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6/24/14 Ribble Introduces Bill to Incentivize Congress to Complete Its Work on Time Rep. Reid Ribble 5/01/14 Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2015 Rep. Sean Duffy 4/20/14 Water Resources Reform and Development Act Rep. Paul Ryan 3/19/14 Johnson Responds to Government's Motion to Dismiss His Lawsuit Sen. Ron Johnson 1/06/14 Wall Street Journal - I'm Suing Over ObamaCare Exemptions for Congress Sen. Ron Johnson 11/21/13 Sen. Harry Reid Breaks the Rules to Change the Rules Sen. Ron Johnson 10/03/13 Contract From America Sen. Ron Johnson 8/06/13 Enzi, Barrasso Defend Legislative Prayer Sen. Ron Johnson 8/01/13 Ribble Introduces Legislation Banning Members of Congress from Receiving Health Care Benefits for Life Rep. Reid Ribble 6/24/13 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader - Immigration Bill Sen. Ron Johnson 5/20/13 No Labels Rep. Reid Ribble 4/17/13 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives - Appoint Budget Conferees Rep. Gwendolynne Moore 4/17/13 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives - Appoint Budget Conferees Rep. Mark Pocan 2/15/13 Congressional CPA and Accountants Caucus Organized for 113th Congress Sen. Ron Johnson 1/23/13 No Budget No Pay Passes House Rep. Reid Ribble 1/22/13 Huffington Post - Tammy Baldwin Backs Filibuster Reform Sen. Tammy Baldwin 1/16/13 Petri Named Highways and Transit Subcommittee Chairman for 113th Congress Rep. Thomas Petri 1/03/13 Rep. Ron Kind on 113th Congress Rep. Ronald Kind 9/28/12 ALEC Report Exposes Efforts for Corporate-Sponsored Legislation Out of Public Eye Rep. Mark Pocan 9/21/12 Ribble: Congress Should Be Working, Not Vacationing Rep. Reid Ribble 9/20/12 The Do-Nothing Congress Rep. Ronald Kind 9/20/12 Petri: Include Congressional Pay in Automatic Cuts Rep. Thomas Petri 9/20/12 Senate Leadership Sen. Ron Johnson 9/10/12 Johnson to Majority Leader Reid: Focus on the People's Business Sen. Ron Johnson 9/06/12 We Will Fix the Mess in Washington Rep. Paul Ryan 6/28/12 Ribble Votes to Hold Attorney General in Contempt of Congress Rep. Reid Ribble 6/22/12 MSNBC - "Daily Rundown" - Transcript Rep. Reid Ribble 6/11/12 Christian Science Monitor - The Fix Congress Now Caucus Rep. Reid Ribble 5/16/12 Schrader, Rigell, Ribble, Cooper Launch Bipartisan Fix Congress Now Caucus Rep. Reid Ribble 5/04/12 Politico - Do-Gooders Embrace Lonely Mission Rep. Reid Ribble 4/26/12 Ribble Bill Ready for Floor Action Rep. Reid Ribble 2/21/12 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Ribble Op-Ed: "For Congress, it Should be: No Budget, No Pay" Rep. Reid Ribble 2/09/12 Rep. Duffy: A Strengthened STOCK Act Can Help Prevent Congressional Insider Rep. Sean Duffy 2/09/12 Kind Votes for Increased Government Transparency Rep. Ronald Kind 2/09/12 Ryan Statement on STOCK Act Rep. Paul Ryan 2/08/12 Chairman Ryan Praises Passage of Bipartisan Bill to Control Wasteful Spending Rep. Paul Ryan 2/08/12 Expedited Legislative Line-Item Veto and Rescissions Act OF 2012 Rep. Reid Ribble 2/07/12 Ribble Introduces Term Limits Bill Rep. Reid Ribble 2/02/12 Kind Votes to Freeze Member Pay Rep. Ronald Kind 2/01/12 House Votes To Pass Rep. Duffy's Pay Freeze For Members of Congress And Federal Employees Rep. Sean Duffy 2/01/12 To Extend the Pay Limitation for Members of Congress and Federal Employees Rep. Sean Duffy 1/16/12 Politico - How to Reform a Failing Congress Rep. Reid Ribble 12/15/11 Ayotte, Rubio, Johnson Introduce Pro-Growth Budgeting Act Sen. Ron Johnson 12/13/11 Petri Wants Reforms to Make Congress Work Rep. Thomas Petri 11/16/11 The Daily Caller - Wisconsin Freshman Senator: We Need More "Citizen Legislators' Sen. Ron Johnson 10/24/11 Washington Post - Why the Senate Needs to Return to Requiring Supermajorities Sen. Ron Johnson 10/24/11 The Washington Post - Why the Senate Needs to Return to Requiring Supermajorities Sen. Ron Johnson 10/06/11 Johnson Comments on Senate Rule Change Sen. Ron Johnson 7/28/11 Kind Calls for Halting Member Pay during Default Rep. Ronald Kind 5/13/11 Statement on Senator Kohl's Retirement Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 5/18/10 Financial Net Worth Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 3/04/10 Commerce, Justice, Science, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 Rep. Ronald Kind 10/21/09 Jack Kemp's Legacy And The Challenge To The Next Generation Rep. Paul Ryan 9/24/09 Petri Says Congress, Public Should Have Time To Read Legislation Before Voting Rep. Thomas Petri 8/26/09 Sensenbrenner Statement On The Passing Of Senator Ted Kennedy Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 8/18/09 An Open Letter From Paul Ryan Rep. Paul Ryan 7/08/09 New Dems Applaud Passage Of Small Business Research And Innovation Act Rep. Ronald Kind 6/09/09 Ralph Regula Federal Building And United States Courthouse Rep. Thomas Petri 5/12/09 Financial Net Worth Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 5/03/09 Ryan Statement in Honor of Jack Kemp Rep. Paul Ryan 3/04/09 Feingold, McCain, Ryan Introduce Line-Item Veto to Curb Wasteful Spending Rep. Paul Ryan 2/11/09 Sensenbrenner Joins Call for the Direct Election of U.S. Senators Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 11/07/08 Fox News Channel "The O'Reilly Factor" - Transcript Rep. Paul Ryan 11/06/08 Ryan Statement on Role in House Leadership Rep. Paul Ryan 11/06/08 Ryan Statement on Role in House Leadership Rep. Paul Ryan 7/25/08 Baldwin Statement on Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations Sen. Tammy Baldwin 11/06/07 Kind Votes to Override Bush Veto of Water Resources Development Act Rep. Ronald Kind 10/18/07 Congresswoman Gwen Moore Responds to Vote to Override the President's Veto of SCHIP Rep. Gwendolynne Moore 7/13/07 Sensenbrenner is a ‘Taxpayer Hero' for 2006 Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 6/15/07 Ryan Welcomes Progress Toward Restoring Earmark Accountability Rep. Paul Ryan 6/12/07 Ryan Objects to House Leaders' Broken Promises on Earmark Reform Rep. Paul Ryan 9/15/06 "Show me the Money" Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 6/22/06 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 4890, Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006 Rep. Ronald Kind 6/22/06 Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006 Rep. Thomas Petri 5/17/06 Codification of Title 41, United States Code, Public Contracts Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 5/03/06 House Passes Lobbying Accountability Bill Containing Earmark Reform Rep. Paul Ryan 1/18/06 Sensenbrenner Supports Shadegg for House Majority Leader Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 1/17/06 Restoring Honest Leadership and Open Government Rep. Ronald Kind 9/28/05 Rules of the House Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 9/28/05 Sensenbrenner Statement on Delay Indictment Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 7/28/05 Continuity of Congress Ensured With Passage of Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 3/04/05 Bipartisan House Overwhelmingly Approves Sensenbrenner Continuity in Government Legislation Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 11/20/04 General Leave H.R. 2655 Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 11/17/04 Correcting Enrollment of H.R. 1417 Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 11/17/04 General Leave S. 2042 Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 10/05/04 Exchange of Special Order Time Sen. Tammy Baldwin 9/28/04 Title 46 Codification Act of 2004 Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 9/15/04 Recognizing the Accomplishments and Service of Ann Jemison Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 7/12/04 The Journal Rep. Thomas Petri 6/23/04 Faith-based Community Solutions Caucus Launched, Ryan Joins New Bipartisan Group Rep. Paul Ryan 6/02/04 Constitutional Amendment Regarding Appointment of Individuals to fill Vacancies in House of Representatives Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 5/20/04 Expressing the Gratitude of the House of Representatives to its Parliamentarian, The Honorable Charles W. Johnson Rep. Thomas Petri 5/14/04 Financial Dislosure Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 4/22/04 Continuity in Representation Act of 2004 Rep. Frank Sensenbrenner 1/01/12 Issue Position: Deficit Reduction Rep. Ronald Kind 1/01/12 Issue Position: Transparency & Accessibility Rep. Sean Duffy 1/01/11 Issue Position: Other Issues - Government Integrity Sen. Tammy Baldwin Issue Position: Ethics Reform Rep. Ronald Kind