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11/18/14 Thank You Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/31/14 Marilinda Garcia Releases Latest Ad "Energy" Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/25/14 Concord Monitor - My Turn: U.S. Needs a Strategy to Combat Islamic State Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/16/14 Valley News - Garcia Criticizes U.S. Approaches Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/13/14 The Wall Street Journal - Politicians Court the Millennials, but Will They Vote? Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/10/14 Nashua Telegraph - Nashua Chamber Head Critical of Garcia Stance on Passenger Rail Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/08/14 Marilinda Garcia Receives Endorsement of Congressman Bass Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/07/14 Concrod Monitor - Kuster Campaigns at Peter's Images salon in Concord to Praise a Higher Minimum Wage Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/01/14 Jeanne Shaheen, Speaker Terie Norelli Discuss Women's Health and Economic Issues at RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth Rep. Terie Norelli 9/30/14 Concord Monitor - House Hopefuls Explore Privacy-Protection Balance Rep. Marilinda Garcia 9/23/14 Join Veterans for Marlinda Rep. Marilinda Garcia 9/23/14 Marlinda Garcia Receives Endorsement of Governor Romney Rep. Marilinda Garcia 1/01/14 New Hampshire Americans for Prosperity: Taxpayer Pledge Rep. Marilinda Garcia 11/01/12 Guiding Principles of the Hampton Democrats Rep. Chris Muns 5/01/12 Jobs and the Economy: Rep. David Watters, May Day 2012 speech at Dover City Hall Sen. David Watters 11/28/11 NH Sen. Jeb Bradley: Obama Campaign Attempting to Distract Attention Away From This Administration's Dismal Record Sen. Jeb Bradley 8/01/10 Letter to Gun Owners of New Hampshire Rep. Charles Weed 6/30/10 Governor Lynch Joins State Leaders, Law Enforcement in Signing Corrections Reforms Aimed at Strengthening Public Safety and Reducing Costs to Taxpayers Sen. Sylvia Larsen 1/26/10 Acorn Letter Rep. Charles Weed 9/16/09 Citizen's United vs. the Federal Election Commission Rep. Charles Weed 10/21/08 Bradley Tells Voters He Has Answers On Economy Sen. Jeb Bradley 10/14/08 Taking Care of Our Veterans: A Promise Which, If Elected, I Plan to Keep Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/29/08 Jeb Bradley Comments on Vote on Bail Out Legislation Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/19/08 Jeb Bradley Statement on Carol Shea-Porter's Support of Ethically Challenged Colleague Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/15/08 Jeb Bradley Asks Carol Shea-Porter to Return Rangel Money Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/30/08 Gas Soars, Economy Slumps, and Congress Goes on Vacation! Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/17/08 Jeb Bradley Statement on Shea-Porter's Vote on HR 6516 Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/26/08 Jeb Discusses the Second Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/17/08 Fosters - Veterans For Jeb Kick-Off Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/30/08 Foster - Bradley Calls for Support for Returning Troops; Health Care, Education Systems His Major Concerns Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/30/08 Fosters - Legion Gives DesRosiers Heartfelt Tribute Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/23/08 Jeb on Memorial Day Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/15/08 Candidates Stress Need for GOP to Show Unity Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/05/08 Jeb Bradley Statement on UNH Poll Results Sen. Jeb Bradley 4/11/08 Hippo Press - Back in the Game Sen. Jeb Bradley 3/10/08 Fosters - Jeb Bradley on Tour on Road Back to Congress Sen. Jeb Bradley 2/22/08 The House is Playing Russian Roulette with Federal Wiretap Powers Sen. Jeb Bradley 2/16/08 Protect American Act Expires, Congress Takes Vacation Sen. Jeb Bradley 2/12/08 Jeb Bradley Honored for Verterans Support Sen. Jeb Bradley 1/23/08 Jeb Bradley: Democrats will Hurt the Economy with Their Big Tax Hikes Sen. Jeb Bradley 11/15/06 New England Wilderness Act of 2006 Sen. Jeb Bradley 10/24/06 Seacoast Online - Bradley takes tour aboard fire boat Sen. Jeb Bradley 10/11/06 Press Release - New Hampshire Veterans Rally For Bradley Sen. Jeb Bradley 10/09/06 Press Release - Statement By Congressman Jeb Bradley On North Korea's Claim To Have Completed A Nuclear Weapon Test Sen. Jeb Bradley 10/06/06 Press Release - Congressman Jeb Bradley And U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Steven Preston Discuss Economy In Manchester Sen. Jeb Bradley 10/02/06 Press Release - Bass And Bradley Vow To Continue Push For New Hampshire Wilderness Sen. Jeb Bradley 10/02/06 Press Release - Sununu, Gregg, Bass, Bradley Recognize Outstanding Members Of New Hampshire's Law Enforcement Community Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/28/06 Press Release - Bradley Hails Passage Of Bill To Protect Veterans From Identity Theft Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/27/06 Press Release - Bradley Honored For Support Of Small Business Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/25/06 New Hampshire Wilderness Act Of 2006 Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/25/06 New Hampshire Wilderness Act Of 2006 Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/21/06 Press Release - Congressman Jeb Bradley Supports Tougher Border Control And Illegal Immigration Measures Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/21/06 Press Release - ME/NH Congressional Delegations Meet With Navy Secretary Winter In Washington Today Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/20/06 Press Release - Bradley's Leadership Results In New VA Policy Regarding Emergency At VA Facilities Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/19/06 Press Release - Congressman Bradley Hosts Mary Matalin Former Counselor To Vice President Sen. Jeb Bradley 9/11/06 Bradley And Bass Applaud Release Of Nearly $3 Million In Additional LIHEAP Funds For New Hamshire Sen. Jeb Bradley 8/28/06 Gregg, Sununu, Bass, Bradley Continue Efforts To Protect New Hampshire Fishermen From Harsh Regulations Sen. Jeb Bradley 8/18/06 Union Leader - Politicians check in on businesses Sen. Jeb Bradley 8/11/06 Hampton Union - Rep. visits Hampton Sen. Jeb Bradley 8/07/06 Bradley Supports Expanding Community Health Centers In New Hampshire Sen. Jeb Bradley 8/02/06 Bradley Supports The Development And Use Of Alternative Fuels Sen. Jeb Bradley 8/02/06 Lowering the cost of health care through community health centers Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/27/06 Letter to The Honorable Jerry Lewis And The Honorable David Obey Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/25/06 Bradley Supports Legislation that Promotes Veteran-Owned Small Business Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/24/06 Veterans Small Business and Memorial Affairs Act of 2006 Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/24/06 Hire a Veteran Week Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/24/06 Honoring the National Association of State Veterans Homes Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/20/06 Bradley and Graves Chair Smal Business Subcommittee Hearing on China's Barriers to Free Trade Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/17/06 Bradley Introduces Legislation to Improve Access to State Veterans Homes for Service - Disabled Veterans Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/14/06 Bradley Urges Constituents to Sign Up for FEMA Floop Assistance Before July 24th Deadline Sen. Jeb Bradley 7/05/06 Statement by Congressman Jeb Bradley on North Korea's Missile Test-Launches Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/27/06 Bradley Announces Manchester VA Medical Center Emergency Room Will Stay Open Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/22/06 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 4890, Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006 Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/22/06 Bradley Applauds House Passage of Presidential Line-Item Veto, Says It Will Help to Curb Irresponsible Spending Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/21/06 Health Centers Renewal Act of 2006 Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/21/06 Bradley Supports Defense Appropriations Bill Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/20/06 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2007 Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/16/06 Bass & Bradley Urge CMS to Waive Medicare Late Enrollment Penalty for New Hampshire Seniors Affected by Flooding Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/14/06 Bradley: "Line-Item Veto Will Help to Curb Wasteful Spending" Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/12/06 Congressman Jeb Bradley Announces Candidacy for Third Term Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/08/06 Statement by Congressman Jeb Bradley on the Death of Al-Qaeda Leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Sen. Jeb Bradley 6/01/06 N.H. Delegation Applauds Swift Approval Of State's Request For Amended Declaration Of Major Disaster To Cover Puclic Infrastructure Damage Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/30/06 U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Hector Barreto, Rep. Jeb Bradley, Mayor Frank Guinta Tour Manchester Business Affected by Flooding Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/26/06 New Hampshire Delegation Seeks Immediate Approval of State's Request for Amended Declaration of Major Disaster to Cover Public Infrastructure Damage Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/26/06 N.H. Delegation Seeks Immediate Approval of States's Request For Amended Declaration of Major Disaster to Cover Public Infrastructure Damage Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/25/06 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007 Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/25/06 Bradley Presses VA Officials On Loss Of Sensitive Veterans' Data Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/24/06 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2007 Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/23/06 Statement by Congressman Jeb Bradley on Veterans's Personal Date Leak Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/22/06 Letter to Chairman Thomas and Chairman Barton Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/19/06 Bradley Supports Veterans Appropriations Bill Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/17/06 Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2007 Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/16/06 New Hampshire Congressional Delegation Urges Immediate Federal Response to Regional Flooding Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/11/06 Bradley Supports Defense Authorization Act Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/10/06 Bradley Supports Legislation that Will Protect the Dignity of Military Funerals Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/08/06 Bradley Honored for Work on Improving Medicare Part D Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/04/06 Bradley Supports Iniatives that Will Help to Lower Gas Prices Sen. Jeb Bradley 5/03/06 Bradley Continues Fight to Keep Emergency Room Open at Manchester VA Medical Center Sen. Jeb Bradley 4/24/06 Letter to the Assistant Administrator of Fisheries Dr. William T. Hogarth Sen. Jeb Bradley 4/20/06 Schaffs, Bradley: "Romania is Playing A Waiting Game with Pending International Adoption Cases" Sen. Jeb Bradley