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9/18/14 Gov. Inslee Launches Healthiest Next Generation Initiative to Reduce Childhood Obesity Gov. Jay Inslee 9/17/14 Gov. Inslee Statement on U.S. House of Reps. Vote to Temporarily Extend Ex-Im Bank Authorization Gov. Jay Inslee 9/17/14 AWB Policy Summit Keynote - "2015: Challenges and Opportunities" Gov. Jay Inslee 9/15/14 Washington State Wins Grant to Help Train Veterans for Civilian Cybersecurity Jobs Gov. Jay Inslee 9/11/14 Statement From Gov. Inslee on Today's Supreme Court Order Regarding McCleary Gov. Jay Inslee 9/10/14 Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference Keynote Address Gov. Jay Inslee 9/10/14 Gov. Inslee Asks Federal Government to Reconsider Further Disaster Assistance for Central WA Communities, Following State's Worst Wildfire Gov. Jay Inslee 9/03/14 Inslee Lifts Burn Ban in Central and Eastern WA, Urges People to Continue Using Caution Gov. Jay Inslee 9/03/14 Inslee Launches Washington Military Alliance as Long-Term Piece of State's Economic Development Strategy Gov. Jay Inslee 9/03/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on Approval for Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance in Spokane County Gov. Jay Inslee 8/28/14 Gov. Inslee Proclaims State of Emergency Following Severe Storms in Okanogan County Gov. Jay Inslee 8/27/14 Gov. Inslee Announces Grant to Wind River Biomass Utility for Combined Heat and Power Generation in Skamania County Gov. Jay Inslee 8/27/14 Inslee Statement on Insurance Rate Changes Gov. Jay Inslee 8/26/14 Statement from Gov. Inslee on ILWU Ratification of New Grain Agreement Gov. Jay Inslee 8/25/14 Gov. Jay Inslee Says Proposed Reductions at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Would Have "Grievous Effects" for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee 8/22/14 Washingon State Governor, Attorney General Lead Legal Response to Supreme Court Psychiatric Boarding Decision Gov. Jay Inslee 8/15/14 Gov. Jay Inslee Announces $150,000 to Support Tourism in Methow Valley and Okanogan County Gov. Jay Inslee 8/14/14 Gov. Inslee Announces New STEM Grant Funding to Boost State Alliance with Business and Educators Gov. Jay Inslee 8/12/14 Gov. Inslee to Appeal Decision to Deny Federal Assistance for Homeowners Hurt by Central Washington Fires Gov. Jay Inslee 8/12/14 Statement From Gov. Inslee Regarding News of Labor Agreement Between ILWU and UGC Gov. Jay Inslee 8/11/14 Gov. Inslee Request for Federal Disaster Assistance Approved Gov. Jay Inslee 8/06/14 Letter to Elizabeth Zimmerman, Associate Administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency - Requesting Federal Disaster Assistance for Central Washington Wildfires Gov. Jay Inslee 8/05/14 Statement From Gov. Jay Inslee About Today's Gallup Report Indicating Washington State's Uninsured Rate Has Fourth Largest Drop in the Nation Thanks to Affordable Care Act Gov. Jay Inslee 7/30/14 Letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior - Request for Information and Comments on Preparation of 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program Gov. Jay Inslee 7/29/14 Statement From Gov. Jay Inslee Regarding News Today Highlighting Costs of Climate Inaction Gov. Jay Inslee 7/25/14 Inslee and Lovick form Joint SR 530 Landslide Commission Gov. Jay Inslee 7/23/14 Governor Inslee Applauds President Obama's Support for Improvements to Employment and Training Programs Gov. Jay Inslee 7/23/14 President Obama Approves Governor Inslee's Request for Emergency Federal assistance Gov. Jay Inslee 7/22/14 Governor Inslee Submits Grant Application for a "Healthier Washington' to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Gov. Jay Inslee 7/20/14 Gov. Inslee Amends Emergency Proclamation to Include an Eastern Washington Burn Ban Gov. Jay Inslee 7/17/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Harry Reid, Majority Leader; Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader; Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader - Export-Import Bank Gov. Jay Inslee 7/16/14 State, Federal Government Agree to Extend Discussions Regarding Hanford Cleanup Gov. Jay Inslee 7/15/14 Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee and Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler Supporting Senator Patty Murray's Protect Women's Health From Corporate Interference Act Gov. Jay Inslee 7/14/14 Gov. Inslee and UK Minister of Energy and Climate Change Sign Agreement to Extend Collaboration on Climate Action Gov. Jay Inslee 7/11/14 Inslee Departs for Farnborough International Air Show Gov. Jay Inslee 7/09/14 Inslee Takes New Approach to Create Meaningful, Effective State Clean Water Standards Gov. Jay Inslee 7/08/14 State Pursues New Smart Grid Projects to Capture, Store More Solar and Wind Power Gov. Jay Inslee 7/08/14 Gov. Inslee Unveils New Aerospace Video in Advance of Farnborough Air Show Gov. Jay Inslee 7/02/14 Governor Inslee Announces New Training and Support for Long-Term Unemployed Workers Gov. Jay Inslee 6/24/14 Inslee, State Leaders Launch Comprehensive Review of State's Criminal Justice System Gov. Jay Inslee 6/24/14 Keeping Marijuana Away From Teens Top Focus for State Leaders Gov. Jay Inslee 6/21/14 Cantwell, Murray & Inslee: Keep Export-Import Bank Open, Protect 85,000 WA Jobs Gov. Jay Inslee 6/12/14 Citing Rail Safety Concerns, Inslee Issues Directive to Increase Oil Safety, Spill Prevention and Response Efforts in Washington Gov. Jay Inslee 6/11/14 State, Federal Government Agree to Continue Discussions Regarding Hanford Cleanup Gov. Jay Inslee 6/10/14 Gov. Jay Inslee Joins Bill Gates and Experts from Asia to Headline Leading Economic Forum in Seattle Gov. Jay Inslee 6/05/14 Governor Inslee Statement on the Shooting at Seattle Pacific University Gov. Jay Inslee 6/02/14 Governor Inslee Statement Regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's Proposal to Cut Carbon Pollution from Power Plant Gov. Jay Inslee 6/02/14 West Coast Leaders Applaud Obama Administration Proposal to Cut Carbon Pollution Gov. Jay Inslee 5/28/14 Governor Inslee Statement Regarding Designation of Puget Sound as One of 12 National Manufacturing Communities Gov. Jay Inslee 5/26/14 Governor Inslee's Statement on Memorial Day Gov. Jay Inslee 5/23/14 Governor Inslee's Statement on News that China has Lifted Its Ban on Shellfish Exports from West Coast Gov. Jay Inslee 5/20/14 Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee on SBA Approval of North Bend Disaster Declaration Gov. Jay Inslee 5/15/14 Governor Inslee Asks for Disaster Declaration Following Gas Explosion in North Bend Gov. Jay Inslee 5/15/14 Governor and UK Delegation Hold Follow Up Meeting on Climate Partnership Gov. Jay Inslee 5/15/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on Today's FCC Vote on Internet Rules Gov. Jay Inslee 5/14/14 Letter to Tom Wheeler, Chairman Federal Communications Commission - FCC Delay Vote on Internet Rules Gov. Jay Inslee 5/13/14 Gov. Inslee Announces Grant Award to Return Long-Term Unemployed to Work Gov. Jay Inslee 5/06/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on the National Climate Assessment Released by the White House Today Gov. Jay Inslee 5/01/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement Regarding Approval of Additional FEMA Support for SR 530 Slide Recovery Efforts Gov. Jay Inslee 4/29/14 Gov. Inslee Announces Executive Action to Reduce Carbon Pollution and Promote Clean Energy Gov. Jay Inslee 4/24/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement Regarding NCLB Waiver Notification from US Department of Education Gov. Jay Inslee 4/23/14 Governor, Attorney General Take Next Legal Step to Keep Hanford Cleanup on Track Gov. Jay Inslee 4/18/14 Governor, Attorney General Reject Federal Department of Energy's Proposed Changes to Hanford Cleanup Plan Gov. Jay Inslee 4/11/14 Governor Inslee Requests Farm Disaster Assistance for Farmers in Snohomish County affected by SR 530 Slide Gov. Jay Inslee 4/10/14 Governor Jay Inslee Announces Steps to Preserve SNAP Benefits for Families in Need Gov. Jay Inslee 4/08/14 Governor Jay Inslee Proclaims April as National Poetry Month in Washington, Dedicates Month to People of Oso, Alrlington, and Darrington Gov. Jay Inslee 4/08/14 Statement From Gov. Inslee on Announcement of President Obama's Visit to SR 530 Slide April 22 Gov. Jay Inslee 4/04/14 Governor Inslee Signs Significant Bills to Improve Health Care and Reduce Costs Gov. Jay Inslee 4/02/14 Gov. Inslee Requests More Federal Disaster Assistance for the SR 530 Slide Gov. Jay Inslee 4/02/14 President Obama Approves Major Disaster Declaration for SR 530 Slide Gov. Jay Inslee 3/31/14 State Demands Increased Accountability and New Measures to Ensure Timely Cleanup of Hanford Gov. Jay Inslee 3/31/14 Governor Inslee Requests Federal Disaster Declaration for Oso Landslide Damage Gov. Jay Inslee 3/30/14 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript: No More Shutdowns Gov. Jay Inslee 3/28/14 Gov. Inslee's Request for Additional Federal Assistance Approved by President Obama Gov. Jay Inslee 3/28/14 Gov. Jay Inslee Calls for a Moment of Silence in Honor of SR 530 Slide Victims Gov. Jay Inslee 3/27/14 Gov. Jay Inslee Requests Expansion of Federal Emergency Declaration for Oso Mudslide Response Gov. Jay Inslee 3/24/14 Update from Gov. Inslee: FEMA Commits to Provide Federal Assistance to Oso Mudslide Gov. Jay Inslee 3/22/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on Snohomish County Mudslide Gov. Jay Inslee 3/17/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's statement on meeting with US Dept of Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz regarding Hanford Gov. Jay Inslee 3/14/14 Short Session Yields Some Big Wins But Leaves Much Undone Gov. Jay Inslee 3/11/14 2013 Was A Remarkable Year for Aerospace in Washington, But More Work Ahead to Grow Washington Aerospace Industry Gov. Jay Inslee 3/05/14 Governor Inslee Announces New Effort to Help Long-term Unemployed Workers Gov. Jay Inslee 2/28/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Army National Guard Cuts Gov. Jay Inslee 2/26/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on House Democratic Budget Proposal Gov. Jay Inslee 2/26/14 Signing Ceremony for SB 6523 -- The DREAM Act Gov. Jay Inslee 2/25/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on Senate Democratic Education Funding Proposal Gov. Jay Inslee 2/25/14 Gov. Jay Inslee Proposes Compromise Legislation to Protect Millions in Federal Education Funding Gov. Jay Inslee 2/24/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on Senate Budget Proposal Released Today Gov. Jay Inslee 2/24/14 Statement From Gov. Jay Inslee Regarding Today's Meeting With US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan Gov. Jay Inslee 2/19/14 Governor Jay Inslee Announces New Effort to Transform Outdoor Recreation Gov. Jay Inslee 2/19/14 House Approves Governor Inslee's Cost-Saving Health Purchasing Bill Gov. Jay Inslee 2/18/14 Gov. Inslee Priorities Advance at Session Half-time Gov. Jay Inslee 2/18/14 Governor Jay Inslee's Statement on Passage of DREAM Act Gov. Jay Inslee 2/11/14 Governor Inslee's Remarks Announcing A Capital Punishment Moratorium Gov. Jay Inslee 2/02/14 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - Transcript: Superbowl Security and Legalizing Marijuana Gov. Jay Inslee 1/30/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on New Prospects for Passing DREAM Act Gov. Jay Inslee 1/29/14 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement Following President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address Gov. Jay Inslee 1/28/14 Gov. Jay Inslee Proposes Plan to Speed Up K-12 Funding Gov. Jay Inslee 1/23/14 Statement from Governor Jay Inslee Regarding Rep. Jessyn Farrell's Minimum Wage Bill Gov. Jay Inslee 1/14/14 2014 State of the State Gov. Jay Inslee