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7/20/16 Agriculture Rep. Ralph Norman 7/20/16 Homeland Security Rep. Ralph Norman 7/20/16 Iraq Rep. Ralph Norman 7/20/16 Job Growth Rep. Ralph Norman 7/13/16 Healthcare Rep. Ralph Norman 7/13/16 Veterans Rep. Ralph Norman 7/13/16 Second Amendment Rep. Ralph Norman 7/13/16 Education Rep. Ralph Norman 7/13/16 Immigration Rep. Ralph Norman 7/13/16 Energy Rep. Ralph Norman 7/13/16 Family Values Rep. Ralph Norman 1/01/16 Issue Position: Gun Rights Rep. Craig Gagnon 1/01/16 Issue Position: Education Rep. Craig Gagnon 1/01/16 Issue Position: Fixing Roads Rep. Jonathon Hill 1/01/16 Issue Position: CONSERVATIVE REFORM Rep. Jeff Johnson 6/23/15 NBC News " The Rachel Maddow Show"- South Carolina State Flag Rep. James Rutherford 6/22/15 NBC News " The Rachel Maddow Show" - Transcript: Vote To Replace State Flag Rep. James Rutherford 6/18/15 MSNBC "The Ed Show"- Transcript: Charleston Church Shooting Sen. Tom Davis 3/17/15 Red Bone Alley Foods, LLC Expanding Florence County Operations Sen. Hugh Leatherman 11/06/14 Thank You! Sen. Vincent Sheheen 11/03/14 Hutto Blasts Graham for "White Male Only' Comments Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/28/14 Republican Tom Ervin Suspends Campaign, Endorses Vincent Sheheen Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/27/14 Sheheen Launches Two-Day "Honest Leadership" Push to Mark Two-Year Hacking Anniversary Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/20/14 New Ad: Sheheen Blasts Haley for Misrepresenting State of SC Economy Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/18/14 The Post and Courier - Sen. Lindsey Graham Turns to Getting Out the Vote in Race Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/14/14 Vincent's Plan: Honest Leadership for South Carolina Jobs Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/13/14 Hutto Endorses Citizen Funded Election Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/06/14 Sheheen to Haley: Stop Hiding Behind Commercials & Debate Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/06/14 Lindsey Graham Cuts and Runs -- Cowers from Debating Opponents Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/03/14 Sheheen: LAC Audit Confirms Haley Lied About Numbers As Children Died Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/01/14 Lower the Confederate Flag and Raise the American Flag Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/29/14 Veterans Back Vincent Sheheen Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/20/14 The State - A Closer Look at Haley's Economic "Magic' Claims Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/16/14 Hutto Condemns Graham's "Chicken Little' like Fear Mongering Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 9/12/14 Sheheen Calls for Four Additional Debates Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/10/14 Sheheen: Honest Leadership Requires Ethical Leaders Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/10/14 A Plan to End the Violence Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/09/14 SC Social Workers Endorse Vincent Sheheen for Governor Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/08/14 State of the Port: Strong, No Thanks to Nikki Haley Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/30/14 The State - Vincent Sheheen Hopes Higher Turnout, Gov. Nikki Haley Administration Missteps Helps in Rematch Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/20/14 Sheheen to Haley: Tell the Truth on Welfare to Work Numbers Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/18/14 Equal Pay for Equal Work Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 8/13/14 Letter to Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina - South Carolinians' Information Being in Jeopardy Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/12/14 Educators Recommend South Carolina's Brad Hutto for U.S. Senate Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 8/07/14 Small Business Leaders Back Sheheen in Response to Chamber Endorsement Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/04/14 Sheheen Launches "Back to School, Back to Basics" Education Initiative Sen. Vincent Sheheen 7/30/14 Hutto Marks the 49th Anniversary of Medicare, Slams Graham's Support for the Ryan Budget Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 7/28/14 Letter to Ernest Moniz, Secretary of Energy - SC Is Not a Nuclear Waste Dump Sen. Vincent Sheheen 7/22/14 Vincent's Plan: Honest Leadership to Rebuild SC Road & Bridges Sen. Vincent Sheheen 7/09/14 Sheheen to VA Secretary: Let Us Help Veterans & Ensure Accountability Sen. Vincent Sheheen 6/30/14 Sheheen Releases 2013 Tax Returns, Calls for Full Transparency from Nikki Haley Sen. Vincent Sheheen 6/17/14 SC Educators Endorse Vincent Sheheen for Governor Sen. Vincent Sheheen 6/12/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Let Our State Investigate VA & Help Our Veterans Sen. Vincent Sheheen 6/10/14 Hutto Easily Wins Democratic Primary for US Senate Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 1/01/14 The US Term Limits Amendment Pledge Sen. Marvin Bright 1/10/12 Gov. Nikki Haley, Attorney General Alan Wilson, House Speaker Bobby Harrell, State Sen. Kevin Bryant Discuss Voter ID Sen. Kevin Bryant 1/01/12 The US Term Limits Amendment Pledge Rep. Wallace Jordan 5/18/11 Gov. Nikki Haley Signs Voter ID Bill Into Law Sen. Harvey Peeler 10/25/10 Post & Courier - Sheheen Visits Pinewood Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/24/10 The State - Sheheen - 'We Can Win' Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/22/10 WMBF News - Governor Candidates Talk Issues of I73 Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/21/10 Greenville News - Vincent Sheheen Says Creating Jobs is Top Issue Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/15/10 Hartsville Messenger: Sheheen Visits Governor's School Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/15/10 - Sheheen Talks with Voters at Reception Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/13/10 Post & Courier - Sheheen Says Top Issue is Trust in Governor's Office Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/12/10 - Haley Fundraisers Organized by Convicted Corrupt Lobbyist Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/10/10 Post and Courier - Sheheen, Cooper Rally Dems Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/07/10 Post & Courier - Sheheen Points Out Haley's No-Show Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/06/10 Sun News - Haley, Sheheen Escalate Battle Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/30/10 Go Upstate - Sheheen Criticizes Decision to Put College Construction on Hold Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/30/10 Sun News - Sheheen Focuses More Effort on Upstate Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/27/10 Island Packet - Sheheen - State's Success Depends on Education Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/21/10 Aiken Standard - Sheheen Makes Stop in Aiken on 5-City Tour Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/21/10 The Real Nikki Haley: Sheheen Launches New Ad, Statewide Tour Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/15/10 Post & Courier - Sheheen Blasts Haley on North Charleston Stop Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/10/10 The Morning News - The Morning News: Sheheen Makes Stop in Pee Dee Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/09/10 Greenville News - Nikki Haley, Vincent Sheheen Spar Over Immigration, Debate Schedule Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/09/10 The Morning News - Sheheen Makes Stop in Pee Dee Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/08/10 WCSC Live 5 - Sheheen Talks About Deepening Harbor During Charleston Visit Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/07/10 Sheheen Demands Haley Tell S.C. Voters Where She Stands on Charleston Port Deepening Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/31/10 The Augusta Chronicle - Haley, Sheheen Back Gun Ownership Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/31/10 The Island Packet - Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Sheheen Campaigns in Lowcountry Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/25/10 Blog: SC Mayors Endorse Vincent Sheheen Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/19/10 The State - Assertive Sheheen Attacks Vouchers Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/09/10 South Carolina Sportsman - Sheheen Promises Support for Hunting/Fishing Related Measures Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/04/10 Vincent Sheheen Releases Senate Emails Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/02/10 Sheheen Calls for Both Parties to Join Together in Support of Funding for Charleston Harbor Study Sen. Vincent Sheheen 7/25/10 The Island Packet - Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Visits Lowcountry Sen. Vincent Sheheen 2/19/10 Fox News "Your World With Neil Cavuto" - Transcript Rep. Michael Pitts 6/21/06 Spratt Acts On Pelosi Marching Orders – Abandons Key Policy Initiative To Move Up Liberal Political Ladder Rep. Ralph Norman 5/25/06 Paying To Much At The Pump? Rep. Ralph Norman 5/11/06 Spratt Clarifies Position On Life Rep. Ralph Norman 4/18/06 Spratt's Actions Belie ‘Moderate' Label Rep. Ralph Norman 4/07/06 Spratt Proposes Largest Tax Increase In History Rep. Ralph Norman 3/28/06 Ralph Norman Officially Files For Congress Rep. Ralph Norman 10/13/05 Ralph Norman Has Backing Of GOP Heavyweights Rep. Ralph Norman 1/01/16 Issue Position: Helping Senior Citizens Rep. Edward Tallon 1/01/16 Issue Position: Marriage and Family Rep. Edward Tallon 1/01/16 Issue Position: Educational Choices Rep. Stephen Goldfinch 1/01/16 Issue Position: County and State Emergency Management, Hurricane Safety, and Flood Protection Rep. Stephen Goldfinch

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