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6/28/12 Governor Lincoln Chafee, Lt. Governor Roberts, State Officials Respond to Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act Michael Fine 4/30/12 Whitehouse Hears from Rhode Islanders About Importance of Violence Against Women Act Peter Kilmartin 6/30/10 Governor Donald L. Carcieri Signs the "Colin B. Foote Act" Peter Kilmartin 10/31/06 Press Release - Fogarty Unveils Plan to Help the Greatest Generation Fight Back Against Drastic Republican Programs Charles Fogarty 10/25/06 Press Release - Washington Republicans Finance Carcieri Ad Charles Fogarty 10/20/06 Press Release - Fogarty Announces Environmental and Energy Plan Charles Fogarty 10/17/06 Press Release - California Joins North East Energy Compact - Rhode Island Still Absent Charles Fogarty 10/04/06 Pawtucket Times - Fogarty Touts Universal Health Care for R. I. Charles Fogarty 9/28/06 Turn to - Fogarty Appears With SOS To Oppose Casino Charles Fogarty 9/19/06 Fogarty: Tuition Hike Exorbitant, Tax Increase for Students, Middle-Class Families Charles Fogarty 8/05/06 Fogarty Brings Dogged Determination to Campaign for Governor Charles Fogarty 8/03/06 Fogarty Proposes Education Initiatives Charles Fogarty 7/05/06 RI Gov.: Out of the Spotlight, Fogarty Threatening Carcieri Charles Fogarty 4/26/06 Fogarty Wants Term Limits For State Legislators Charles Fogarty 4/19/06 Fogarty Discloses Income Tax Return Charles Fogarty 1/01/ Education Charles Fogarty 1/01/ Jobs / Economy / Small Business Charles Fogarty 1/01/ Health Care Charles Fogarty 1/01/ Saying overhaul needed, Fogarty to run for governor Charles Fogarty 1/01/ Ethics and Good Government Charles Fogarty