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4/08/14 VA Hosts Senior International Forum and Ministerial Summit on Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki 4/04/14 VA Hosts Forum on Veterans' Legal Needs Eric Shinseki 4/01/14 Disability Claims Backlog Reduced by 44 Percent Since Peaking One Year Ago Eric Shinseki 4/01/14 VA Kicks Off Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic Eric Shinseki 3/30/14 2014 Winter Sports Clinic Opening Ceremony Eric Shinseki 3/29/14 2014 Winter Sports Clinic Sponsors Dinner Eric Shinseki 3/25/14 Remarks by President Obama, His Majesty King Philippe, and Prime Minister di Rupo of Belgium at Flanders Field Cemetery Pres. Barack Obama 3/21/14 25th Anniversary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki 3/20/14 Statement by US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez on Veterans' Employment Thomas Perez 3/19/14 VA Makes Specially Adaptive Housing Grant Eligibility Automatic for Veterans and Servicemembers Living with AL Eric Shinseki 3/18/14 Remarks By Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, American Association of People With Disabilities Thomas Perez 3/12/14 Hearing of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee - The Fiscal Year 2015 Budget for Veterans' Programs Eric Shinseki 3/04/14 Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Eric Shinseki 2/25/14 VA Initiative Shows Early Promise in Reducing Use of Opioids for Chronic Pain Eric Shinseki 2/20/14 VA Announces Rollout of Secure Veteran Health Identification Cards Eric Shinseki 2/19/14 VA Partners with Kaiser Permanente Eric Shinseki 2/11/14 National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs Winter Conference Eric Shinseki 2/11/14 Remarks by President Obama and President Hollande of France at Arrival Ceremony Pres. Barack Obama 2/10/14 A National Symposium: Veterans' Employment in Construction Thomas Perez 2/10/14 Blog: Doing the Right Thing: A Commitment to Veterans by the Construction Industry Thomas Perez 2/10/14 Construction Industry Pledges to Hire More Than 100,000 Veterans in Announcement With Joining Forces and US Labor Department Thomas Perez 2/08/14 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Joins Federal, State Officials for Opening of New Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Anthony Foxx 2/03/14 $900,000 in Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Grants Announced by US Labor Department Thomas Perez 1/29/14 Automation Speeds Benefits Processing for Post-9/11 GI Bill Students Eric Shinseki 1/28/14 President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address Pres. Barack Obama 1/23/14 VA Purchases Land for a New National Cemetery in Colorado Eric Shinseki 1/23/14 Attorney General Eric Holder Delivers Remarks at the Roanoke Veterans Treatment Court Program Eric Holder 1/14/14 - New Spending Bill Would Restore Great Lakes Cleanup Money Pres. Barack Obama 1/14/14 VA Offers $600 Million in Funding to Support Services for Homeless Veteran Families Eric Shinseki 1/08/14 Remarks by Secretary Hagel at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas Charles Hagel 1/07/14 Secretary of State John Kerry Hosts the Unaccompanied Tour Families Holiday Reception John Kerry 12/16/13 VA to Expand Benefits for Traumatic Brain Injury Eric Shinseki 12/02/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki at National Association of Drug Court Professionals 1st Annual Veterans Treatment Court Conference Eric Shinseki 11/27/13 Message from the Secretary - Thanksgiving 2013 Eric Shinseki 11/21/13 Statement from Secretary Shinseki on the Disabilities Treaty Eric Shinseki 11/18/13 Sec. Hagel Spotlights U.S. Military Readiness Crisis Charles Hagel 11/15/13 VA Offers Dental Insurance Program Eric Shinseki 11/13/13 Remarks at a Department of State Event in Honor of Veterans Day John Kerry 11/13/13 Remarks by the President at Tribal Nations Conference Pres. Barack Obama 11/13/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki at the Tribal Nationals Conference Eric Shinseki 11/11/13 Statement from U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on Veterans Day Penny Pritzker 11/11/13 Honoring Veterans by Hiring Veterans Thomas Perez 11/11/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki on Veterans Day Eric Shinseki 11/11/13 Veterans Day Message John Kerry 11/09/13 Weekly Address: Honoring America's Veterans Pres. Barack Obama 11/08/13 Honoring Our Veterans Kathleen Sebelius 11/08/13 Remarks by the President on Veterans Day Pres. Barack Obama 11/08/13 Statement by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Veterans Day Arne Duncan 11/08/13 One Million Now Benefit from Post-9/11 GI Bill Eric Shinseki 11/07/13 Backlog of Disability Claims Reduced by 34 Percent since March Eric Shinseki 11/06/13 Remarks of Secretary Shaun Donovan at the National Alliance to End Homelessness' "Never Another Homeless Veteran" Awards Ceremony and Benefit Reception Shaun Donovan 10/31/13 Remarks at Veterans Innovation Partnership Announcement John Kerry 10/19/13 Statement from VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki on the Passing of Chairman Bill Young Eric Shinseki 10/17/13 VA Resuming Normal Operations as Government Shutdown Ends Eric Shinseki 10/09/13 Effect of Government Shutdown on VA Benefits and Services to Veterans For Presentation Before the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs Eric Shinseki 9/27/13 HUD & VA Announce More Vouchers to Help Homeless Vets Get Into Permanent Homes Eric Shinseki 9/27/13 HUD & VA Announce More Vouchers to Help Homeless Vets Get Into Permanent Homes Shaun Donovan 9/21/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - National Guard Association of the United States Eric Shinseki 9/20/13 VA Convenes Commission to Identify Candidates for the Under Secretary for Health Position Eric Shinseki 9/19/13 HHS Awards $2.8 Million to Transition Veterans' Skills into Nursing Careers Kathleen Sebelius 9/19/13 VA Announces Award of Patient-Centered Community Care Contracts Eric Shinseki 9/05/13 VA Focuses National Attention on Suicide Prevention Month 2013 Eric Shinseki 9/05/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - Mental Health Summit: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Veterans and Family Members Eric Shinseki 9/04/13 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives - Extending Veterans Benefits to Same Sex Married Couples Eric Holder 9/03/13 Message from Secretary Hagel on Suicide Prevention Month Charles Hagel 8/28/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - The American Legion's 95th Annual Convention Eric Shinseki 8/27/13 US Labor Department Announces Final Rules to Improve Employment of Veterans, People with Disabilities Thomas Perez 8/27/13 Work in Progress - Promoting Opportunity for Veterans and Workers With Disabilities Thomas Perez 8/21/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - Dedication Ceremony Mann-Grandstaff VAMC [formerly Spokane VAMC] Eric Shinseki 8/21/13 HUD and VA Announce More Vouchers to Help Homeless Vets Get Into Permanent Homes Eric Shinseki 8/21/13 HUD and VA Announce More Vouchers to Help Homeless Vets Get Into Permanent Homes Shaun Donovan 8/21/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - 2013 Blinded Veterans of America Annual Convention Eric Shinseki 8/21/13 William and Mary Law School's Puller Clinic Joins Fully Developed Claims Community of Practice Eric Shinseki 8/16/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - 2013 Vietnam Veterans of America Convention Eric Shinseki 8/13/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - 2013 Paralyzed Veterans of America Annual Convention, Long Beach, CA Eric Shinseki 8/12/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - American Correctional Association's "Congress of Correction" Eric Shinseki 8/12/13 Remarks at the Arcangeles Wounded Warrior Program John Kerry 8/12/13 President Obama Applauds Community Colleges' and Universities' Efforts to Implement 8 Keys to Veterans' Success Eric Shinseki 8/12/13 President Obama Applauds Community Colleges' and Universities' Efforts to Implement 8 Keys to Veterans' Success Arne Duncan 8/10/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - Disabled American Veterans 92nd National Convention Eric Shinseki 8/10/13 Remarks by The First Lady and The President at Disabled American Veterans Convention Pres. Barack Obama 8/09/13 VA Partners with American Bar Association and Legal Services Corporation to Launch a Pilot Program to Help Veterans Receive Decisions Faster and Reduce Claims Backlog Eric Shinseki 8/08/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - National Veterans Small Business Training Symposium and Exhibition Eric Shinseki 8/06/13 VA Hosts National Veterans Small Business Conference in St. Louis Eric Shinseki 8/06/13 VA Reaches Out to Veterans about the Health Care Law Eric Shinseki 8/05/13 Department of Labor Awards More Than $5 Million in Job Training Grants to Help 1,900 Women Veterans, Veterans with Families Thomas Perez 7/29/13 Post-9/11 GI Bill Celebrates Fourth Anniversary Eric Shinseki 7/27/13 Korean War Armistice 60th Anniversary Charles Hagel 7/27/13 Remarks by the President at 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice Pres. Barack Obama 7/27/13 Remarks by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki - Korean War 60th Anniversary Eric Shinseki 7/23/13 Spreading the Message that it's Okay to Talk About Mental Health Kathleen Sebelius 7/22/13 Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention Charles Hagel 7/22/13 VA Health Care Facilities Named to 2013 "Most Wired" Hospitals List Eric Shinseki 7/18/13 VA Has Converted Over 30 Percent of Disability Claims into Digital Files Eric Shinseki 7/13/13 VA Announces $300 Million in New Grants to Help End Veterans' Homelessness Eric Shinseki 7/10/13 VA Grants Will Expand Transportation in Highly Rural Areas for Veterans Eric Shinseki 7/03/13 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Announces Almost $1 Million to Train Veterans, Military Families for Jobs in Transportation Industry Anthony Foxx 7/02/13 VA Acquires More Than 247 Acres to Continue Memorial Benefits for Veterans Eric Shinseki 6/24/13 VA Starts Campaign to Raise PTSD Awareness Eric Shinseki 6/20/13 VA Processes Nearly All Disability Claims Pending Over 2 Years, Moves to Complete Those Older Than 1 Year Eric Shinseki