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HR 4844 - Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006 - Key Vote

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Hal Rogers voted Yea (Passage) on this Legislation.

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Legislation - Bill Sent To Committee (Senate) -
Legislation - Bill Passed (House) (228-196) - (Key vote)

Title: Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006

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Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that requires voters to provide a government-issued photo identification cards in order to vote.

  • Requires states to provide identification cards, that are valid for election use only, at no cost to those individuals who can prove that they can not pay states' fee (Sec. 3).
  • Allows those individuals without a valid identification card to cast a provisional ballot and grants them 48 hours to show their valid identification card (Sec. 2).
Legislation - Introduced (House) -

Title: Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006


  • Henry J. Hyde (IL - R) (Out Of Office)


  • Virginia 'Ginny' Brown-Waite (FL - R) (Out Of Office)
  • John T. Doolittle (CA - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Vernon J. 'Vern' Ehlers (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Tom Feeney (FL - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Thaddeus G. 'Thad' McCotter (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Jefferson B. 'Jeff' Miller (FL - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Adam H. Putnam (FL - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Mark Edward Souder (IN - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Lynn A. Westmoreland (GA - R) (Out Of Office)

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