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Key Votes

Sub for HB 5699 - Marital Counseling - Key Vote

Michigan Key Votes

Mary Waters voted Yea (Passage) on this Legislation.

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Stage Details

Legislation - Bill Sent To Committee (Senate) -
Legislation - Bill Passed (House) (73-32) - (Key vote)

Title: Marital Counseling

Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that would allow a couple to get a marriage license with no waiting period if they receive pre-marital counseling in an approved program that is at least 4 hours long. Those choosing not to receive the pre-marital counseling would still need to wait at least 3 days after applying to get a marriage license.

Legislation - Introduced (House) -

Title: Marital Counseling


  • Jerry O. Kooiman (MI - R) (Out Of Office)


  • Kevin A. Elsenheimer (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Judy K. Emmons (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • John Garfield (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • John J. Gleason (MI - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Robert Gosselin (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • David S. 'Dave' Hildenbrand (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Scott Hummel (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Roger N. Kahn (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • David Law (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • James 'Jim' Marleau (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Tom Meyer (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • John Moolenaar (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Tim Moore (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Leslie Mortimer (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Michael L. 'Mike' Nofs (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Rick S. Shaffer (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Fulton J. Sheen (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • John E. Stahl (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • John C. Stewart (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Barb Vander Veen (MI - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Lisa Wojno (MI - D) (Out Of Office)
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