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10/15/14 Governor Statement on Ebola Response Activities in Ohio Gov. John Kasich 10/14/14 Lima News - Gov. Kasich Wants 4 More Years Gov. John Kasich 10/14/14 Washington Post - Ohio's John Kasich Wants to Redefine the Republican Party Gov. John Kasich 10/13/14 Daily Advocate - Governor Campaigns in Darke County Gov. John Kasich 10/11/14 Medina Post - Governor Makes Campaign Pit Stop in Medina Gov. John Kasich 9/24/14 Kasich Statement on Greene County Grand Jury Decision Gov. John Kasich 9/19/14 Kasich and Taylor Issue POW/MIA Recognition Day Resolution Mary Taylor 9/19/14 Kasich and Taylor Issue POW/MIA Recognition Day Resolution Gov. John Kasich 9/10/14 Eagle-Gazette - Kasich Rallies County Republicans Weeks Before Vote Gov. John Kasich 9/10/14 Ohio Public Radio - Kasich Again Garners Rare Endorsement Gov. John Kasich 9/10/14 Newark Advocate - Governor Seeks Commitment to Values, Teaching and Jobs Gov. John Kasich 9/09/14 Kasich and Taylor Isse Patriot Day Resolution, Order Public Flags Flown at Half-Staff Mary Taylor 9/09/14 Kasich and Taylor Isse Patriot Day Resolution, Order Public Flags Flown at Half-Staff Gov. John Kasich 9/08/14 The Lantern - Gov. John Kasich: "If You Have Hopes and Dreams, Follow Them' Gov. John Kasich 9/01/14 Kasich and Taylor Issue Resolution Recognizing Labor Day Gov. John Kasich 8/27/14 Breaking: Gov. John Kasich Named a "Friend of Agriculture" Gov. John Kasich 8/26/14 Times Gazette - Kasich Touts Farming in Fayette County Gov. John Kasich 8/22/14 Crescent-News - Kasich Honors Kroger's Efforts to Combat Drug Abuse Gov. John Kasich 8/15/14 Coshocton County Beacon - Gov. Kasich Visits Coshocton County Gov. John Kasich 8/14/14 Columbus Dispatch - Kasich Proposes More Welfare Reform Gov. John Kasich 8/14/14 WHIZ News - Governor John Kasich Visits the Fair Gov. John Kasich 8/14/14 Columbus Dispatch - Ohio Employers May Receive $1 Billion Workers' Comp Rebate Gov. John Kasich 8/14/14 Kasich Administration Announces Further Efforts to Help Protect Lake Erie Water Quality Gov. John Kasich 8/13/14 Plain Dealer - Gov. John Kasich Announces $1 Billion in Rebates to Businesses from Workers' Compensation Surpluses Gov. John Kasich 8/13/14 Cincinnati Enquirer - More Ohio Workers' Comp Refunds Coming Gov. John Kasich 8/10/14 News-Messenger - Kasich Visits Port Clinton on Campaign Stop Gov. John Kasich 8/10/14 Dispatch - Kasich Touts Budget Surplus, Jobs Gov. John Kasich 8/09/14 Bellefontaine Examiner - Update: Gov. Kasich Makes Re-Election Pitch in Local Campaign Stop Gov. John Kasich 8/09/14 Marion Star - Jobs in Focus During Governor's Visit to Marion Gov. John Kasich 8/08/14 Lima News - Gov. Kasich: Work Together to Better State Gov. John Kasich 8/04/14 Kasich Administration Supports City of Toledo Decision to Lift Water Advisory Gov. John Kasich 8/02/14 Gov. John Kasich Declares Emergency Algae Contaminant found in water system in Toledo Gov. John Kasich 7/31/14 The Columbus Dispatch - Coal's a Hot Topic, But Less So in Kasich-FitzGerald Race Gov. John Kasich 7/19/14 The Columbus Dispatch - State, City Fund 160 Preschool Slots Gov. John Kasich 7/17/14 The Blade - Gov. Kasich Signs Proclamation Supporting New Dredging Strategy for Toledo Harbor Gov. John Kasich 7/16/14 - Governor Kasich Talks Progress in Bellville Gov. John Kasich 7/10/14 The Blade - Kasich Wants to Showcase Lake: Gov. Encourages Ohioans to Display Erie's Treasure to GOP Conventioneers Gov. John Kasich 7/10/14 Whiz News - Gov. Kasich in Morgan County for MIBA Expansion Gov. John Kasich 7/02/14 - Leaders Celebrate GE's "Big Day" in Cincinnati Gov. John Kasich 7/01/14 WXVU - GE Celebrates The Banks Project with Kasich Gov. John Kasich 6/30/14 Gov. Kasich Speaks Out Against Ohio Heroin Epidemic Gov. John Kasich 6/26/14 Gov. Kasich: Wilmington Air Park Hangar is Sign of Economic Rebound Gov. John Kasich 6/06/14 Kasich and Taylor Issue Resolution in Honor of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day Gov. John Kasich 4/30/14 Kasich Commutes Sentence of Arthur Tyler Gov. John Kasich 4/28/14 Kasich and Taylor Issue Proclamation in Honor of Days of Remembrance Gov. John Kasich 3/26/14 Letter to Anthony Foxx, Secretary of the Department of Transportation - Minority Business Pilot Program Proposal Gov. John Kasich 3/20/14 Eco Leaders Praise Gov. Kasich for 'Major League Leadership' for Land and Water Conservation Gov. John Kasich 3/19/14 Ohio's Key Assets Get Priority in State Construction Funding Proposal Gov. John Kasich 3/11/14 Kasich Calls for New Tax Cuts, Education, Initiatives and Help For Vulnerable Ohioans Gov. John Kasich 3/08/14 The Daily Record - Over 65,000 More Ohio Jobs Added than First Reported Gov. John Kasich 2/28/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Army National Guard Cuts Gov. John Kasich 2/24/14 2014 State of the State Speech Transcript Gov. John Kasich 2/14/14 Kasich Extends Energy Emergency Declaration to Expedite Heating Propane Shipments Gov. John Kasich 2/04/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Assistance to Ease Propane Shortage Gov. John Kasich 1/27/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Urging Action on Propane Shortage Gov. John Kasich 1/18/14 Kasich Issues Emergency Declaration to Expedite Heating Propane Shipments Gov. John Kasich 1/17/14 Kasich Issues Proclamation Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Gov. John Kasich 1/11/14 Columbus Dispatch - Chinese Firm to Invest $200 Million in Former GM Plant Gov. John Kasich 1/09/14 Kasich Launches Public Awareness Campaign to Stop Human Trafficking Gov. John Kasich 1/08/14 Ohio Launches Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative, "Start Talking!" Gov. John Kasich 11/27/13 Kasich and Taylor Issue Thanksgiving Day Proclamation Gov. John Kasich 11/27/13 Kasich and Taylor Issue Thanksgiving Day Proclamation Mary Taylor 11/26/13 Kasich Authorizes State Disaster Relief for the Villages of Cloverdale and Jerry City Gov. John Kasich 11/25/13 Legislation Sought to Refund Businesses All Overpaid Taxes Gov. John Kasich 11/25/13 - Kasich Signs Federal Balanced Budget Resolution in Lima Gov. John Kasich 11/15/13 FOX "The O'Reilly Factor" - Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Gov. John Kasich 10/27/13 NBC: "Meet the Press" - Transcript: Affordable Care Act Exchanges Gov. John Kasich 10/21/13 Kasich Statement on Controlling Board Vote Gov. John Kasich 10/07/13 Ohio Opens New Front in the Fight Against Opiate Abuse Gov. John Kasich 10/02/13 Americans for Prosperity: Federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge - Governors Gov. John Kasich 9/16/13 Kasich Administration Launches "Steady U Ohio" Initiative to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults Gov. John Kasich 8/15/13 Kasich Calls For Federal Balanced Budget Amendment Gov. John Kasich 8/09/13 Kasich Statement on First Court Hearing to Expunge Record of Human Trafficking Victim Gov. John Kasich 7/03/13 Kasich Issues Proclamation Honoring Independence Day Gov. John Kasich 7/03/13 The Toledo Blade - Revolving Door Gov. John Kasich 6/30/13 Kasich Signs Bold State Budget to Further Ohio's Comeback Gov. John Kasich 6/19/13 Ohio to Launch Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign Gov. John Kasich 5/14/13 The Plain Dealer - Ohio Gov. John Kasich Touts Role for Older Ohioans as Productive Component of Society Gov. John Kasich 5/07/13 Ohio's Business Climate Improves More Than Any Other State Gov. John Kasich 5/02/13 Kasich Calls for $1 Billion Workers' Comp Rebate to Public and Private Employers Gov. John Kasich 4/03/13 Health Subcommittee Hears from Patient Recently Denied Access to Obamacare's Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program Mary Taylor 3/21/13 Statement on Passage of the Transportation Budget Gov. John Kasich 3/05/13 Governors Fight to Keep Wrestling in Olympics Gov. John Kasich 2/28/13 Kasich Denies Clemency for Frederick Treesh Gov. John Kasich 2/24/13 Column: Kasich's bold school funding proposal puts Ohio on the right path Gov. John Kasich 2/22/13 Kasich tax plan designed to give big benefits to small businesses Gov. John Kasich 2/19/13 2013 State of the State Address Gov. John Kasich 2/04/13 BUDGET DOCUMENTS: Gov. Kasich Releases Ohio's Jobs Budget 2.0 Gov. John Kasich 1/29/13 Kasich Signs Executive Order to Help Foodbanks Gov. John Kasich 1/22/13 Wall Street Journal - The US Can't Be Complacent on Job Creation Gov. John Kasich 12/21/12 Ohio Launches New Effort to Help Working Ohioans Upgrade Their Skills Gov. John Kasich 12/20/12 Governors Tomblin and Kasich Announce Partnership to Help Dislocated RG Steel Workers Gov. John Kasich 12/18/12 Ohio Returning $13 Million in Tax Overpayments to Businesses that Didn't Know They Were Owed Money Gov. John Kasich 11/27/12 The Columbus Dispatch - State Must Match Jobs, Training, Kasich Says Gov. John Kasich 10/28/12 MSNBC "Meet The Press" - Transcript Gov. John Kasich 8/31/12 Kasich Calls on Ohio Colleges to Help Vets as Federal GI Benefits Face Disruption Gov. John Kasich 7/25/12 Kasich Signs Executive Order to Help Drought-Stricken Farmers Gov. John Kasich 7/12/12 Toledo Blade - Kasich Trumpets Lake Erie's Vast Wealth Gov. John Kasich 7/10/12 Kasich Commutes Sentence of John Jeffrey Eley Gov. John Kasich 7/03/12 The Plain Dealer - Gov. John Kasich: Rainy Day Fund to See Boost to $482 Million, but Price Tag from Health Care Law Looms Gov. John Kasich