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HB 186 - Wyoming Lottery - Key Vote

Wyoming Key Votes

Hans Hunt voted Yea (Passage) on this Legislation.

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Legislation - Bill Failed (House) (27-33) - (Key vote)

Title: Wyoming Lottery

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Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that establishes the Wyoming lottery corporation and specifies procedures for its operation, beginning July 1, 2011.

  • Establishes the Wyoming lottery corporation, and specifies that it is not a state agency (Sec. 1)
  • Defines "lottery," "lotteries," "lottery game" or "lottery games" as any game of chance approved by the board of directors of the Wyoming lottery corporation (Sec. 1).
  • Excludes instant tickets, scratch-off tickets, and video lottery terminals from the definition of lottery games (Sec. 1).
  • Specifies that the Wyoming lottery corporation shall have any and all powers necessary to carry out its purpose including, but not limited to, the following (Sec. 1):
    • The power to initiate, supervise and administer the operation of the lottery;
    • The power to sue and be sued;
    • The power to adopt, amend and repeal bylaws, regulations, and policies and procedures for the conduct of its business
    • The power to procure or provide insurance;
    • The power to hold copyrights, trademarks and service marks;
    • The power to enter into written agreements with 1 or more states for the operation of a joint lottery;
    • The power to conduct market research;
    • The power to acquire or lease real property and personal property;
    • The power to incur debt in its own name;
    • The power to enter into contracts or agreements with state or local law enforcement agencies for the performance of law enforcement, background investigations and security checks;
    • The power to advertise and promote the lottery; and
    • The power to act as a retailer and to establish and operate a sales facility to sell lottery tickets and any related merchandise.
  • Establishes a board of directors to oversee the lottery corporation, which shall be composed of 9 Wyoming residents who are prominent in their professions, have never been convicted of a felony offense, and have no personal interest in conflict with that of the corporation (Sec. 1).
  • Authorizes the board to perform a variety of functions including, but not limited to, the following (Sec. 1):
    • Approve, disapprove, amend or modify the corporation's operating budget;
    • Approve, disapprove, amend, or modify major lottery procurements recommended by the chief executive officer; and
    • Adopt regulations, policies and procedures relating to the conduct of lottery games.
  • Authorizes the board of directors to adopt regulations, policies and procedures regulating the conduct of lottery games including, but not limited to, the following (Sec. 1):
    • The type of games to be conducted;
    • The sale prices of tickets or shares;
    • The number and amount of prizes;
    • The method and location of selecting or validating winning tickets or shares;
    • The means for conducting drawings; and
    • The frequency of games and drawings.
  • Prohibits any employee of the Wyoming lottery corporation from having a financial interest in any vendor doing business or proposing to do business with the corporation (Sec. 1).
  • Prohibits any person who has been convicted of a felony or of a crime involving moral turpitude from being employed by the Wyoming lottery corporation (Sec. 1).
  • Requires that at least 45 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets be made available as prize money (Sec. 1).
  • Requires the Wyoming lottery corporation to transfer all net proceeds, minus prizes and expenditures, into the general fund of the state treasury no later than the 15th day of each quarter, and that after the money has been deposited it is the unencumbered property of the state of Wyoming (Sec. 1).
  • Specifies that money derived from lottery proceeds shall only be appropriated upon action of the Wyoming state legislature (Sec. 1).
  • Prohibits lottery system vendors and applicants for major procurement contracts from paying or giving any economic opportunity, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, favor, or service to the chief executive officer, any board member, or any employee of the corporation, or to a member of the immediate family residing in the same household as any such person, with the exception of food and beverages worth less than $100 (Sec. 1).
  • Prohibits contracts with any vendor in which a public official has more than a 10 percent ownership interest (Sec. 1).
  • Prohibits the sale of lottery tickets at a price other than that established by the Wyoming lottery corporation unless authorized in writing by the chief executive officer (Sec. 1).
  • Authorizes the use of lottery tickets as gifts (Sec. 1).
  • Prohibits the sale of lottery tickets to persons less than 18 years of age, but authorizes gifts of lottery tickets to such persons (Sec. 1).
  • Prohibits the Wyoming lottery corporation from awarding prizes for claimed tickets that are stolen, counterfeit, or fraudulent (Sec. 1).
  • Requires a holder of a winning ticket to claim his or her prize within 180 days (Sec. 1).
  • Specifies that unclaimed prize money does not constitute net lottery proceeds and that all unclaimed prizes should be handled as follows (Sec. 1):
    • A portion of unclaimed prize money, not to exceed $200,000, shall be paid to the Department of Health for the treatment of compulsive gambling disorder; and
    • The remainder of the unclaimed prize money may be added to the pool from which future prizes are to be awarded or used for special promotions.
  • Specifies that any person who knowingly sells a lottery ticket or share to a minor or permits a minor to play any lottery game shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined at least $100 and up to $500 for the first offense, and at least $200 and up to $1,000 for each subsequent offense (Sec. 1).
  • Specifies that any person who counterfeits a state lottery ticket or attempts to influence the winning of a prize through the use of coercion, fraud or tampering with lottery equipment shall be fined no more than $50,000, imprisoned for no more than 5 years, or both (Sec. 1).
  • This act is effective July 1, 2011 (Sec. 3).
Legislation - Introduced (House) -

Title: Wyoming Lottery


  • Peter S. 'Pete' Illoway (WY - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Del McOmie (WY - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Ruth Ann Petroff (WY - R) (Out Of Office)
  • Mary A. Throne (WY - D) (Out Of Office)
  • David Lee Zwonitzer (WY - R) (Out Of Office)
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