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Key Votes

SB 52 - Governor Guinn Millennium Teaching Scholarship Program - Key Vote

Nevada Key Votes

Valerie Wiener voted Yea (Passage With Amendment) on this Legislation.

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Stage Details

Legislation - Bill Sent To Committee (House) -
Legislation - Bill Passed With Amendment (Senate) (14-7) - (Key vote)

Title: Governor Guinn Millennium Teaching Scholarship Program

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Nay Votes
Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill expanding the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program.

- Defines the “millennium teaching scholarship” as a “Governor Guinn Millennium Teaching Scholarship [GGMTS] that is awarded… to a student who is enrolled in a qualifying program of teacher education” (sec. 4). - Establishes the Millennium Teaching Scholarship Program to award millennium teaching scholarships (sec. 6). - Directs the Board of Regents to issue a number of millennium teaching scholarships that it “deems likely to ensure that each year: at least 300 students complete a qualifying program of teacher education in special education; and at least 100 students complete a qualifying program… in mathematics or science” (sec. 6). - Establishes that to qualify for a GGMTS, a student must agree to teach at a public school for three years (sec. 7). - Establishes that the GGMTS pay for 100% of “the costs of enrolling in a qualifying program… that are not satisfied by other grants and scholarships” (sec. 8). - Defines “bona fide resident” for the purpose of Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship eligibility to exclude “alien[s] who [are] not eligible for a state or local benefit as determined in accordance with 8 U. S. C. § 1621 unless the alien has executed an affidavit declaring his intention to become a citizen of the United States” (sec. 13).
Legislation - Introduced (Senate) -

Title: Governor Guinn Millennium Teaching Scholarship Program


  • Barbara K. Cegavske (NV - R) (Out Of Office)
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