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6/24/14 $68.7M Awarded to Fund Re-Employment and Eligibility Assessments for Unemployment Insurance Claimants in 40 States and Territories Thomas Perez 6/23/14 Huffington Post - Family-Friendly Workplace Policies Are Not Frills -- They're Basic Needs Pres. Barack Obama 6/23/14 Remarks by President Obama at the White House Summit on Working Families Pres. Barack Obama 6/20/14 Statement by the President - Mayors Task Force on "My Brother's Keeper" Joseph Biden 6/20/14 Statement by the President - Mayors Task Force on "My Brother's Keeper" Pres. Barack Obama 6/20/14 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act of 1964 Sylvia Mathews Burwell 6/19/14 Remarks by Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, National Fund for Workforce Solutions-Annual Meeting Thomas Perez 6/15/14 Blog: Drawing the Right Lessons from Vergara Arne Duncan 6/13/14 Attorney General Holder Delivers Remarks at the Focus: Hope "Heroes for Hope" Event Eric Holder 6/03/14 U.S. Department of Education Announces $75 Million GEAR UP Competition Arne Duncan 6/02/14 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Kicks off the 2014 "Feds Feed Families" Nationwide Food Drive Thomas Vilsack 5/30/14 Agency Assists Record Number of Rural Families to Become Homeowners in 2013; Efforts Underway to Boost Loan Guarantee, Refinancing Opportunities Thomas Vilsack 5/30/14 Remarks by the President with the "My Brother's Keeper" Task Force Pres. Barack Obama 5/28/14 National Coalition for Homeless Veterans Thomas Perez 5/10/14 Blog: Building an Economy that Works for All Moms Thomas Perez 5/07/14 Hearing of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee - Farm Bill: Implementation and Next Steps Thomas Vilsack 5/01/14 Administrator McCarthy Highlights Clean Air Efforts During Asthma Awareness Month / Agency Honors Community-Focused Asthma Programs Gina McCarthy 4/30/14 Statement by US Labor Secretary Perez on Senate's Minimum Wage Vote Thomas Perez 4/30/14 Remarks by the President on Raising the Minimum Wage Pres. Barack Obama 4/12/14 Statement of Secretary Lew to the Development Committee Jacob Lew 4/12/14 Weekly Address: Ensuring Equal Pay for Equal Work Pres. Barack Obama 4/11/14 Remarks by the President at the National Action Network's 16th Annual Convention Pres. Barack Obama 4/08/14 Hearing of the House Appropriations Committee - FY 2015 Budget Request Arne Duncan 4/07/14 U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Delivers Remarks at American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Opening Session Penny Pritzker 4/07/14 Statement by US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez on Extending Unemployment Benefits Thomas Perez 4/04/14 Blog: The Cause He Died For Thomas Perez 4/04/14 Blog: Encouraging Numbers, But We're Not Celebrating Yet Thomas Perez 3/31/14 Remarks By Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, National Association of Workforce Boards Forum: Dialogue for Workforce Excellenc Thomas Perez 3/27/14 Agriculture Secretary Visits Chicago School to Help Increase Access to the Summer Meal Program in Illinois Thomas Vilsack 3/27/14 Ohio Receives $3.7M Grant From US Labor Department to Implement and Promote Its New Short-Time Compensation Layoff Prevention Program Thomas Perez 3/21/14 The New Spotlight on America's Opportunity Gaps Arne Duncan 3/20/14 USDA Announces Funds to Improve SNAP Employment and Training Programs Thomas Vilsack 3/20/14 USDA Demonstration Projects Will Provide Funding To Fight Hunger, Nourish Families Thomas Vilsack 3/20/14 Remarks by the President on the Minimum Wage Pres. Barack Obama 3/14/14 Hearing of the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee - Budget Hearing - Department of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack 3/10/14 Remarks By Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, Building and Construction Trades Department 2014 National Legislative Conference Thomas Perez 3/07/14 Blog: Taking Action to Accelerate the Recovery Thomas Perez 3/05/14 Hearing of the Senate Finance Committee - President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2014 Jacob Lew 3/05/14 Hearing of the Senate Budget Committee - The President's Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Proposal Sylvia Mathews Burwell 3/04/14 Politico - A Proven Way to Fight Poverty Jacob Lew 3/04/14 Obama Administration 2015 Budget Prioritizes Key Education Investments to Provide Opportunities for All Americans Arne Duncan 2/28/14 USDA Finalizes Changes to the WIC Program, Expanding Access to Healthy Fruits and Vegetables, Whole Grains, and Low-Fat Dairy for Women, Infants, and Children Thomas Vilsack 2/28/14 Blog: Secretary's Column: Another Step Forward Towards a Healthier Next Generation Thomas Vilsack 2/27/14 Remarks by the President on "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative Pres. Barack Obama 2/24/14 Remarks by the President and Vice President at NGA Meeting Pres. Barack Obama 2/24/14 Remarks by the President and Vice President at NGA Meeting Joseph Biden 2/22/14 Weekly Address: Time to Lift the Minimum Wage and Give America a Raise Pres. Barack Obama 2/19/14 $150M Ready to Work Partnership Grant Competition to Help Those Facing Long-Term Unemployment Return to Work Announced by US Labor Department Thomas Perez 2/11/14 Blog: Attorney General Holder Marks 20th Anniversary of Historic Executive Order on Environmental Justice Eric Holder 2/07/14 CNN "CNN Newsroom" - Transcript: Jobs Report and Unemployment Thomas Perez 2/02/14 FOX "The O'Reilly Factor" - Transcript: Affordable Care Out Website and the Benghazi Attack Pres. Barack Obama 1/31/14 Statement of Secretary Jacob J. Lew on Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day Jacob Lew 1/31/14 Remarks by the President on Long-Term Pres. Barack Obama 1/28/14 President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address Pres. Barack Obama 1/24/14 Blog: Secretary's Column: The Building Blocks for a Healthier America Thomas Vilsack 1/16/14 Remarks By Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, South Florida Economic Summit Thomas Perez 1/15/14 U.S. Secretary of Commerce Delivers Remarks at Detroit Economic Club Penny Pritzker 1/15/14 Blog: 3 Out of 4 Americans Agree: It's Time to Raise the Wage Thomas Perez 1/11/14 Weekly Address: Ensuring 2014 is a Year of Action to Grow the Economy Pres. Barack Obama 1/10/14 Blog: A New Food, Farm and Jobs Bill to Fight Hunger Here at Home Thomas Vilsack 1/10/14 Statement of Labor Secretary Perez on December Employment Numbers Thomas Perez 1/09/14 Obama Administration Announces the First Five Promise Zone Designees Thomas Vilsack 1/09/14 Remarks by the President on Promise Zones Pres. Barack Obama 1/09/14 Blog: Fighting the War on Poverty in Rural America Thomas Vilsack 1/08/14 Blog: We've Made Progress, but the War on Poverty isn't Over -- Here's Why Thomas Perez 1/08/14 Statement by the President on the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty Pres. Barack Obama 1/07/14 Statement Of Secretary Jacob J. Lew On Senate Vote To Move Forward On Restoring Unemployment Insurance Benefits Jacob Lew 1/07/14 Blog: An Important Step Toward Extending Unemployment Benefits Thomas Perez 1/07/14 Statement by US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez on Extending Unemployment Benefits Thomas Perez 1/07/14 Remarks by the President on the Importance of Extending Emergency Unemployment Insurance Pres. Barack Obama 1/07/14 - Senate Agrees to Proceed with Unemployment-Benefits Extension, with Both Ohio Senators Voting Yes Pres. Barack Obama 1/07/14 National Journal - Senate Democrats: "We're All a Bit Surprised' by Unemployment Benefits Vote Pres. Barack Obama 1/07/14 Blog: The Dignity of Work: Katherine Hackett's Story Thomas Perez 1/04/14 Weekly Address: Time to Pass Bipartisan Legislation to Extend Emergency Unemployment Insurance Pres. Barack Obama 12/27/13 Blog: Extending a Critical Lifeline for the Long-Term Unemployed Thomas Perez 12/06/13 Statement of Labor Secretary Perez on November Employment Numbers Thomas Perez 12/06/13 Blog: Report - Solid Growth, But Too Many are Struggling Thomas Perez 12/04/13 Blog: Minimum Wage Momentum Thomas Perez 12/04/13 Remarks by the President on Economic Mobility Pres. Barack Obama 11/26/13 Remarks by the President on the Economy -- DreamWorks Pres. Barack Obama 10/30/13 Justice Blog: Strengthening Our Efforts: Recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month Eric Holder 10/30/13 Attorney General Holder Announces $6.7 Million to Improve Legal Defense Services for the Poor Eric Holder 10/29/13 Remarks at the Half in Ten Anti-Poverty Report Release, Center For American Progress, Washington, DC, October 29, 2013 Thomas Perez 9/27/13 U.S. Education Department and Social Security Administration Award Four Grants to Improve Retirement Security within Minority Low-Income Communities Arne Duncan 8/27/13 Arne Duncan Remarks at School Without Walls on Anniversary of March on Washington Arne Duncan 8/23/13 Remarks by the President in Town Hall at Binghamton University Pres. Barack Obama 7/24/13 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Results of Healthy Incentives Pilot; Discusses Additional USDA Efforts to Encourage Healthier SNAP Purchases Thomas Vilsack 5/31/13 Statement by Secretary Lew on the Releases of Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports Jacob Lew 5/31/13 Remarks Of Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew On The Release Of The Social Security And Medicare Trustees Reports Jacob Lew 5/14/13 Remarks of Secretary Lew before the Financial Literacy Education Commission (FLEC) Jacob Lew 5/07/13 Secretary Jacob J. Lew Delivers Remarks on Job Creation and the State of the Economy at The City Club of Cleveland Jacob Lew 3/26/13 Secretary Vilsack Launches USDA "StrikeForce" Initiative to Boost Rural Economic Growth and Opportunity Thomas Vilsack 3/15/13 Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks at the Justice Department's 50th Anniversary Celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Gideon v. Wainwright Eric Holder 3/14/13 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Outlines USDA Efforts to Raise a Healthier Generation of Americans; Affirms Need for Generational Change Thomas Vilsack 2/16/13 Weekly Address: Following the President's Plan for a Strong Middle Class Pres. Barack Obama 1/31/13 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Expansion of Refinancing Program to Help More Rural Homeowners Thomas Vilsack 12/07/12 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Restore Funding for LIHEAP John Kerry 12/05/12 Remarks of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at the Fourth White House Tribal Nations Conference Arne Duncan 12/03/12 Letter to Harry Reid, Majority Leader, and Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader - Unemployment Insurance Programs John Kerry 11/06/12 Remarks by the First Lady and the President at Final Campaign Rally -- Des Moines, IA Pres. Barack Obama