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How You Can Help


Are you interested in helping us get the Vote Smart message out to your community? If you are, please consider sending a message to your email contacts introducing Vote Smart or send a letter to the editor of your local paper telling your community about our programs. We've provided a few sample messages you can send, but please feel free to add to them as necessary.

A sample email you can use to send to your email list:

Dear (name of friend),

I want to make sure you know of a great free resource for factual information on politicians. It is called Vote Smart. It is a non-partisan group of student and volunteer researchers who collect factual data on politicians’ voting records, bios, public statements (issue or even key word searchable), campaign issue positions, who gives them money, even the ratings done on them by over 200 competing special interests.

It is just terrific. They make it so easy you do not need to listen to all the self-serving nonsense anymore. I have joined them, you might want to, but above all know that it is all free, whether you join them or not. You might also consider passing this message on to others you know are interested in real information.

Hope all is well,

A sample letter to the editor- copy and use it or write your own version:

Dear (name of Editor),

Citizens have got to know about Project Vote Smart, a non-partisan group of students and volunteers from all over the country who have put together a massive factual database on politicians.

Vote Smart gathers the voting records, biographies, public statements (issue or even key word searchable), issue positions, who gives candidates money, even the ratings done by over 200 competing special interests on every candidate and official. They make it so you don’t need to listen to all the self-serving nonsense of campaigns anymore.

You can get just the facts on Vote Smart's web site ( or even call them on their toll-free Voter’s Research Hotline (1-888-VOTE-SMART) and one of their researchers will look up anything you need to know.


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