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5/15/14 Governor Inslee Asks for Disaster Declaration Following Gas Explosion in North Bend Sen. Mark Mullet 5/15/14 Governor Inslee Asks for Disaster Declaration Following Gas Explosion in North Bend Rep. Jay Rodne 4/29/14 Gov. Inslee Announces Executive Action to Reduce Carbon Pollution and Promote Clean Energy Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon 1/01/14 Statement Rep. Joyce McDonald 10/03/13 Contract from America Rep. John Koster 10/03/13 ObamaCare Repeal Pledge Rep. John Koster 10/03/13 ObamaCare Repeal Pledge Rep. Richard Muri 10/03/13 Contract from America Rep. Jesse Young 5/14/13 From Coding to Creating Cool Apps: Governor Inslee Signs Bill to Promote Computer Science in Schools Rep. Drew Hansen 10/08/12 Baumgartner Discusses One Cent "Veterans Care Gas Tax" Proposal After Visit to JBLM Sen. Michael Baumgartner 9/26/12 Senator Baumgartner Promotes Energy Security with Comprehensive Strategy Sen. Michael Baumgartner 8/23/12 Baumgartner Renews Call for End to Afghan War as US Death Total Hits 2,000 Sen. Michael Baumgartner 8/20/12 Baumgartner Speaks Against Todd Akins' Remarks Sen. Michael Baumgartner 8/12/12 Senator Baumgartner comments on House vote to repeal Obamacare Sen. Michael Baumgartner 8/08/12 Koster Statement Regarding Primary Election Rep. John Koster 7/31/12 Seattle Times - New Republican Voices Changing the Party's Standard Rhetoric on War Sen. Michael Baumgartner 7/24/12 Senator Baumgartner urges passage of "Audit the Fed," HR 459 Sen. Michael Baumgartner 7/06/12 Senator Baumgartner Comments on June Jobs Report Sen. Michael Baumgartner 6/28/12 "This is Not the Way:" Senator Baumgartner Responds to SCOTUS Ruling Sen. Michael Baumgartner 3/23/12 Governor Gregoire Signs Washington State Health Benefit Exchange Bill into Law Sen. Karen Keiser 1/01/12 Let Freedom Ring USA: Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge Rep. Jesse Young 8/10/11 Americans for Prosperity: No Climate Tax Rep. John Koster 4/20/11 Letter to Donald Hover, Chairman, Salmon Recovery Funding Board Sen. Dean Takko 4/20/11 Letter to Donald Hover, Chairman, Salmon Recovery Funding Board Rep. Brian Blake 10/18/10 Boeing Announces Employees Must Pay More Due To Sen. Murray's Health Care Bill Sen. Dino Rossi 10/12/10 Larsen Attacks Koster to Hide His Own Record of Shipping Jobs Overseas Rep. John Koster 10/11/10 Health Care Bill Hurts Small Businesses Sen. Dino Rossi 10/11/10 Rossi, Small Business Owners Discuss Harmful Effect Of Sen. Murray's Health Care Bill Sen. Dino Rossi 10/06/10 Sen. Murray's Flip Flop On Sales Tax Deductibility Sen. Dino Rossi 10/05/10 If Sen. Murray Won't Listen To Washingtonians, Will She Listen To Bernanke? Sen. Dino Rossi 10/05/10 Sen. Murray Refuses To Kill The Death Tax Sen. Dino Rossi 10/04/10 Murray's Vote Costs Washington Families $1500 Sen. Dino Rossi 10/01/10 Sen. Murray's Bailouts Could Cost Taxpayers Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Sen. Dino Rossi 10/01/10 Murray's Deadline Passes And Still No Plan To Resolve Tariff Dispute Sen. Dino Rossi 9/30/10 Rossi Statement Marking Two Years Of Big Bank Bailouts Sen. Dino Rossi 9/29/10 Bailouts: Murray Rubberstamps Bailouts To Big Bank Execs Sen. Dino Rossi 9/29/10 If You Like Your Health Care, You Can't Keep It Sen. Dino Rossi 9/29/10 Sen. Murray Votes For Largest Tax Hike In U.S. History Sen. Dino Rossi 9/28/10 Bailouts: Murray Tried To Give Taxpayer Money To Auto Companies Sen. Dino Rossi 9/27/10 Sen. Murray's Next Target: Microsoft Sen. Dino Rossi 9/27/10 Sen. Murray Can't Protect Washingtonians From Election Year Politics Sen. Dino Rossi 9/27/10 Bailouts: Murray Gives Taxpayer Dollars to Big Bank Donors Sen. Dino Rossi 9/24/10 Sen. Murray's Health Care Gamble Hurts Seniors Sen. Dino Rossi 9/24/10 Koster Statement on the Pledge to America Rep. John Koster 9/23/10 Sen. Murray's Broken Promise on Health Care Sen. Dino Rossi 9/23/10 Will Larsen Spare Small Businesses From Obama Tax Hike? Rep. John Koster 9/22/10 Sen. Murray Says One Thing, Does Another on Boeing Sen. Dino Rossi 9/22/10 Patty Murray's "Incredibly Important Bill That Is Going To Improve The Lives Of Every American'... Six Months Later Sen. Dino Rossi 9/21/10 Rossi Statement on Washington State August Job Numbers Sen. Dino Rossi 9/21/10 Rossi: Sen. Murray Should Ensure Senate Completes Work Sen. Dino Rossi 9/21/10 Rossi Statement on False Boeing Accusations Sen. Dino Rossi 9/20/10 Sen. Murray's Secret Plan Won't Help Washington Farmers Recover Losses Sen. Dino Rossi 9/20/10 Sen. Murray's Newfound Concern About The Deficit Is Fifteen Years Too Late Sen. Dino Rossi 9/20/10 Koster Comments on Locke's Visit and News Out of LA Rep. John Koster 9/17/10 Blog: Message From Dino On Constitution Day Sen. Dino Rossi 9/16/10 Rossi Releases New TV Ad "Part Of The Problem" Sen. Dino Rossi 9/16/10 Sen. Murray Picks Political Cover Over Real Reform Sen. Dino Rossi 9/15/10 Rossi: Washingtonians Deserve To Hear Directly From Candidates Sen. Dino Rossi 9/15/10 Rossi To Murray: Stop Spending Money We Don't Have Sen. Dino Rossi 9/14/10 Senator Murray Says "Nay" When Asked To Help Washington Businesses Sen. Dino Rossi 9/14/10 Sen. Murray's Deficit To Top $1.3 Trillion This Year Sen. Dino Rossi 9/14/10 Rossi Urges Sen. Murray to Help Small Businesses Sen. Dino Rossi 9/13/10 Yakima-Herald Republic - Rossi Rails Against Health Care Policies in Valley Visit Sen. Dino Rossi 9/10/10 Rossi Statement On 9th Anniversary of September 11th Sen. Dino Rossi 9/08/10 Rossi Statement On Rosh Hashanah Sen. Dino Rossi 9/08/10 Larsen Caught Telling Another Whopper Rep. John Koster 9/08/10 Rossi: Washington Farmers Still Waiting For "Secret Plan' To End Tariffs Sen. Dino Rossi 9/07/10 New "Stimulus' Sounds Like The Old "Stimulus' Sen. Dino Rossi 9/03/10 Rossi Statement on August Unemployment Report Sen. Dino Rossi 8/31/10 Rossi Statement On Iraq Sen. Dino Rossi 8/27/10 Rossi Statement on Revised GDP Growth Sen. Dino Rossi 8/26/10 Where's Sen. Murray…On Yucca Mountain? Sen. Dino Rossi 8/25/10 Murray Puts D.C. Unions Ahead Of Washington State Agriculture Sen. Dino Rossi 8/25/10 Koster Leading Primary Election Count Rep. John Koster 8/21/10 Tri-City Herald - Rossi Says Jobs Are No. 1 Issue During Tri-City Visit Sen. Dino Rossi 8/20/10 Rossi Issues Debate Challenge Sen. Dino Rossi 8/17/10 Rossi: Whatever Patty Murray Tells President Obama Will Be Too Little, Too Late Sen. Dino Rossi 8/17/10 John Koster's Election Night Statement Rep. John Koster 10/28/08 The Monroe Monitor & Valley News - Dino Rossi Visits Monroe Sen. Dino Rossi 10/24/08 The Seattle Times - Minimum-Wage Attack on Rossi Misleading Sen. Dino Rossi 10/24/08 Kitsap Sun - Dino Rossi Tells Silverdale Crowd to Get Fellow Voters to the Polls Sen. Dino Rossi 10/22/08 The Tri-City Herald - Rossi Speaks at Tri-City Chamber Meeting Sen. Dino Rossi 10/17/08 The Tri-City Herald - Governor: Dino Rossi Sen. Dino Rossi 10/16/08 Rossi Offers Real Solutions to Improve our State in the Final Gubernatorial Debate Sen. Dino Rossi 10/13/08 Why is Christine Gregoire Being Dishonest with Washington Voters? Sen. Dino Rossi 10/13/08 The Daily News - Rossi Promises Salmon Summit During Kelso Rally Sen. Dino Rossi 10/11/08 Port Orchard Independent - Rossi Campaign Visits SK Sen. Dino Rossi 10/10/08 The Chronicle - ‘Olympia-Centric' Gregoire Is Out of Touch Sen. Dino Rossi 10/07/08 Gov. Gregoire Offers Cherry-Picked Sound Bites, Not Real Solutions to Her 3.2 Billion Deficit Sen. Dino Rossi 10/06/08 KOMO News - Fact Checking the Gov's Race: Budgets, Taxes Sen. Dino Rossi 9/29/08 The Daily Evergreen - Rossi Tailgates with College Republicans Sen. Dino Rossi 9/25/08 The Seattle Times - Gregoire, Rossi Spar Over Taxes in Second Debate Sen. Dino Rossi 9/25/08 Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Taxes, Policies Push Business Community to Rossi Sen. Dino Rossi 9/21/08 The News Tribune - First Debate: Gregoire, Rossi Spar Over Budget Shortfall Sen. Dino Rossi 9/20/08 The Seattle Time - Gregoire Stem-Cell Ad Doesn't Tell Whole Story Sen. Dino Rossi 9/19/08 Auburn Reporter - Rossi Talks Transportation, Taxes, Crime, and More at Redmond Chamber of Commerce Sen. Dino Rossi 9/18/08 KVEW - Dino Rossi Stops in Walla Walla Sen. Dino Rossi 9/15/08 KXLY News - Gregoire, Rossi Disagree on Budget Sen. Dino Rossi 9/03/08 Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Rossi Rallies GOP delegates Sen. Dino Rossi 8/21/08 Dino Rossi Campaign Launches "Team 129" Action Network Sen. Dino Rossi

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