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SB 113 - Prostate Cancer Screening Coverage - Key Vote

Nevada Key Votes




Stage Details

Legislation - Bill Sent To Committee (House) -
Legislation - Bill Passed With Amendment (Senate) (11-10) - (Key vote)

Title: Prostate Cancer Screening Coverage

Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
- Requires health insurance plans that cover prostate cancer treatments to “provide coverage for prostate cancer screenings in accordance with [t]he guidelines concerning prostate cancer screenings which are published by the American Cancer Society or [o]ther guidelines… published by nationally recognized professional organizations and which include… supporting scientific data [secs. 2-6, 9, 10].”
Legislation - Introduced (Senate) -

Title: Prostate Cancer Screening Coverage


  • James R. 'Bob' Coffin (NV - D) (Out Of Office)


  • David P. Bobzien (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Maggie Carlton (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Joseph M. 'Joe' Hogan (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • William C. Horne (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Steven Horsford (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • John Jay Lee (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • John W. Marvel (NV - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Bernice Martin Mathews (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Dennis E. Nolan (NV - R) (Out Of Office)
  • David R. Parks (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • William J. 'Bill' Raggio (NV - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Dean A. Rhoads (NV - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Michael A. 'Mike' Schneider (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Alice Constadina 'Dina' Titus (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Randolph J. Townsend (NV - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Valerie Wiener (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Joyce L. Woodhouse (NV - D) (Out Of Office)
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