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4/01/15 Gov. Shumlin Reminds Vermonters They May Qualify to Take SAT for Free Gov. Peter Shumlin 4/01/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Preliminary Approval of Water Quality Bill Gov. Peter Shumlin 4/01/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Preliminary Approval of H.361 Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/31/15 Letter to Lee Saunders, President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees - Invitation to Hold AFSCME Conference in Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/30/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces Strategy to End Family Homelessness by 2020 Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/27/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Unemployment Rate Dropping to Lowest Point in 8 Years Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/26/15 Gov. Shumlin, Speaker Smith, Rep. Krowinski Call for Child Savings Accounts Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/26/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces Staff Changes Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/25/15 Letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/24/15 Vermont Awarded $9 Million to Transition People off Food Assistance and into a Job Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/23/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on House Appropriations Committee Vote Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/23/15 Vermont, New York & Quebec Renew Historic Agreement to Protect Lake Champlain Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/20/15 Gov. Shumlin, Vermont Health Connect Leadership Outline Next Steps to Deliver Improved Service for Vermonters Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/19/15 Gov. Shumlin Highlights Training Program That Drives Wage Growth for Thousands of Vermonters Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/17/15 Gov. Shumlin Officially Opens Maple Sugar Season at Slopeside Syrup Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/16/15 Gov. Shumlin Celebrates Free School Meals Program; Encourages Eligible Schools to Sign Up Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/12/15 Gov. Shumlin Reminds Vermonters of Ability to Donate to Vermont Causes on State Tax Return Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/11/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces $4.3 Million in Community Development Grants Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/10/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on House Passage of Clean Energy Legislation Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/08/15 Gov. Shumlin Orders Flags Flown at Half Staff in Honor of Former Gov. Keyser, Jr. Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/04/15 Gov. Shumlin Appoints Three Members to Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/27/15 Vermont Officials Outline Impacts of Department of Homeland Security Shutdown Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/27/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Legislative Session Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/25/15 Gov. Shumlin Signs Bill to Tighten Restrictions on Sex Offenders Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/24/15 Gov. Shumlin & State's Attorney Donovan Announce Driver Restoration Day Pilot in Burlington Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/19/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Fairpoint/Union Deal Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/19/15 Gov. Shumlin, Legislators & Advocates Rally Support to Crack Down on Rent-to-Own Practices Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/19/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces Changes at Economic Development Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/18/15 New Reports Show Blueprint is Lowering Health Care Costs Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/17/15 Gov. Shumlin Celebrates Final Piece of St. Albans Downtown Revitalization Project Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/12/15 Big Data Startup Faraday Scales Up in Vermont With New Hires, Funding Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/12/15 Big Data Startup Faraday Scales Up in Vermont with New Hires, Funding Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/10/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Vermont Gas Decision to Cancel International Paper Service Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/10/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces Promise Community Initiative to Focus on Early Childhood Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/09/15 Gov. Shumlin Health Care Plan Could Reduce School Spending by $3 Million Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/09/15 Gov. Shumlin Appoints Steven Costantino as DVHA Commissioner Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/05/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces Over $2 Million in Transportation Grants for VT Communities Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/04/15 With Job Growth Steady and Employers Hiring, Gov. Shumlin Highlights Steps to Spur Continued Economic Growth Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/03/15 Vermont Federal Disaster Declaration Approved Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/02/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Plow Truck Incidents Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/27/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces New Natural Resources Board Chair Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/21/15 VT Sees Drop in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Rates Among Young Adults Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/20/15 Gov. Shumlin Announces Leadership Changes at DVHA Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/20/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on President Obama's State of the Union Address Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/16/15 Gov. Shumlin Cost Shift Proposal Mirrors Tri-Partisan Bill, with Important Differences Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/16/15 Gov. Shumlin Celebrates New State Facility in St. Albans Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/15/15 Gov. Shumlin Outlines Budget and Part II of Agenda for Progress Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/14/15 Gov. Shumlin & USDA Announce $16 Million for Lake Champlain Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/13/15 First Projects Completed in State Government Solar Initiative Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/12/15 Gov. Shumlin Celebrates New State Facility in St. Albans Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/08/15 Inaugural Address Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/08/15 Gov. Shumlin Sworn in for 3rd Term; Outlines Agenda for Progress Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/06/15 Potential Hazardous Weather Early Tomorrow, Gov. Shumlin and Public Safety Officials Warn Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/05/15 Number of Uninsured Vermonters Cut in Half Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/02/15 Vermont's Minimum Wage Set to Increase Tomorrow Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/29/14 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Closing on Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/17/14 Gov. Shumlin Details Health Care Financing Report to Business and Consumer Advisory Councils Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/12/14 Vermont Awarded $33 Million Federal Preschool Expansion Grant Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/12/14 Gov. Peter Shumlin, Vermont Emergency Officials Update on Winter Storm and Power Outages Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/10/14 Vermont Wins $33 Million for Pre-K, Delegation and Governor Announce Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/09/14 Gov. Shumlin Supports Rutland Students' Efforts to Disable Bullying App Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/01/14 Gov. Shumlin, Tax Commissioner, Ed. Secretary Address Education Spending and Property Taxes Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/31/14 Gov. Shumlin, AOT Secretary Searles, Local Officials and Lawmakers Cut Ribbon on New Morristown Alternate Truck Route Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/27/14 Gov. Shumlin, Mayor Louras, Legislative Leaders and Others Highlight Transportation Improvements Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/24/14 Gov. Shumlin, Sen. Sears, Bennington Officials Announce Opiate Treatment Center Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/22/14 Gov. Shumlin, Mayor Weinberger, Tech Businesses Highlight Growth in Vermont High-Tech Industry, Great Jobs in Vermont Effort Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/22/14 US Energy Department Awards $3 Million in Solar Energy Grants to Vermont Companies Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/20/14 Gov. Peter Shumlin Issued the Following Statement Today on the Planned Sale of IBM Vermont Facilities to GlobalFoundries Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/20/14 Gocv. Shumlin, State and Local Officials, and Business Leaders Address Planned Sale of Vermont IBM Plant to GlobalFoundries Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/15/14 Leahy, Sanders, Welch: $629,966 in Grants to Support Efficient and Renewable Energy in Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/14/14 Gov. Shumlin, Tourism Officials and Industry Highlight Strong Summer/Fall Seasons Gov. Peter Shumlin 9/23/14 Gov. Shumlin, Substance Abuse Community Highlight Progress in Battle Against Opiate Addiction Since January Gov. Peter Shumlin 9/16/14 Shumlin Administration Announces Temporary Suspension of Vermont Health Connect Website to Prepare for Open Enrollment Gov. Peter Shumlin 9/11/14 Gov. Shumlin Thanks Food Fight Fun Supporters on Surpassing $300,000 Donation Mark Gov. Peter Shumlin 9/11/14 Leahy, Sanders, Welch: Grants Totaling $8.8 M. Will Help Newport's Airport in Accommodating the Area's Growth and Change Gov. Peter Shumlin 9/08/14 Gov. Shumlin, Advocates Celebrate Expanded School Lunch Program Gov. Peter Shumlin 9/04/14 Gov. Shumlin Visits State Solar Project, Announces New Renewable Energy Goal Gov. Peter Shumlin 8/28/14 Letter to Rosa Ambrose, Minister of Health, Canada, and Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Canada - Supporting Health Canada and Abuse Deterrent Formulations Gov. Peter Shumlin 8/28/14 Letter to Sylvia Matthews Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Rejecting Zohydro Extended Release Gov. Peter Shumlin 8/28/14 USDA Sec. Vilsack Visits Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin 8/11/14 Administration Unveils $31 Million in Spending Adjustments Gov. Peter Shumlin 8/11/14 Governor Shumlin Announces Winners of $2.4 Million in Downtown and Village Center Tax Incentives Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/24/14 Gov. Shumlin Announces Spending Reduction for Current Fiscal Year Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/24/14 Governor Shumlin Announces $1.6 Million in Disaster Recovery Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/23/14 Gov. Shumlin, Anti-Hunger Advocates Highlights Summer Meals Programs for Kids Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/17/14 Gov. Shumlin, Others Celebrate New Law Legalizing Sampler Flights of Beer, Wine, and Liquor Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/17/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Harry Reid, Majority Leader; Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader; Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader - Export-Import Bank Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/11/14 Gov. Shumlin and the University of Vermont Announce New Cabinet-Level Graduate Internship Program Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/07/14 Governor Schumlin Awards $1.25 Million Community Grant to Rutland Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/02/14 Gov. Shmulin Announces Two Energy Programs at Solar Summer Stop in Morrisville Gov. Peter Shumlin 7/01/14 Gov. Shmulin, Congressional Represenatatives, Lawmakers, Advocates, and Others Celebrate Opening of Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/24/14 Gov. Shumlin Signs Economic Development Bill Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/17/14 Governor Patrick Joins with New England Governors in Massachusetts for Announcement of Regional Strategy to Address Opioid Abuse Epidemic Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/11/14 Gov. Shumlin Signs Emergency Efficiency Bill to Promote Clean Heating Technologies Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/10/14 Gov. Shumlin Signs Toxics Bill Designed to Protect Children from Potentially Dangerous Chemicals Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/09/14 Gov. Shumlin Signs Law Raising Minimum Wage to $10.50 per Hour by 2018 Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/04/14 Gov. Shumlin Announces "Great Jobs in Vermont Campaign" Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/02/14 Gov. Shumlin Signs Largest Investment in Transportation Infrastructure in State History Gov. Peter Shumlin 5/29/14 Gov. Shumlin, Commissioner Mears Release Lake Champlain Cleanup Plan Gov. Peter Shumlin 5/29/14 Eight State Alliance Releases Plan to Put 3.3 Million Zero Emission Vehicles on the Road Gov. Peter Shumlin