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Key Votes

HJR 15 - Apportionment of State Legislative Districts - Key Vote

Ohio Key Votes

Peter Stautberg voted Nay (Passage) on this Legislation.

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Stage Details

Legislation - Referred to Committee (Senate) -
Legislation - Bill Passed (House) (69-28) - (Key vote)

Title: Apportionment of State Legislative Districts

Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that amends the apportionment of state legislative districts.

-Establishes the apportionment board, which requires that members use a majority vote to decide on matters at their meetings (Sec. 1). -Requires that apportionment board meetings will convene by October 1st of every year and that the meetings are open to the public (Sec. 1). -Requires that the house of representative and senate population is equal in proportion to the population represented within a margin of 95 percent to 105 percent (Sec. 2). -Specifies that the district of a representative will be a single nonintersecting, contiguous line (Sec. 3). -Requires that each senator's district be composed of 3 contiguous House of Representative districts (Sec. 3). -Requires the secretary of state to inform the public of thorough and accurate census data, the boundaries of election precincts, a statewide partisan index, and an election precinct partisan index (Sec. 4). -Requires that the apportionment board administer a public competition in order to obtain the districts for the House of Representatives and Senate (Sec. 5). -Requires that the districts be broken down with the composition of districts reflecting the state partisan index (Sec. 5). -Establishes that the partisan index will be calculated by the district wide vote total in 3 elections to determine the partisan rating of each district (Sec. 5). -Authorizes that if there are 2 or more maps that meet the criteria then the map that shall be chosen is the one that preserves undivided municipalities (Sec. 5). -Specifies that the apportionment board will assign numbers to districts to minimize voter confusion (Sec. 6). -Authorizes that a person can change residence within 30 days of apportionment to be eligible for election (Sec. 8).
Legislation - Introduced (House) -

Title: Apportionment of State Legislative Districts


  • Jennifer D. Garrison (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Tom Letson (OH - D) (Out Of Office)


  • Robin D. Belcher (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Linda S. Bolon (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Barbara Boyd (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • John Patrick Carney (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Theodore S. 'Ted' Celeste (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Kathleen Chandler (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Michael DeBose (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Dan Dodd (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • John Domenick (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Stephen Dyer (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Lorraine M. Fende (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Mike Foley (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Nancy J. Garland (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Ronald V. 'Ron' Gerberry (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Jay P. Goyal (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Robert F. 'Bob' Hagan (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Marian Harris (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Sandra Stabile Harwood (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Joseph F. 'Joe' Koziura (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Clayton R. Luckie (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Dale Mallory (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Mike Moran (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Dennis E. Murray (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Deborah A. Newcomb (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Matt Patten (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Debbie Phillips (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Connie Pillich (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Raymond Allen 'Ray' Pryor (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Daniel 'Dan' Stewart (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Vernon L. Sykes (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Matthew A. 'Matt' Szollosi (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Joe Walter (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
  • Brian G. Williams (OH - D) (Out Of Office)
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