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6/24/15 Blog: Secretary Foxx Responds to Senate EPW Committee Approval of 6-Year DRIVE Act Anthony Foxx 6/24/15 Veterans Transition into Civilian Jobs as Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers in Record Numbers through USDOT/FMCSA Program Anthony Foxx 6/24/15 Blog: Passenger Airline Employment Hits Highest Point Since Recession Anthony Foxx 6/23/15 FTA Proposes Rule to Improve Testing Safety, Reliability of New Transit Buses Anthony Foxx 6/23/15 Statement by Secretary Jeh C. Johnson on the Confirmation of Peter Neffenger to be TSA Administrator Jeh Johnson 6/22/15 Blog: The U.S. and South Africa Economic Partners Committed to Democracy, Equality Anthony Foxx 6/19/15 Blog: Fuel Efficiency Improvements: Saving Money, Oil, Planet Anthony Foxx 6/19/15 EPA, DOT Propose Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Trucks Gina McCarthy 6/19/15 EPA, DOT Propose Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Trucks Anthony Foxx 6/19/15 Blog: Highway Trust Fund Shortfall Approaches Again; DOT Ticker Reappears Anthony Foxx 6/18/15 Blog: Forging Win-Win Opportunities in Mozambique Anthony Foxx 6/17/15 FTA Finds Serious Safety Lapses at WMATA, Implements NTSB Recommendation to Improve Subway Tunnel Safety Anthony Foxx 6/16/15 Blog: Safe Skies Over Ghana Anthony Foxx 6/11/15 Blog: Youth, Transportation Careers, and Opportunity Anthony Foxx 6/11/15 Blog: Let's Keep Rural America Connected; Let's GROW Anthony Foxx 6/09/15 Federal Railroad Administration Recommends Actions to Prevent Passenger Trains from Speeding Anthony Foxx 6/09/15 Blog: NARC, MPOs Read to Create Opportunity, Ready to GROW Anthony Foxx 6/09/15 Blog: Cities Adopting Bike Investment as a Way to Move Beyond Traffic Anthony Foxx 6/08/15 IATA Helps Keep the World Turning Anthony Foxx 6/08/15 Energy Department and Edison Electric Institute Sign Agreement to Advance Electric Vehicle Technologies Ernest Moniz 6/08/15 Remarks at International Air Transport Association Annual General Meeting and World Transport Summit Anthony Foxx 6/05/15 The Ohio State University Wins Year One of North American EcoCAR 3 Competition -- Defending Their EcoCAR 2 Title Ernest Moniz 6/05/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces Formation of New NHTSA Safety Teams Anthony Foxx 6/05/15 NTHSA Rule on Electronic Stability Control Promises Safety Gains for Commercial Drivers Anthony Foxx 6/04/15 DOT Joins Members of Congress, Industry and Safety Advocates to Highlight the Life-Saving Potential of Groundbreaking Technology to Prevent Drunk Driving Anthony Foxx 6/03/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces Groundbreaking Final Rule on Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electronic Stability Control Anthony Foxx 6/03/15 Blog: Ladders partners ready to help us GROW AMERICA Anthony Foxx 6/03/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $1 Million in Emergency Relief Funds for Oklahoma's Flood-Damaged Roads Anthony Foxx 6/02/15 Blog: Overwhelming demand reflects importance of TIGER Anthony Foxx 6/01/15 Blog: Bridge That Once Symbolized National Unity Now a Reminder of the Need to GROW AMERICA Anthony Foxx 6/01/15 Blog: Welcome to Pittsburgh, ITS. Welcome to the Future, America Anthony Foxx 6/01/15 Statement By Secretary Jeh C. Johnson On The Transportation Security Administration Jeh Johnson 5/29/15 Blog: National Bike Month Winding Down, Mayors' Challenge is Not Anthony Foxx 5/29/15 Statements on President Obama's intent to nominate PHMSA and FRA Administrators Anthony Foxx 5/29/15 Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Charles Johnson at the United Nations Interior Ministerial Security Council Briefing on Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters -- As Delivered Jeh Johnson 5/28/15 Federal Railroad Administration Issues $6.8 Million Loan to the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Anthony Foxx 5/27/15 Remarks By Secretary Of Homeland Security Jeh Charles Johnson On "The New Realities Of Homeland Security" As Part Of The Landon Lecture Series On Public Issues -- As Prepared For Delivery Jeh Johnson 5/21/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $3 Million in Emergency Relief Funds for Storm-Damaged Roads in Kentucky Anthony Foxx 5/21/15 Federal Railroad Administration Takes Follow-Up Action to Control Train Speeds on Northeast Corridor Anthony Foxx 5/21/15 DOT Fines Hawaiian Airlines for Violating Baggage Compensation and Price Advertising Rules Anthony Foxx 5/21/15 U.S DOT Extends Federal Oversight of General Motors Anthony Foxx 5/20/15 Blog: At DOT Insistence, Takata Agrees to National Air Bag Recall Anthony Foxx 5/19/15 The World Wants What America Makes John Kerry 5/19/15 Blog: Let's Make it Count in 2015 Anthony Foxx 5/19/15 Statement By Secretary Jeh C. Johnson On Airport Baggage Handlers Charged With Conspiracy To Transport Drugs Jeh Johnson 5/19/15 U.S Department of Transportation Announces Steps to Address Takata Air Bag Defects Anthony Foxx 5/18/15 U.S. DOT Announces Fiat Chrysler Public Hearing and Issues Special Order Anthony Foxx 5/18/15 Takata Press Conference Anthony Foxx 5/15/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Tours Des Moines' Southeast Connector Project Anthony Foxx 5/15/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Tours Los Angeles Bus Facility, Highlights Need for Continued Transportation Investment Anthony Foxx 5/14/15 Blog: Los Angeles bus facility, one more reason to GROW AMERICA Anthony Foxx 5/13/15 Blog: A Dialogue with Industry, a Conversation Between Cars Anthony Foxx 5/13/15 Statement by the Vice President Joseph Biden 5/13/15 Statement by the President Pres. Barack Obama 5/13/15 On the May 12 Derailment of Amtrak 188 Anthony Foxx 5/12/15 Blog: I Stand with My Colleagues for America's Future Anthony Foxx 5/12/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Visits Local Officials To Discuss Memphis' Proposed $265.5 Million Lamar Avenue Project Anthony Foxx 5/12/15 Blog: Knoxville Area Not Alone in Facing Road Project Delays Anthony Foxx 5/11/15 Blog: For Infrastructure Week, One Message: We Must Invest…Now Anthony Foxx 5/11/15 Secretary Foxx's Infrastructure Week Travel Shows Need for Robust Funding Strategy Anthony Foxx 5/07/15 Blog: Three "Sammie' Finalists Personify Spirit of Service, DOT Anthony Foxx 5/07/15 CONSUMER ADVISORY: Safely 'Share the Road' with Motorcyclists Anthony Foxx 5/07/15 Federal Railroad Administration Issues $967.1 Million MTA Loan to Finance Critical Safety Upgrades to the Nation's Largest Commuter Railroads Anthony Foxx 5/04/15 Blog: National Bike Month Begins Anthony Foxx 5/01/15 Blog: New Final Fule Offers Improved Rail Safety Anthony Foxx 5/01/15 DOT Announces Final Rule to Strengthen Safe Transportation of Flammable Liquids by Rail Anthony Foxx 5/01/15 DOT Announces Final Rule to Strengthen Safe Transportation of Flammable Liquids by Rail Anthony Foxx 4/29/15 Blog: DOT Connectivity Roundtable Creates Connections Anthony Foxx 4/28/15 NHTSA Retooling Recalls Workshop Anthony Foxx 4/28/15 President Obama Announces His Intent to Nominate Peter V. Neffenger to Lead the Transportation Security Administration Pres. Barack Obama 4/28/15 U.S. DOT Hosts Workshop to Boost Recall Completion Rates Anthony Foxx 4/23/15 Blog: DOT Helping Cities Build a Step up the Ladder of Opportunity Anthony Foxx 4/23/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces LadderSTEP Technical Assistance Program Anthony Foxx 4/22/15 FY16 U.S. Department of Transportation Budget Hearing Anthony Foxx 4/22/15 Blog: Every Day Must Be Earth Day Anthony Foxx 4/22/15 Hearing of the Senate Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee - Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request Anthony Foxx 4/22/15 FHWA's Environmental Excellence Award Recipients Named Anthony Foxx 4/21/15 NHTSA Earth Day Event Highlights Benefits of Vehicle Fuel Economy Anthony Foxx 4/21/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $5 Million in Emergency Relief Funds for West Virginia Roads and Bridges Damaged by Recent Rainstorms Anthony Foxx 4/21/15 EPA Awards $5 million in Clean Diesel Grants to Protect Health of Communities near Ports Gina McCarthy 4/20/15 Blog: DOT Adds Crude-by-Rail Safety Measures Anthony Foxx 4/17/15 DOT Agencies Take Coordinated Actions to Increase the Safe Transportation of Energy Products Anthony Foxx 4/16/15 Federal Railroad Administration Invests $21.2 Million in Highway Grade Crossing Safety, Positive Train Control, and Passenger Rail Anthony Foxx 4/16/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $162 Million Loan for Ohio River Bridges East End Crossing Anthony Foxx 4/16/15 Blog: TIGER Summit Offers Best Practices to Ensure Best Project Outcomes Anthony Foxx 4/10/15 Blog: Working Together to Build Smart Cities Anthony Foxx 4/09/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with India's Minister of Road Transport Anthony Foxx 4/09/15 Blog: A Memorandum for Multimodalism Anthony Foxx 4/08/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces Improved Aviation Safety Rating for India Anthony Foxx 4/08/15 Blog: Cooperation, Improved Compliance Leads India to Category 1 Aviation Safety Rating Anthony Foxx 4/03/15 Blog: A Good Week to GROW On Anthony Foxx 4/02/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $500 Million in Seventh Round of TIGER Funding Anthony Foxx 4/02/15 Blog: DOT Welcomes the Return of Our Favorite TIGER Anthony Foxx 4/02/15 U Drive. U Text. U Pay. Campaign Cracks Down on Distracted Driving Anthony Foxx 4/01/15 Blog: Detroit Gears Up; Motor City Ready to go Beyond Traffic Anthony Foxx 3/31/15 AUSTIN, TEXAS WINS PRESTIGIOUS HUD SECRETARY AWARD Julián Castro 3/30/15 Secretary Foxx Sends Six-Year Transportation Bill to Congress Anthony Foxx 3/27/15 DOT Proposes to Allow Delta to Keep the Seattle-Haneda Route Provided That it Operates Daily Service Year-Round Anthony Foxx 3/26/15 Energy Department Offers Conditional Commitment to Alcoa to Support Manufacturing of Aluminum for Automotive Sector Ernest Moniz 3/25/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $194 Million TIFIA Loan for Orlando's Wekiva Parkway Anthony Foxx