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3/21/17 Tweet - @realDonaldTrump Pres. Donald Trump 2/25/17 Tweet - @realDonaldTrump Pres. Donald Trump 12/14/16 USDA Announces Farmer Fair Practices Rules - Clarifications for Industry & Protections for Farmers Thomas Vilsack 12/01/16 Letter to the Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Dr. Cathie Woteki, Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics - Call for Support for the U.S. Brewing Industry Ryan Zinke 11/30/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Farm Income Forecast for 2016 Thomas Vilsack 11/30/16 Statement by Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Latest Quarterly Export Forecast for 2017 Thomas Vilsack 11/14/16 USDA, Partners Celebrate First Wood-to-Jet-Fuel Commercial Flight Thomas Vilsack 11/14/16 Statement by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Rural America at a Glance, 2016 Edition Thomas Vilsack 11/02/16 Letter to the Hon. Gina McCarthy, Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency - Demanding EPA Use Sound Science Ryan Zinke 10/28/16 Letter to Barack Obama, President, United States of America - Engaging China on Biotechnology Ryan Zinke 10/28/16 Statement by Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on How Ag Export Surge Boosted GDP Growth Thomas Vilsack 10/27/16 Letter to Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Louis J. Milione, Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and Leslie Kux, Associate Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration - Call to Address Provisions of the "Statement of Principles on Industrial Hemp" Ryan Zinke 10/20/16 USDA Announces Streamlined Guaranteed Loans and Additional Lender Category for Small-Scale Operators Thomas Vilsack 10/13/16 USDA Announces McLarty Capital Partners Rural Investment Fund Thomas Vilsack 10/11/16 USDA Announces Plans to Purchase Surplus Cheese, Releases New Report Showing Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Create Growth for Dairy Industry Thomas Vilsack 10/06/16 USDA Announces Increased Support to Expand and Diversify the U.S. Agriculture Workforce Thomas Vilsack 10/06/16 In Eastern Kentucky, USDA Launches Relending Program to Reduce Rural Poverty Nationwide Thomas Vilsack 10/04/16 Soybean Processor Investing $30 Million at Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon Mike Pence 10/04/16 Food and Agriculture Co-op Income Again Sets Record in 2015, USDA Data Show Thomas Vilsack 10/03/16 USDA Launches New Apprenticeship Program Targeting Veterans Thomas Vilsack 10/03/16 USDA Announces Support for Rural Cooperative Businesses and Organizations Thomas Vilsack 10/03/16 USDA Report Shows Growing Biobased Products Industry Contributes $393 Billion and 4.2 Million Jobs to American Economy Thomas Vilsack 9/22/16 China Moves to Reopen Market to U.S. Beef Thomas Vilsack 9/21/16 Hearing of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry Committee - Testimony on the Current State of the Farm Economy Thomas Vilsack 9/13/16 United States Challenges Excessive Chinese Support for Rice, Wheat, and Corn Thomas Vilsack 9/07/16 Op-Ed: Rural America Is Back In Business Thomas Vilsack 8/30/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Farm Income Forecasts for 2015 and 2016 Thomas Vilsack 8/25/16 Statement by Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Latest Quarterly Export Forecasts for 2016 and 2017 Thomas Vilsack 8/23/16 USDA to Purchase Surplus Cheese for Food Banks and Families in Need, Continue to Assist Dairy Producers Thomas Vilsack 8/04/16 USDA Announces Safety Net Assistance for Milk Producers Due to Tightening Dairy Margins Thomas Vilsack 8/02/16 Secretary Vilsack Announces $36.5 Million for Specialty Crop Research and Extension Investments Thomas Vilsack 8/01/16 USDA Announces Reopening of Brazilian Market to U.S. Beef Exports Thomas Vilsack 7/13/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Accepts "Federal Agency of the Year Award" at League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) National Convention Thomas Vilsack 6/15/16 Governor Pence Attends Grand Opening of WinField Crop Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms Today Mike Pence 6/10/16 Letter to the Hon. Thomas Perez, Secretary of the Department of Labor and the Hon. León Rodriguez, Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services - Address H-2A Agriculture Worker Delays Michael Mulvaney 6/06/16 USDA Provides Targeted Assistance to Cotton Producers to Share in the Cost of Ginning Thomas Vilsack 6/02/16 USDA Awards More Than $14.5 Million to Support Plant Health and Resilience Research Thomas Vilsack 6/02/16 Vilsack Announces New Promise Zone Designation for Puerto Rico, Other Steps to Lift Puerto Rican Economy Thomas Vilsack 5/28/16 USDA Announces More Than $8 Million in Payments to Support the Production of Advanced Biofuel Thomas Vilsack 5/27/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on the Latest Quarterly Agricultural Trade Forecast Thomas Vilsack 5/27/16 USDA Extends Deadline for Recording Farm Structure Thomas Vilsack 5/23/16 Letter to The Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Warning USDA of Uncertainty, Potential Trade Disruptions in Proposed Biotech Revisions Ryan Zinke 5/19/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Organic Trade Association Report Thomas Vilsack 5/18/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on the U.S. International Trade Commission Report Thomas Vilsack 5/17/16 USDA Announces $10.7 Million Available For Critical Water Research Thomas Vilsack 5/16/16 U.S. Beef Arrives in Recently Reopened South African Market Thomas Vilsack 5/16/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $130 Million Available for Foundational Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Thomas Vilsack 5/12/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Climate Smart Agriculture and Forestry Results, Additional $72.3 Million Soil Health Investment to Support Paris Agreement Thomas Vilsack 5/06/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Opens USDA Farmers Market for the 21st Season Thomas Vilsack 5/06/16 USDA Awards $39.3 Million in Loans and Grants to Support Economic Development in Rural Areas Thomas Vilsack 5/04/16 USDA Announces $15.6 Million in Grants to Strengthen Rural Communities Thomas Vilsack 5/03/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Open Prairie Rural Opportunities Fund Thomas Vilsack 5/03/16 USDA Awards $16 Million for Research into Sustainable Crop and Livestock Production Methods Thomas Vilsack 5/02/16 USDA Announces $6 Million in Available Funding for Antimicrobial Resistance Research Thomas Vilsack 4/29/16 USDA Unveils New 'Urban Agriculture Toolkit' for Urban Farmers and Agri-business Entrepreneurs Thomas Vilsack 4/21/16 USDA Announces $22 Million Available for Research to Combat Citrus Greening Thomas Vilsack 4/18/16 USDA Announces $4.7 Million Available in Grants for Food Safety Training, Outreach and Technical Assistance Thomas Vilsack 4/12/16 USDA Expands Safety-Net for Dairy Operations Adding Next-Generation Family Members Thomas Vilsack 4/08/16 Indiana Corn Farmers Applaud Signing of Farmland Property Tax Reform Bill Mike Pence 4/05/16 USDA Reports Record Growth In U.S. Organic Producers Thomas Vilsack 4/01/16 USDA Announces over $90 Million Available to Support Local Food Systems, Specialty Crop Producers Thomas Vilsack 3/31/16 Federal, Philanthropic Partners Join to Strengthen Local Food Supply Chains Thomas Vilsack 3/28/16 Just in Time for National Garden Month: USDA Launches "Plant a Window Box for Pollinators" Using New People's Garden Initiative Website Thomas Vilsack 3/24/16 USDA Offers New Toolkit to Assess Economic Impact of Local Foods Thomas Vilsack 3/22/16 USDA Awards $8.5 Million to Improve Communities' Water Sources Thomas Vilsack 3/21/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Historic Agreements for U.S.-Cuba Agriculture Sectors Thomas Vilsack 3/18/16 USDA Announces Rural Schools Payments Thomas Vilsack 3/15/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on National Agriculture Day Thomas Vilsack 3/14/16 USDA Launches Online MyPlate, MyWins Challenge, Available Throughout National Nutrition Month Thomas Vilsack 3/14/16 United States Secures Full Access for U.S. Beef and Beef Products to Peru Thomas Vilsack 3/11/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack to Join President Obama and Cabinet Delegation on Travel to Cuba Thomas Vilsack 3/02/16 DOI Secretary and BLM Director Admit Knowing Nothing About Bison, Zinke Demands Accountability, Transparency & Fairness for Montana Ranchers and Farmers Ryan Zinke 3/01/16 Blog: How the Biggest Changes in Our Nation's Nutrition Programs in a Generation Came to Be, Part I Thomas Vilsack 2/29/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $18 Million Available to Support Research and Teaching at Historically Black Land-Grant Universities Thomas Vilsack 2/19/16 Indiana Lands Global Business Center in Planned Dow, Dupont Merger Mike Pence 2/18/16 USDA Expands Insurance Options for Farmers Transitioning to Certified Organic Agriculture Thomas Vilsack 2/12/16 Zinke to BLM: We Need More Local Input Ryan Zinke 2/11/16 USDA Sees Strong Demand for Conservation Reserve Program Thomas Vilsack 2/11/16 USDA Secretary Vilsack Announces $58.25 Million to Protect Agriculture and Plants from Pests and Diseases Through 2014 Farm Bill Section 10007 Thomas Vilsack 2/09/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Farm Income Forecasts for 2016 Thomas Vilsack 2/08/16 USDA Awards $20 Million in Grants for Citrus Greening Research Thomas Vilsack 2/04/16 10 #USDAResults in Conservation and Forestry You Should Know Thomas Vilsack 2/03/16 USDA Awards More Than $30 Million in Grants for Food Safety and Plant Health Improvements Thomas Vilsack 1/29/16 Blog: Earned Income Tax Credit Can Help Rural Families Thomas Vilsack 1/25/16 Obama Administration to Partner with 27 Communities to Boost Neighborhood Revitalization through Local Food Enterprises Thomas Vilsack 1/21/16 Progress Report: USDA Investments Make Big Impact for Rural America in 2015 Thomas Vilsack 1/15/16 USDA's StrikeForce Initiative Invests $23.5 Billion in Rural Communities, Expands to Four New States Thomas Vilsack 1/15/16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack announces Expansion of USDA's StrikeForce Initiative in Ohio Thomas Vilsack 1/14/16 USDA Announces $8.8 Million Available to Support Food and Agricultural Sciences Education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions Thomas Vilsack 1/10/16 America Farm Bureau Federation Town Hall Thomas Vilsack 1/07/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Expanded Market Access for U.S. Poultry, Pork and Beef Exports to South Africa Thomas Vilsack 1/06/16 Blog: Introducing USDA Results, a Year-Long Storytelling Effort of the Obama Administration's Work on Behalf of Those Living, Working and Raising Families in Rural America Thomas Vilsack 1/06/16 Bob Stallman Appreciation Day Transcript Thomas Vilsack 12/22/15 USDA Shares 2015 Results: Building a Stronger Rural America through Partnership, Progress and Promise Thomas Vilsack 12/15/15 USDA Removes Farm Program Payments to Managers Not Actively Engaged in Farming Thomas Vilsack 12/14/15 Letter to the Hon. Tom Vilsack, Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Take Action on Cottonseed Thomas Price 12/10/15 USDA Announces $40 Million Available to Help Ranchers Restore Sage Grouse Habitat Thomas Vilsack 12/10/15 USDA Announces Funding Available for Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Programs Thomas Vilsack 12/01/15 USDA Begins 49th Enrollment Period for the Conservation Reserve Program Thomas Vilsack 11/24/15 Statement from Secretary Tom Vilsack on Updated 2015 U.S. Farm Income Forecast Thomas Vilsack

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