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Voting Record

SB 1407 - Restricting Childhood Vaccine Mercury Levels  - Voting Record

Oklahoma Senate

Roll Number: 1716
Yea: 27 Nay: 17
Bill Passed (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
OK 13 Sen.  Susan  Paddack  Democratic Yea
OK 12 Sen.  Brian  Bingman  Republican Yea
OK 32 Democratic Yea
OK 10 Sen.  Joe Loyd  Sweeden  Democratic Yea
OK 8 Sen.  Roger  Ballenger  Democratic Yea
OK 21 Sen.  Mike  Morgan  Democratic Yea
OK 3 Sen.  Jim  Wilson  Democratic Yea
OK 37 Sen.  Nancy  C.  Riley  Democratic Yea
OK 40 Sen.  Cliff  Branan  Republican Yea
OK 15 Sen.  Jonathan  Nichols  Republican Yea
OK 1 Sen.  Charles  Wyrick  Democratic Yea
OK 7 Sen.  Richard  C.  Lerblance  Democratic Yea
OK 17 Sen.  Charlie  Laster  Democratic Yea
OK 6 Sen.  Jay Paul  Gumm  Democratic Yea
OK 27 Sen.  Owen  Laughlin  Republican Yea
OK 47 Sen.  Todd  Lamb  Republican Yea
OK 38 Republican Yea
OK 41 Sen.  Clark  Jolley  Republican Yea
OK 46 Sen.  Andrew  Rice  Democratic Yea
OK 18 Sen.  Mary  Easley  Democratic Yea
OK 26 Sen.  Tom  Ivester  Democratic Yea
OK 9 Sen.  Earl  Garrison  Democratic Yea
OK 29 Sen.  John  Ford  Republican Yea
OK 14 Sen.  Johnnie  C.  Crutchfield  Democratic Yea
OK 4 Sen.  Kenneth  Corn  Democratic Yea
OK 5 Sen.  Jeff  W.  Rabon  Democratic Yea
OK 2 Sen.  Sean  Burrage  Democratic Yea
OK 42 Sen.  Cliff  A.  Aldridge  Republican Nay
OK 35 Sen.  James  A.  Williamson  Republican Nay
OK 24 Republican Nay
OK 16 Democratic Nay
OK 20 Sen.  David  F.  Myers  Republican Nay
OK 44 Sen.  Debbe  Leftwich  Democratic Nay
OK 23 Sen.  Ron  Justice  Republican Nay
OK 22 Sen.  Mike  Johnson  Republican Nay
OK 30 Sen.  Glenn  Coffee  Republican Nay
OK 36 Republican Nay
OK 31 Sen.  Don  Barrington  Republican Nay
OK 33 Sen.  Tom  Adelson  Democratic Nay
OK 43 Sen.  Jim  Reynolds  Republican Nay
OK 11 Sen.  Judy  Eason McIntyre  Democratic Nay
OK 39 Sen.  Brian  A.  Crain  Republican Nay
OK 34 Sen.  Randy  Brogdon  Republican Nay
OK 19 Sen.  Patrick  Anderson  Republican Nay
OK 45 Sen.  Kathleen  Wilcoxson  Republican Did Not Vote
OK 48 Sen.  Constance  N.  'Connie'  Johnson  Democratic Did Not Vote
OK 25 Sen.  Mike  Mazzei  Republican Did Not Vote
OK 28 Sen.  Harry  E.  Coates  Jr. Republican Did Not Vote
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