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12/22/15 Letter to the Hon. Mary Jo White, Chair, Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC Action on Corporate Political Spending Disclosure Rep. Ann Kuster 8/31/15 Letter to the Hon. Mary Jo White, Chair, Securities and Exchange Commission - Transparency in Political Spending by Public Companies Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 3/04/15 Letter to Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General - Examinination of Voting Equipment Technology Sen. Kelly Ayotte 2/04/15 MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript: New Hampshire Primary Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 2/04/15 U.S. Senators Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Calling for Nigerian Leadership to Fight Boko Haram and Ensure Peaceful Presidential Elections Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 10/09/14 Monadnock Ledger-Transcript - Shaheen Takes a Jab at Challenger Scott Brown Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 5/12/14 Ayotte Statement on Illegal Referendums in Eastern Ukraine Sen. Kelly Ayotte 4/02/14 Shaheen Statement on Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 3/31/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House, Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader, Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee - Voting Rights Act Rep. Ann Kuster 3/27/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House - Improve the Voting Rights Amendment Act Rep. Ann Kuster 11/13/13 Letter to Secretary John Kerry, State Department - Free and Fair Elections in Honduras Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 10/31/13 Shaheen Statement on Georgian Elections Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 5/15/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Complete Cooperation into IRS Investigation Sen. Kelly Ayotte 11/05/12 Letter to Secretary Panetta Sen. Kelly Ayotte 9/11/12 Inhofe, Five GOP Senators Express Disappointment for DoD Failing to Comply to Move Act Sen. Kelly Ayotte 9/07/12 Letter to Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense - Voter Assistance to Military Service and Their Families Sen. Kelly Ayotte 7/29/12 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript Sen. Kelly Ayotte 7/16/12 Reuters - Senate Republicans Block Campaign Disclosure Bill Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 7/16/12 Disclose Act of 2012--Motion to Proceed--Continued Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 7/12/12 Senators Announce Upcoming Senate Action on the DISCLOSE Act Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 6/15/12 CNN "John King, USA" - Transcript Sen. Kelly Ayotte 6/01/12 Nashua Telegraph - Nothing Super About These PACs Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 3/13/12 Senate Democrats from Working Group to Craft New Response to Rise of Super PACS and Unlimited Spending by Outside Groups Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 1/19/12 Letter to Chairwoman Schapiro, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 9/21/11 Ayotte Troubled By AG Holder's Use of 2012 Election as Benchmark for Closing Gitmo Sen. Kelly Ayotte 6/29/11 Letter to The Honorable Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States and The Honorable Mary L. Schapiro, Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 9/22/10 Disclose Act Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 4/29/10 Shaheen: We Must Make Elections More Transparent, Prohibit Excessive Corporate Campaign Spending Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 10/25/08 Nashua Telegraph - Shaheen Touts 'New Direction' Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 9/18/08 WMUR - Shaheen Attacks Sununu On Turbulent Economy Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 6/06/08 - Shaheen Files for Senate Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 1/01/12 Issue Position: Campaign Finance Rep. Ann Kuster

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