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Hillary Clinton
Challenger (Running) Democratic
Running Mate:
Tim Kaine Democratic
Gary Johnson
Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Running Mate:
William Weld Libertarian
Jill Stein
Challenger (Running) Green Party
Running Mate:
Ajamu Baraka Green Party
Donald Trump
Challenger (Running) Republican
Running Mate:
Mike Pence Republican
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U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator Mitch McConnell
Senior Seat Republican
Senator Rand Paul
Junior Seat (Running) Republican
Jim Gray
Challenger (Running) Democratic
Billy Wilson
Challenger (Removed) Write-In



Lieutenant Governor



State House

District 1
Representative Steven Rudy
District 1 (Running) Republican
Michael Murphy
District 1 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 2
Representative Richard Heath
District 2 (Running) Republican
Jesse Wright
District 2 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 3
Representative Gerald Watkins
District 3 (Running) Democratic
Joni Hogancamp
District 3 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 4
Representative Lynn Bechler
District 4 (Running) Republican
District 5
Representative Kenny Imes
District 5 (Running) Republican
David Ramey
District 5 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 6
Representative Will Coursey
District 6 (Running) Democratic
Paula Robinson
District 6 Challenger (Running) Republican
David Watson
District 6 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 7
Representative Suzanne Miles
District 7 (Running) Republican
Joy Gray
District 7 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 8
Representative Jeffery Taylor
District 8 (Running) Democratic
Walker Thomas
District 8 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 9
Representative Myron Dossett
District 9 (Running) Republican
District 10
Representative Dean Schamore
District 10 (Running) Democratic
Terry Shortt
District 10 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 11
Representative David Watkins
District 11 (Running) Democratic
Robert Mills
District 11 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 12
Representative Jim Gooch, Jr.
District 12 (Running) Democratic
James Townsend
District 12 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 13
Representative Jim Glenn, Jr.
District 13 (Running) Democratic
DeWayne Johnson
District 13 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 14
Representative Tommy Thompson
District 14 (Running) Democratic
Matt Castlen
District 14 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 15
Representative Brent Yonts
District 15 (Running) Democratic
Melinda Prunty
District 15 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 16
Representative MJ King
District 16 (Running) Democratic
Jason Petrie
District 16 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 17
Representative Jim DeCesare
District 17 (Running) Republican
District 18
Representative Tim Moore
District 18 (Running) Republican
District 19
Representative Michael Meredith
District 19 (Running) Republican
John Smith
District 19 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 20
Representative Jody Richards
District 20 (Running) Democratic
Melinda Hill
District 20 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 21
Representative Bart Rowland
District 21 (Running) Republican
District 22
Representative Wilson Stone
District 22 (Running) Democratic
District 23
Representative Johnny Bell
District 23 Democratic
Danny Basil
District 23 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Steve Riley
District 23 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 24
Representative Terry Mills
District 24 (Running) Democratic
William Reed
District 24 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 25
Representative Jim DuPlessis
District 25 (Running) Republican
Michael Dile
District 25 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 26
Representative Russell Webber
District 26 (Running) Republican
District 27
Representative Jeff Greer
District 27 (Running) Democratic
Rachelle Frazier
District 27 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 28
Representative Charles Miller
District 28 Democratic
Charles Miller
District 28 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Michael Payne
District 28 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 29
Representative Kevin Bratcher
District 29 (Running) Republican
District 30
Representative Thomas Burch
District 30 Democratic
Tom Burch
District 30 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Waymen Eddings
District 30 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 31
Representative Steven Riggs
District 31 (Running) Democratic
Sarah Provancher
District 31 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 32
Representative Phil Moffett
District 32 (Running) Republican
District 33
Representative Ron Crimm
District 33 (Lost) Republican
Mike Nemes
District 33 Challenger (Running) Republican
Robert Walker II
District 33 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 34
Representative Mary Marzian
District 34 (Running) Democratic
District 35
Representative Jim Wayne
District 35 (Running) Democratic
District 36
Representative Jerry Miller
District 36 (Running) Republican
District 37
Representative Jeff Donohue
District 37 (Running) Democratic
Mark Wilson
District 37 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 38
Representative Denver Butler
District 38 (Running) Democratic
McKenzie Cantrell
District 38 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 39
Representative Russ Meyer
District 39 (Running) Democratic
Robert Gullette
District 39 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 40
Representative Dennis Horlander
District 40 (Running) Democratic
George Demic
District 40 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 41
Representative Tom Riner
District 41 (Lost) Democratic
Attica Scott
District 41 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 42
Representative Reginald Meeks
District 42 (Running) Democratic
James Howland
District 42 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 43
Representative Darryl Owens
District 43 (Running) Democratic
John Owen
District 43 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 44
Representative Joni Jenkins
District 44 (Running) Democratic
District 45
Representative Stan Lee
District 45 (Running) Republican
Pam Sigler
District 45 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 46
Representative Larry Clark
District 46 Democratic
Eric Crump
District 46 Challenger (Running) Republican
Alan Gentry
District 46 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 47
Representative Rick Rand
District 47 (Running) Democratic
Shawn Mertz
District 47 Challenger (Removed) Republican
District 48
Representative Bob DeWeese
District 48 Republican
Ken Fleming
District 48 Challenger (Running) Republican
Maria Sorolis
District 48 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 49
Representative Linda Belcher
District 49 (Running) Democratic
Dan Johnson
District 49 Challenger (Running) Republican
Jennifer Stepp
District 49 Challenger (Removed) Republican
District 50
Representative David Floyd
District 50 Republican
James DeWeese
District 50 Challenger (Running) Democratic
D. McCoy
District 50 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 51
Representative John Carney
District 51 (Running) Republican
District 52
Representative Ken Upchurch
District 52 (Running) Republican
District 53
Representative James Tipton
District 53 (Running) Republican
James Sargent
District 53 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 54
Representative Daniel Elliott
District 54 (Running) Republican
Representative Mike Harmon
District 54 Republican
William Noelker
District 54 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 55
Representative Kim King
District 55 (Running) Republican
Tobie Brown
District 55 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 56
Representative James Kay
District 56 (Running) Democratic
Daniel Fister
District 56 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 57
Representative Derrick Graham
District 57 (Running) Democratic
District 58
Representative Brad Montell
District 58 Republican
Rob Rothenburger
District 58 Challenger (Running) Republican
Cyndi Skellie
District 58 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 59
Representative David Osborne
District 59 (Running) Republican
District 60
Representative Sal Santoro
District 60 (Running) Republican
District 61
Representative Brian Linder
District 61 (Running) Republican
Kevin Napier
District 61 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 62
Representative Ryan Quarles
District 62 Republican
Representative Chuck Tackett
District 62 (Running) Democratic
Phillip Pratt
District 62 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 63
Representative Diane St Onge
District 63 (Running) Republican
District 64
Representative Thomas Kerr
District 64 Republican
Lucas Deaton
District 64 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Kimberly Moser
District 64 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 65
Representative Arnold Simpson
District 65 (Running) Democratic
District 66
Representative Addia Wuchner
District 66 (Running) Republican
District 67
Representative Dennis Keene
District 67 (Running) Democratic
Matt Teaford
District 67 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 68
Representative Joseph Fischer
District 68 (Running) Republican
District 69
Representative Adam Koenig
District 69 (Running) Republican
District 70
Representative Mitchel Denham, Jr.
District 70 Democratic
John Sims, Jr.
District 70 Challenger (Running) Democratic
John VanMeter
District 70 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 71
Representative Jonathan Shell
District 71 (Running) Republican
District 72
Representative Sannie Overly
District 72 (Running) Democratic
Curtis Kenimer
District 72 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 73
Representative Donna Mayfield
District 73 (Running) Republican
John Hendricks
District 73 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 74
Representative David Hale
District 74 (Running) Republican
James Davis
District 74 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 75
Representative Kelly Flood
District 75 (Running) Democratic
Gary McCollum
District 75 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 76
Representative Ruth Palumbo
District 76 (Running) Democratic
District 77
Representative George Brown, Jr.
District 77 (Running) Democratic
District 78
Representative Thomas McKee
District 78 (Running) Democratic
Mark Hart
District 78 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 79
Representative Susan Westrom
District 79 (Running) Democratic
Kenneth Kearns II
District 79 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 80
Representative David Meade
District 80 (Running) Republican
District 81
Representative Rita Smart
District 81 (Running) Democratic
Clinton Morgan
District 81 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 82
Representative Regina Bunch
District 82 (Running) Republican
Bill Conn
District 82 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 83
Representative Jeff Hoover
District 83 (Running) Republican
District 84
Representative Fitz Steele
District 84 (Running) Democratic
Chris Fugate
District 84 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 85
Representative Tommy Turner
District 85 (Running) Republican
District 86
Representative Jim Stewart III
District 86 (Running) Republican
District 87
Representative Rick Nelson
District 87 (Running) Democratic
Chad Shannon
District 87 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 88
Representative Robert Benvenuti III
District 88 (Running) Republican
District 89
Representative Marie Rader
District 89 (Running) Republican
District 90
Representative Tim Couch
District 90 (Running) Republican
District 91
Representative Cluster Howard
District 91 (Running) Democratic
Toby Herald
District 91 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 92
Representative John Short
District 92 (Running) Democratic
John Blanton
District 92 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 93
Representative Chris Harris
District 93 (Running) Democratic
Norma Kirk-McCormick
District 93 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 94
Representative Leslie Combs
District 94 Democratic
Angie Hatton
District 94 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Frank Justice
District 94 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 95
Representative Gregory Stumbo
District 95 (Running) Democratic
Larry Brown
District 95 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 96
Representative Jill York
District 96 (Running) Republican
Josh McGuire
District 96 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 97
Representative Hubert Collins
District 97 (Running) Democratic
Scott Wells
District 97 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 98
Representative Lewis Nicholls
District 98 (Running) Democratic
Representative Tanya Pullin
District 98 Democratic
Danny Bentley
District 98 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 99
Representative Rocky Adkins
District 99 (Running) Democratic
Wynetta Fletcher
District 99 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 100
Representative Kevin Sinnette
District 100 (Running) Democratic
Eric Chaney
District 100 Challenger (Running) Republican

State Senate

District 1
Senator Stanley Humphries
District 1 (Running) Republican
District 2
Senator Danny Carroll
District 2 Republican
District 3
Senator Whitney Westerfield
District 3 (Running) Republican
District 4
Senator J. Dorsey Ridley
District 4 Democratic
District 5
Senator Carroll Gibson
District 5 Republican
Stephen Meredith
District 5 Challenger (Running) Republican
Leslie Stith
District 5 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 6
Senator C.B. Embry, Jr.
District 6 Republican
District 7
Senator Julian Carroll
District 7 (Running) Democratic
District 8
Senator Joe Bowen
District 8 Republican
District 9
Senator David Givens
District 9 (Running) Republican
District 10
Senator Dennis Parrett
District 10 Democratic
District 11
Senator John Schickel
District 11 (Running) Republican
Leah King
District 11 Challenger (Removed) Independence
District 12
Senator Alice Kerr
District 12 Republican
District 13
Senator Reggie Thomas
District 13 (Running) Democratic
District 14
Senator Jimmy Higdon
District 14 Republican
District 15
Senator Chris Girdler
District 15 Republican
Rick Girdler
District 15 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 16
Senator Max Wise
District 16 Republican
District 17
Senator Damon Thayer
District 17 (Running) Republican
Charles Hoffman
District 17 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 18
Senator Robin Webb
District 18 Democratic
District 19
Senator Morgan McGarvey
District 19 (Running) Democratic
Larry West
District 19 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 20
Senator Paul Hornback
District 20 Republican
District 21
Senator Albert Robinson
District 21 (Running) Republican
Janice Odom
District 21 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 22
Senator Tom Buford
District 22 Republican
District 23
Senator Christian McDaniel
District 23 (Running) Republican
District 24
Senator Wil Schroder
District 24 Republican
District 25
Senator Robert Stivers II
District 25 (Running) Republican
District 26
Senator Ernie Harris, Jr.
District 26 Republican
District 27
Senator Steve West
District 27 (Running) Republican
Charles Linville, Jr.
District 27 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 28
Senator Ralph Alvarado
District 28 Republican
District 29
Senator Johnny Turner
District 29 (Running) Democratic
District 30
Senator Brandon Smith
District 30 Republican
District 31
Senator Ray Jones II
District 31 (Running) Democratic
District 32
Senator Mike Wilson
District 32 Republican
District 33
Senator Gerald Neal
District 33 (Running) Democratic
Shenita Rickman
District 33 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 34
Senator Jared Carpenter
District 34 Republican
District 35
Senator Denise Harper Angel
District 35 Democratic
Denise Angel
District 35 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 36
Senator Julie Adams
District 36 Republican
District 37
Senator Perry Clark
District 37 (Running) Democratic
District 38
Senator Dan Seum
District 38 Republican


Attorney General

Secretary of State

Auditor of Public Accounts

Commissioner of Education

Commissioner of Revenue




Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

District 2
Chief Justice John Minton, Jr.
District 2 Non-partisan

Justice of the Supreme Court

District 1
Justice Bill Cunningham
District 1 Non-partisan
District 3
Justice Daniel Venters
District 3 Non-partisan
District 4
Justice Lisabeth Hughes
District 4 Non-partisan
District 5
Glenn Acree
District 5 Challenger (Running) No Party Affiliation
Larry VanMeter
District 5 Challenger (Running) No Party Affiliation
District 6
Justice Michelle Keller
District 6 Non-partisan
District 7
Justice Sam Wright
District 7 Non-partisan

State Facts

  • Type: Commonwealth
  • Nickname: The Bluegrass State
  • Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  • Area: 40,395 sq mi
  • Population: 4,380,415 (2012 est.)
  • Capital: Frankfort
  • Statehood: June 1, 1792 (15th state)
  • Highest Point: Black Mt., 4,145 ft
  • Lowest Point: Mississippi R., 257 ft
  • Bird: Cardinal
  • Flower: Goldenrod
  • Electoral Votes: 8
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