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Hillary Clinton
Challenger (Running) Democratic
Running Mate:
Tim Kaine Democratic
Gary Johnson
Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Running Mate:
William Weld Libertarian
Jill Stein
Challenger (Running) Green Party
Running Mate:
Ajamu Baraka Green Party
Donald Trump
Challenger (Running) Republican
Running Mate:
Mike Pence Republican
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U.S. Attorney General

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U.S. Secretary of Defense

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U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator Debbie Stabenow
Senior Seat Democratic
Senator Gary Peters
Junior Seat Democratic



Lieutenant Governor



State House

District 1
Representative Brian Banks
District 1 (Running) Democratic
Kameshea Amos
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
William Broman
District 1 Challenger (Running) Republican
Corey Gilchrist
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Keith Hollowell
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Pamela Sossi
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Washington Youson
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 2
Molly Augustine
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Willie Bell
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jeremy Henner
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Angles Hunt
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Regina Jones
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Anthony Murray
District 2 Challenger (Running) Republican
Bettie Scott
District 2 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Joseph Tate
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Carla Tinsley-Smith
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 3
Representative Wendell Byrd
District 3 (Running) Democratic
April Bonner-Archer
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
John Brodersen
District 3 Challenger (Running) Republican
Burgess Foster
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Donavan McKinney
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Damian Mitchell
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Lee Qualls
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Al Williams
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 4
Representative Rose Mary Robinson
District 4 (Running) Democratic
Charles Bell
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Dan Finn
District 4 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Mohammed Hassan
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Quincy Jones
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jumar Motley
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Tracy Russell
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Matt Schonert
District 4 Challenger (Running) Republican
Abraham Shaw
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 5
Representative Fred Durhal III
District 5 (Running) Democratic
Cynthia Johnson
District 5 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Dorothy Patterson
District 5 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 6
Representative Stephanie Chang
District 6 (Running) Democratic
Dennis Black
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Dierdre Jackson
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Donnie Malone, Jr.
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Attie Pollard
District 6 Challenger (Running) Republican
Dwayne Redding
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
David Sanchez
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Casondria Walker-Keith
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 7
Representative LaTanya Garrett
District 7 (Running) Democratic
Gina Barr
District 7 Challenger (Running) Republican
Bernard Thompson
District 7 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 8
Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo
District 8 (Running) Democratic
Jennifer Rynicki
District 8 Challenger (Running) Republican
DeShawn Wilkins
District 8 Challenger (Removed) Independent
District 9
Representative Harvey Santana
District 9 Democratic
Annie Carter
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Tijuana Morris
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Alicia Murphy
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
William Phillips
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Gary Pollard
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Regina Ross
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Sylvia Santana
District 9 Challenger (Running) Democratic
James Stephens
District 9 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 10
Representative Leslie Love
District 10 (Running) Democratic
William Brang
District 10 Challenger (Running) Republican
Mary Cavanagh
District 10 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Elizabeth Jefferson
District 10 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Mary Mazur
District 10 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jeremy Morgan
District 10 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 11
District 11
Jewell Jones
District 11 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Julie Plawecki
District 11 Challenger (Deceased) Democratic
Robert Pope
District 11 Challenger (Running) Republican
Dale Prosser
District 11 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 12
Representative Erika Geiss
District 12 (Running) Democratic
Edward Martell
District 12 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Erik Soderquist
District 12 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 13
Representative Frank Liberati
District 13 (Running) Democratic
Rebecca Reed
District 13 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Annie Spencer
District 13 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 14
Representative Paul Clemente
District 14 Democratic
Jeff Chicoine
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Cara Clemente
District 14 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Loel Gnadt
District 14 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
John Maranian
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Daniela Peric
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Darrell Stasik
District 14 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 15
Representative George Darany
District 15 Democratic
Norman Alsahoury
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Rhino Gerin
District 15 Challenger (Running) Republican
Abdullah Hammoud
District 15 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Richard Johnson
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Roxanne McDonald
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Alex Shami
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Paul Sophiea
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Brian Stone
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jacklin Zeidan
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 16
Representative Robert Kosowski
District 16 (Running) Democratic
Pat Gaffka
District 16 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Matthew Morrow
District 16 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 17
Representative Bill LaVoy
District 17 (Running) Democratic
Jeff Andring
District 17 Challenger (Running) U.S. Taxpayers
Joseph Bellino, Jr.
District 17 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 18
Representative Sarah Roberts
District 18 Democratic
Steven Fleck
District 18 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Paul Francis
District 18 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Kevin Hertel
District 18 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Renata Polonaise
District 18 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 19
Representative Laura Cox
District 19 (Running) Republican
Steve King
District 19 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Jon Smith
District 19 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 20
Representative Kurt Heise
District 20 Republican
Jeffrey Neilson
District 20 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jeff Noble
District 20 Challenger (Won) Republican
Colleen Pobur
District 20 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Chris Roosen
District 20 Challenger (Lost) Republican
John Sullivan
District 20 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 21
Representative Kristy Pagan
District 21 (Running) Democratic
Derek Moss
District 21 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 22
Representative John Chirkun
District 22 (Running) Democratic
Jeff Bonnell
District 22 Challenger (Running) Republican
Nicole Reid
District 22 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Les Townsend
District 22 Challenger (Running) U.S. Taxpayers
District 23
Representative Pat Somerville
District 23 Republican
Sherry Berecz-Burton
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Darrin Camilleri
District 23 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Michael Frazier
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Bob Howey
District 23 Challenger (Running) Republican
Elayne Petrucci
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Steven Rzeppa
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Mike Taylor
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 24
Representative Anthony Forlini
District 24 Republican
Mike Aiello
District 24 Challenger (Removed) Republican
Dana Camphous-Peterson
District 24 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Steve Marino
District 24 Challenger (Running) Republican
Daryl Smith
District 24 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Arzo Smith
District 24 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 25
Representative Henry Yanez
District 25 (Running) Democratic
Ronald Albers
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Steve Naumovski
District 25 Challenger (Running) Republican
Jacqueline Sproles
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 26
Representative Jim Townsend
District 26 Democratic
Jim Ellison
District 26 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Randy LeVasseur
District 26 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 27
Representative Robert Wittenberg
District 27 (Running) Democratic
Kyle Forrest
District 27 Challenger (Running) Republican
Stefan Graziano
District 27 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 28
District 28
Antoine Davison
District 28 Challenger (Running) Republican
Patrick Green
District 28 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Paul Kardasz
District 28 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Lori Stone
District 28 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Mike Westphal
District 28 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 29
Representative Tim Greimel
District 29 (Running) Democratic
Garren Griffith
District 29 Challenger (Running) Republican
Artelia Leak
District 29 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Peter Trzos
District 29 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 30
Representative Jeff Farrington
District 30 Republican
Joseph Bogdan
District 30 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Diana Farrington
District 30 Challenger (Running) Republican
Michael Notte
District 30 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Jackie Ryan
District 30 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Michael Shallal
District 30 Challenger (Lost) Republican
John Spica
District 30 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 31
Representative Marilyn Lane
District 31 Democratic
Michael Brewington
District 31 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Austin Negipe
District 31 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mike Saliba
District 31 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
William Sowerby
District 31 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Lisa Valerio-Nowc
District 31 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 32
Representative Andrea LaFontaine
District 32 Republican
Pamela Hornberger
District 32 Challenger (Running) Republican
Paul Manley
District 32 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Michael Shmina
District 32 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Justin Tranchita
District 32 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 33
Representative Ken Goike
District 33 Republican
Colleen Carl
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Julianne Cusumano
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Charles Karafa
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mel Koch
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Steven Stoll
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Yani Warda
District 33 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Jeff Yaroch
District 33 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 34
Representative Sheldon Neeley
District 34 (Running) Democratic
Page Brousseau IV
District 34 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 35
Representative Jeremy Moss
District 35 (Running) Democratic
Robert Brim
District 35 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 36
Representative Peter Lucido
District 36 (Running) Republican
Diane Young
District 36 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 37
Representative Christine Greig
District 37 (Running) Democratic
Matt Beer
District 37 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mitch Swoboda
District 37 Challenger (Running) Republican
James Young
District 37 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 38
Representative Kathy Crawford
District 38 (Running) Republican
Jason Dorsch
District 38 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Carson Lauffer
District 38 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Amy McCusker
District 38 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 39
Representative Klint Kesto
District 39 (Running) Republican
Beth McGrath
District 39 Challenger (Running)
Michael Stack
District 39 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 40
Representative Michael McCready
District 40 (Running) Republican
Nicole Bedi
District 40 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 41
Representative Martin Howrylak
District 41 (Running) Republican
Ryan Manier
District 41 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Cyndi Peltonen
District 41 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 42
Representative Lana Theis
District 42 (Running) Republican
Jonathan Elgas
District 42 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Timothy Johnson
District 42 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 43
Representative Jim Tedder
District 43 (Running) Republican
Ted Villella
District 43 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 44
Representative Jim Runestad
District 44 (Running) Republican
Mark Venie
District 44 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 45
Representative Michael Webber
District 45 (Running) Republican
Immanuel Eickholdt
District 45 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Ted Golden
District 45 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 46
Representative Bradford Jacobsen
District 46 Republican
Joe Kent
District 46 Challenger (Lost) Republican
David Lillis
District 46 Challenger (Running) Democratic
John Reilly
District 46 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 47
Representative Henry Vaupel
District 47 (Running) Republican
Keith Van Houten
District 47 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Rodger Young
District 47 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 48
Representative Pam Faris
District 48 (Running) Democratic
Joseph Reno
District 48 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 49
Representative Phil Phelps
District 49 (Running) Democratic
Jeremy Baker
District 49 Challenger (Running) Republican
Patrick Duvendeck
District 49 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 50
Representative Charles Smiley
District 50 Democratic
Raymond Freiberger
District 50 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Michael Matheny
District 50 Challenger (Running) Republican
Jackie Seal
District 50 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Tim Sneller
District 50 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 51
Representative Joseph Graves
District 51 (Running) Republican
Ryan Bladzik
District 51 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Katherine Houston
District 51 Challenger (Lost) Republican
John Lauve
District 51 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mark Sanborn
District 51 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 52
Representative Gretchen Driskell
District 52 Democratic
Eric Borregard
District 52 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Randy Clark
District 52 Challenger (Running) Republican
Barbara Fuller
District 52 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Donna Lasinski
District 52 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 53
Representative Jeff Irwin
District 53 Democratic
Samuel Bissell
District 53 Challenger (Running) Republican
Steven Kwasny
District 53 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Yousef Rabhi
District 53 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Joseph Stevens
District 53 Challenger (Running) Green Party
District 54
Representative David Rutledge
District 54 Democratic
Anne Brown
District 54 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Lisa Cardenas
District 54 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Kevin Jardine
District 54 Challenger (Running) Republican
Bill Krebaum
District 54 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Gregory Peoples
District 54 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Ronnie Peterson
District 54 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Michael White
District 54 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 55
Representative Adam Zemke
District 55 (Running) Democratic
Bob Baird
District 55 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 56
Representative Jason Sheppard
District 56 (Running) Republican
R. Bain
District 56 Challenger (Running) U.S. Taxpayers
Tom Redmond
District 56 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 57
Representative Nancy Jenkins
District 57 Republican
Jim Cottrell
District 57 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Brian Good
District 57 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Bronna Kahle
District 57 Challenger (Running) Republican
Harvey Schmidt
District 57 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 58
Representative Eric Leutheuser
District 58 (Running) Republican
Mary Hamaty
District 58 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 59
Representative Aaron Miller
District 59 (Running) Republican
Carol Higgins
District 59 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 60
Representative Jon Hoadley
District 60 (Running) Democratic
Logan Fleckenstein
District 60 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Alexander Ross
District 60 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 61
Representative Brandt Iden
District 61 (Running) Republican
John Fisher
District 61 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Ryan Winfield
District 61 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 62
Representative John Bizon
District 62 (Running) Republican
Michelle Gregoire
District 62 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Jim Haadsma
District 62 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 63
Representative David Maturen
District 63 (Running) Republican
John La Pietra
District 63 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Lynn Shiflea
District 63 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 64
Representative Earl Poleski
District 64 Republican
Julie Alexander
District 64 Challenger (Running) Republican
Peter Bormuth
District 64 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Ron Brooks
District 64 Challenger (Running) Democratic
John Griffin
District 64 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Phil Tripp
District 64 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 65
Representative Brett Roberts
District 65 (Running) Republican
Val Cochran Toops
District 65 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Robert Commet
District 65 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Bonnie Johnson
District 65 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Ronald Muszynski
District 65 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 66
Representative Aric Nesbitt
District 66 Republican
Annie Brown
District 66 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Beth Griffin
District 66 Challenger (Running) Republican
Dylan Kerley
District 66 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Greg Kolich
District 66 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Matthew Nilson
District 66 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 67
Representative Tom Cochran
District 67 (Running) Democratic
Leon Clark
District 67 Challenger (Running) Republican
Alec Findlay
District 67 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jerry Ketchum
District 67 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 68
Representative Andy Schor
District 68 (Running) Democratic
Chris Davenport
District 68 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Eric Nelson
District 68 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Randy Pilon
District 68 Challenger (Running) Republican
Robert Powell
District 68 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 69
Representative Sam Singh
District 69 (Running) Democratic
George Nastas III
District 69 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 70
Representative Rick Outman
District 70 Republican
Gregory Alexander
District 70 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Michael Anderson
District 70 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Ken Hart
District 70 Challenger (Running) Democratic
James Lower
District 70 Challenger (Running) Republican
Charles Mulholland
District 70 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jeremy Putansu
District 70 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Dale Reyburn
District 70 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Michael Van Kleeck
District 70 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 71
Representative Tom Barrett
District 71 (Running) Republican
Theresa Abed
District 71 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Marc Lord
District 71 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 72
Representative Ken Yonker
District 72 Republican
Robert Coughlin
District 72 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Dick Cunningham
District 72 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Ryan Gallogly
District 72 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Bill Hirsch
District 72 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Steven Johnson
District 72 Challenger (Running) Republican
Tony Noto
District 72 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Steve Shoemaker
District 72 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 73
Representative Chris Afendoulis
District 73 (Running) Republican
Deb Havens
District 73 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Ron Heeren
District 73 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 74
Representative Rob VerHeulen
District 74 (Running) Republican
Robin Bigger
District 74 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 75
Representative David LaGrand
District 75 Democratic
David LaGrand
District 75 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Chad Rossiter
District 75 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 76
Representative Winnie Brinks
District 76 (Running) Democratic
John George
District 76 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Brandon Hoezee
District 76 Challenger (Running) U.S. Taxpayers
Casey O'Neill
District 76 Challenger (Running) Republican
Jeff Sheridan
District 76 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 77
Representative Thomas Hooker
District 77 Republican
Tom Brann
District 77 Challenger (Running) Republican
Dana Knight
District 77 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Frank Murin
District 77 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 78
Representative Dave Pagel
District 78 (Running) Republican
Dean Hill
District 78 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 79
Representative Al Pscholka
District 79 Republican
Ryan Arnt
District 79 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mary Brown
District 79 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Kim LaSata
District 79 Challenger (Running) Republican
Carl Oehling
District 79 Challenger (Running) U.S. Taxpayers
Troy Rolling
District 79 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Marletta Seats
District 79 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 80
Representative Mary Whiteford
District 80 (Running) Republican
John Andrysiak
District 80 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Arnis Davidsons
District 80 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Abigail Nobel
District 80 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 81
Representative Dan Lauwers
District 81 (Running) Republican
Stewart Sternberg
District 81 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 82
Representative Gary Howell
District 82 (Running) Republican
Margaret Guerrero DeLuca
District 82 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 83
Representative Paul Muxlow
District 83 Republican
Deena Bruderick
District 83 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Justin Faber
District 83 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jim Frank
District 83 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Shane Hernandez
District 83 Challenger (Running) Republican
Matt Muxlow
District 83 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 84
Representative Edward Canfield
District 84 (Running) Republican
Chuck Stadler
District 84 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
James Wencel
District 84 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 85
Representative Ben Glardon
District 85 Republican
Hartmann Aue
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Robert Cottrell
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Ben Frederick
District 85 Challenger (Running) Republican
John Horvath
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Anthony Karhoff
District 85 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Matthew Shepard
District 85 Challenger (Running) U.S. Taxpayers
Roger Snyder
District 85 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
George Sode
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Joyce Surprenant
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
John Vincent
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 86
Representative Lisa Lyons
District 86 Republican
Thomas Albert
District 86 Challenger (Running) Republican
Bill Gelineau
District 86 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Katherine Henry
District 86 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jeffrey Johnson
District 86 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Bartholomew Lower
District 86 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Lynn Mason
District 86 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Matthew VanderWerff
District 86 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Cliff Yankovich
District 86 Challenger (Running) Green Party
District 87
Representative Michael Callton
District 87 Republican
Eric Anderson
District 87 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Julie Calley
District 87 Challenger (Running) Republican
Joseph Gillotte
District 87 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 88
Representative Roger Victory
District 88 (Running) Republican
Kim Nagy
District 88 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 89
Representative Amanda Price
District 89 Republican
Mary Buzuma
District 89 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Brandon Hall
District 89 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jim Lilly
District 89 Challenger (Running) Republican
Tim Meyer
District 89 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Tracy Stille-Mulligan
District 89 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 90
Representative Daniela Garcia
District 90 (Running) Republican
Orlando Estrada
District 90 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mary Yedinak
District 90 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 91
Representative Holly Hughes
District 91 (Running) Republican
Collene Lamonte
District 91 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Max Riekse
District 91 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 92
Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright
District 92 Democratic
Marshall Davis
District 92 Challenger (Running) Republican
Gail Eichorst
District 92 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Sean Mullally
District 92 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Terry Sabo
District 92 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 93
Representative Tom Leonard
District 93 (Running) Republican
Joshua Derke
District 93 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Tyler Palmer
District 93 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Charles Truesdell
District 93 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 94
Representative Tim Kelly
District 94 (Running) Republican
Kevin Seamon
District 94 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 95
Representative Vanessa Guerra
District 95 (Running) Democratic
Dorothy Tanner
District 95 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 96
Representative Charles Brunner
District 96 Democratic
Brian DuFresne
District 96 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Brian Elder
District 96 Challenger (Running) Democratic
David Scholl
District 96 Challenger (Running) Republican
Donald Tilley
District 96 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 97
Representative Joel Johnson
District 97 Republican
Robert Corbett
District 97 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
George Gilmore
District 97 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Brian Johnson
District 97 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jacob Link
District 97 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Robert Townsend
District 97 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Jason Wentworth
District 97 Challenger (Running) Republican
Thomas Winarski
District 97 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 98
Representative Gary Glenn
District 98 (Running) Republican
Geoff Malicoat
District 98 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 99
Representative Kevin Cotter
District 99 Republican
Roger Hauck
District 99 Challenger (Running) Republican
Bryan Mielke
District 99 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Robin Stressman
District 99 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 100
Representative Jon Bumstead
District 100 Republican
Sandy Clarke
District 100 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Dan Eley
District 100 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Cathy Forbes
District 100 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Scott VanSingel
District 100 Challenger