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7/11/16 Governor Mead Appoints Eugene M. Gagliano of Buffalo as Poet Laureate Gov. Matt Mead 7/08/16 We Must Support Law Enforcement Now More Than Ever Gov. Matt Mead 7/06/16 Governor Mead Continues Funding for Veteran Tuition Program Gov. Matt Mead 6/30/16 Disaster Assistance Available for Campbell, Converse, Crook, Niobrara and Weston Counties Gov. Matt Mead 6/22/16 Governor Mead Hails Fracking Decision Gov. Matt Mead 6/14/16 Governor Bullock Named Chairman of the Western Governors' Association Gov. Matt Mead 6/13/16 Governor Mead and Secretary Jewell Announce Progress on Land Sale Gov. Matt Mead 6/10/16 Western Governors to Meet in Jackson Gov. Matt Mead 6/02/16 Governor Mead: Wyoming Will be Strongly Represented at National Convention Gov. Matt Mead 4/08/16 Forest Biomass Conference Examines Program for Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead 4/07/16 Update on State Response to Energy-Related Layoffs Gov. Matt Mead 3/28/16 Governor Mead Visits Troops in Afghanistan Gov. Matt Mead 3/14/16 Governor Mead Announces Updated Energy Strategy Gov. Matt Mead 3/03/16 Governor Mead Pleased U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Moving Forward with Proposed Rule to Delist Grizzly Bears Gov. Matt Mead 2/19/16 Governor Mead's Statement on Medicaid Expansion Budget Amendment Gov. Matt Mead 2/18/16 Governor Mead Asks Legislature to Reconsider Medicaid Expansion Gov. Matt Mead 2/09/16 Governor Mead Applauds Supreme Court's Decision to Stay the Clean Power Plan Gov. Matt Mead 1/20/16 Governor Mead Announces Agreement on Bighorn-Domestic Sheep Management Plan Gov. Matt Mead 1/15/16 Governor Mead Responds to Moratorium on Federal Coal Leasing Gov. Matt Mead 1/12/16 Wyoming State Employees Receive Active Shooter Training Gov. Matt Mead 1/11/16 Statement from Governor's Office on Arch Coal Bankruptcy Gov. Matt Mead 1/11/16 Suicide Prevention Training Available for State Employees Gov. Matt Mead 12/21/15 Wyoming Petitions EPA to Reconsider Final Clean Power Plan Rule Gov. Matt Mead 12/09/15 Governor Mead Receives 2015 Sheldon Coleman Great Outdoors Award Gov. Matt Mead 12/02/15 Governor Mead Releases Proposed Budget Gov. Matt Mead 11/20/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Refugee Resettlements Gov. Matt Mead 11/17/15 Governor Mead Says No Refugees Under Flawed System Gov. Matt Mead 10/26/15 Governor Mead Reacts to Consensus Revenue Estimating Group Report Gov. Matt Mead 10/23/15 Governor Mead Seizes Opportunity to Challenge Clean Power Plan Final Rule Gov. Matt Mead 10/09/15 Governor Mead Announces Dry Fork Station as Location for Integrated Test Center Gov. Matt Mead 10/05/15 Wyoming's First Job Corps Center Opens its Doors, Welcomes Students, US Labor Secretary Perez, Sen. Enzi, Gov. Mead and Other Dignitaries Gov. Matt Mead 9/30/15 Governor Mead Pleased with Judge's Decision Blocking BLM's Fracking Rule Gov. Matt Mead 9/28/15 Governor Mead Travels to Washington, D.C. to Discuss Natural Resources with Congress Gov. Matt Mead 9/22/15 Governor Mead Praises Sage Grouse Decision Gov. Matt Mead 9/17/15 Governor Mead Announces Energy Strategy Meeting Gov. Matt Mead 9/13/15 Governor Mead: Wyoming Ranked #2 for Entrepreneurial Startups Gov. Matt Mead 9/08/15 Governor Mead Announces Agreement Protecting Wyoming in Alpha Bankruptcy Gov. Matt Mead 8/27/15 Governor Mead Pleased with Judge's Decision to Block WOTUS Rule Gov. Matt Mead 8/26/15 Governor Mead Launches Endangered Species Act Initiative Gov. Matt Mead 8/20/15 Governor Mead Authorizes Aerial Firefighting Assistance for Washington Gov. Matt Mead 8/14/15 Governor Mead: Federal Clean Power Plan Flawed and Unworkable Gov. Matt Mead 8/11/15 Governor Mead Secures Additional Emergency Housing Resources for Flood Survivors Gov. Matt Mead 8/03/15 Governor Mead Releases Statement on Clean Power Plan Gov. Matt Mead 7/30/15 Governor Mead Finalizes Consistency Review of BLM and Forest Service Plans Gov. Matt Mead 7/28/15 Governor's Marijuana Impact Assessment Council Announces First Meeting Gov. Matt Mead 7/27/15 Governor Mead Announces Public Meetings to Discuss Updated Energy Strategy Gov. Matt Mead 7/09/15 Governor Mead Names Rose Hill of Sheridan as New Poet Laureate Gov. Matt Mead 7/08/15 Governor Mead's Request for Individual Assistance for Niobrara and Johnson Counties Receives President's Approval Gov. Matt Mead 6/26/15 Governor Mead Named Chairman of Western Governors' Association Gov. Matt Mead 6/25/15 Governor Matt Mead's Statement on King vs. Burwell Decision Gov. Matt Mead 6/19/15 Wyoming Files Appeal in Wild Horse Case Gov. Matt Mead 6/05/15 Governor Appoints New Justice to the Wyoming Supreme Court Gov. Matt Mead 6/05/15 Governor Mead Signs Declaration of Emergency in Response to Flooding Across Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead 6/03/15 Governor Mead Announces Events to Celebrate 125th Anniversary of Statehood Gov. Matt Mead 5/26/15 Governor Mead Reacts to Process Behind EPA's Waters of the United States Rule Gov. Matt Mead 5/11/15 Wyoming Grown Program Seeks to Recruit Wyomingites Back to the State Gov. Matt Mead 5/06/15 Governor Mead Shows His Support for the Shoshone Forest Plan Gov. Matt Mead 3/06/15 Renovation First, Then Decor Gov. Matt Mead 3/06/15 Senate File 12 Myth Buster - Trespassing to Collect Data Gov. Matt Mead 3/05/15 Governor Mead Pleased with Wild Horse Decision Gov. Matt Mead 2/28/15 Governor Mead Signs Legislation Giving Wyoming Authority Over Uranium Permitting Gov. Matt Mead 2/27/15 Governor Mead Signs First In The Nation Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Gov. Matt Mead 2/25/15 Bush to Lead Governor's Communications Team Gov. Matt Mead 2/24/15 Governor Appoints Robin Cooley and Martin Hardsocg to State Board of Equalization Gov. Matt Mead 2/20/15 Governor Mead Chairs NGA Discussion with EPA live on C-Span Sunday Gov. Matt Mead 2/18/15 Governor's Response to Facebook Post Gov. Matt Mead 2/17/15 Governor Mead Announces Additional $200 Million Microsoft Expansion Gov. Matt Mead 2/12/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Sign Keystone XL Pipeline into Law Gov. Matt Mead 2/12/15 Wyoming First to Train all DFS Staff in Suicide Prevention Training Gov. Matt Mead 2/06/15 Governor Mead's Statement Regarding Action by the Legislature on Medicaid Expansion Gov. Matt Mead 2/03/15 Wyoming Intervenes in Lawsuit that Threatens Coal Leasing Gov. Matt Mead 1/29/15 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and Mich McConnell, Senate Majority Leader - Provide States with Greater Flexibility, Control and Authority Gov. Matt Mead 1/16/15 Governor Appoints Doug Miyamoto as Director of Wyoming Department of Agriculture Gov. Matt Mead 1/15/15 Governor's Water Strategy Protects Wyoming's Water for Generations to Come Gov. Matt Mead 1/14/15 State of the State Address Gov. Matt Mead 1/12/15 Governor Supports Task Force Recommendations for Wyoming Forests Gov. Matt Mead 1/06/15 Ten States Support Wyoming in its Boundary Case Against the EPA Gov. Matt Mead 1/05/15 Inaugural Address Gov. Matt Mead 1/02/15 Governor Mead Responds to Partial Withdrawal of Water Rule Gov. Matt Mead 1/02/15 Governor Appoints Tom Glause New Department of Insurance Commissioner Gov. Matt Mead 12/29/14 Governor Mead Continues to Defend Wyoming Regional Haze Plan Gov. Matt Mead 12/29/14 Wyoming Intervenes in BLM Grazing Case Gov. Matt Mead 12/08/14 Wyoming Files Suit to Force BLM to Manage Wild Horses Gov. Matt Mead 12/04/14 Wyoming Files Petition to Participate in the Oregon Coal Port Hearings Gov. Matt Mead 12/03/14 Wyoming Leads in Data Center Recruiting Three Years in a Row Gov. Matt Mead 12/01/14 Governor Proposes Supplemental Budget for 2015-2016 Gov. Matt Mead 11/10/14 Governor Honors Veterans at the Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery Gov. Matt Mead 11/03/14 Best State in America: Wyoming, for Tax Purposes Gov. Matt Mead 10/21/14 Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Wyoming Plan to Control SO2 Gov. Matt Mead 10/17/14 The Federal District Court Issues a Preliminary Injunction Allowing Same Sex Couples to Marry in Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead 10/15/14 Secretary Jewell Commends Wyoming Ranchers for Commitment to Conserving Sagebrush Habitat Gov. Matt Mead 10/10/14 Governor and Interior Secretary Jewell Applaud Ranchers for Sage Grouse Conservation Gov. Matt Mead 10/10/14 Governor Announces Smart Phone App to Combat Drunk Driving Gov. Matt Mead 10/07/14 Wyoming to 10th Circuit: EPA's Reservation Boundary Decision was Wrong Gov. Matt Mead 9/30/14 Governor Mead is Disappointed Wyoming's Wolf Management Case is Remanded Back to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gov. Matt Mead 9/29/14 Governor Mead Appreciates Judge Jackson's Swift Response to Wyoming's Emergency Rule on Gray Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/24/14 Governor Mead Signs and Files Emergency Rule for Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/23/14 Governor Mead Responds to District Judge Ruling on Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/17/14 Technology Creates Access to New Online Resources for Schools and Public Gov. Matt Mead 9/11/14 Wyoming Workplace Safety Improves in 2013 Gov. Matt Mead

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