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Key Votes

HCS SB 139 - State-Funded Abortion Ban - Key Vote

Oklahoma Key Votes

Jerry Ellis voted Yea (Passage With Amendment) on this Legislation.

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Stage Details

Legislation - Concurrence Vote Passed (Senate) (-) -
Legislation - Bill Passed With Amendment (House) (77-19) - (Key vote)

Title: State-Funded Abortion Ban

Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that bans the use of public funds to perform an abortion, unless it is necessary to save the pregnant woman’s life.

-Requires physicians to submit annually the number of females that were provided with information regarding abortions and the number of emergency abortions performed to the State Department of Health (sec. 3). -Forbids the performing of abortions unless the pregnant woman can prove that she is not a minor, or in the case of a medical emergency (sec. 6). -Makes it a felony to knowingly perform an abortion on a minor without parental consent or to falsify documents to obtain an abortion for a minor (sec. 9) -Forbids the use of any public equipment or facilities in performing an abortion, unless it is necessary to save the mother’s life (sec. 11).
Legislation - Introduced (Senate) -

Title: State-Funded Abortion Ban


  • Rebecca Hamilton (OK - D) (Out Of Office)
  • James A. Williamson (OK - R) (Out Of Office)


  • Cliff A. Aldridge (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Don Barrington (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Lisa J. Billy (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Brian Bingman (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Gus R. Blackwell (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Randy Brogdon (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Harry E. Coates Jr. (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Glenn Coffee (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Marian Cooksey (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Brian A. Crain (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • David Dank (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • George E. Faught (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • John Ford (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Jay Paul Gumm (OK - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Mike Johnson (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Clark Jolley (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Ron Justice (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Sally R. Kern (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Todd Lamb (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Owen Laughlin (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Mike Mazzei (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • David F. Myers (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Jonathan Nichols (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Pam Peterson (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Mike D. 'Mike' Reynolds (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Randy Terrill (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Sue Tibbs (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Paul Wesselhoft (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Kathleen Wilcoxson (OK - R) (Out Of Office)
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