkin  Republican Nay
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