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6/23/16 During National Pollinator Week, USDA Announces Key Measures to Improve Pollinator Health Thomas Vilsack 4/15/16 Zinke Supports Conservation Package Ryan Zinke 4/06/16 Letter to General Carlton D. Everheart II, Commander of the Air Mobility Command - Disappointment in the Site Selection of the Next Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System Unit Ryan Zinke 4/06/16 Zinke Criticizes Air Force and Guard for Leaving Montana & Northwestern States Unprotected Against Wildfires Ryan Zinke 2/12/16 USDA, Partners to Invest $720 Million in Large-Scale, Targeted Conservation Projects Across the Nation Thomas Vilsack 2/11/16 Letter to Director Jarvis - Extension of Yellowstone Bison Quarantine Plan Comment Period Ryan Zinke 2/04/16 USDA to Invest $150 Million through Conservation Stewardship Program to Help Improve Working Lands Thomas Vilsack 12/10/15 USDA Announces $40 Million Available to Help Ranchers Restore Sage Grouse Habitat Thomas Vilsack 11/05/15 Letter to The Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture - Poultry Producers Jefferson Sessions 9/22/15 Zinke to DOI: "Sage Grouse Listing Clearly "Not Warranted', And Neither is Another Federal Land Grab" Ryan Zinke 9/22/15 Blog: Unprecedented Collaboration to Save Sage-Grouse is the Largest Wildlife Conservation Effort in U.S. Thomas Vilsack 9/22/15 Historic Conservation Campaign Protects Greater Sage-Grouse Thomas Vilsack 8/27/15 Jewell, Vilsack Announce the Appointments of Members to the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council Thomas Vilsack 7/28/15 Letter to Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army, and Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick, Commanding General and Cheif of Engineers - Gateway Pacific Terminal Ryan Zinke 6/17/15 USDA To Host 6th Annual Pollinator Festival during June 19 Farmers Market Thomas Vilsack 5/28/15 BLM, U.S. Forest Service Plans for Western Public Lands Provide for Greater Sage-Grouse Protection, Balanced Development Thomas Vilsack 5/28/15 Ryan Zinke Slams BLM's "Washington Knows Best" Sage Grouse Plan Ryan Zinke 3/30/15 Letter to Dan Ashe, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northern Long-eared Bat Information Request Ryan Zinke 1/28/15 Zinke Introduces Legislation to Protect Hunting & Fishing Rights Ryan Zinke 11/24/14 USDA Disaster Assistance to Help Thousands of Honeybee, Livestock and Farm-Raised Fish Producers Thomas Vilsack 10/29/14 USDA to Provide $4 million For Honey Bee Habitat Thomas Vilsack 7/17/14 Letter to Brian Deese, Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget - USDA Catfish Inspection Regulations Jefferson Sessions 6/20/14 USDA Announces Landmark Commitment to Improve Sage-Grouse Habitat Thomas Vilsack 6/20/14 USDA Provides $8 Million to Help Boost Declining Honey Bee Population Thomas Vilsack 6/05/14 USDA Announces Funding, Issues Federal Order to Combat PEDv Thomas Vilsack 5/20/14 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Announces Action to Combat Insects and Diseases that Weaken Forests, Increase Fire Risk Thomas Vilsack 5/15/14 Yearly Survey Shows Better Results for Pollinators, But Losses Remain Significant Thomas Vilsack 5/02/14 USDA and Interior Department Green Light Conservation Practices for Farmers, Ranchers and Landowners in Five Lesser Prairie-Chicken States Thomas Vilsack 4/18/14 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Announces Additional USDA Actions to Combat Spread of Diseases Among U.S. Pork Producers Thomas Vilsack 4/15/14 Sign-Up Begins Today for USDA Disaster Assistance Programs Restored by Farm Bill Thomas Vilsack 4/10/14 Letter to Secretaries Tom Vilsack, Ernest Moniz, and Gina McCarthy - Calling for USDA, DOE, EPA to Resist Taxing Livestock Emissions Jefferson Sessions 4/04/14 Sessions Praises Commerce Department's Decision Upholding Fair Trade Rules for Catfish Jefferson Sessions 4/03/14 USDA Provides Farm Bill Funding for Pest and Disease Management Programs Thomas Vilsack 2/25/14 Agriculture Secretary Announces $3 Million for a New Program to Improve Pollinator Health Thomas Vilsack 2/14/14 Obama Administration Announces Additional Assistance to Californians Impacted by Drought Thomas Vilsack 1/21/14 Statement by Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez on the catastrophe at International Nutrition in Omaha, Neb. Thomas Perez 12/06/13 Secretary's Column: A New Report Shows the Critical Benefits of Farm Bill Conservation Thomas Vilsack 11/13/13 Letter to Dan Ashe, Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service - Fully De-list the Gray Wolf Michael Mulvaney 11/07/13 Letter to Senators Debbie Stabenow and Thad Cochran - Foreign Catfish Inspection Jefferson Sessions 7/10/13 Agriculture, Interior and Defense Departments Partner to Benefit Agricultural Lands, Wildlife Habitat and Military Readiness Thomas Vilsack 7/02/13 DOI and USDA Highlight Successes of Protecting Bird Habitat on Private Lands Thomas Vilsack 6/26/13 Letter to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Daniel Ashe - Third Time's the Charm: EPW Republicans Press Fish & Wildlife For Answers on Sue-and-Settle Agreements Jefferson Sessions 5/07/13 USDA Funds Major Research Initiatives to Study the Effects of Weather and Climatic Variability on Beef and Dairy Cattle Thomas Vilsack 3/07/13 Letter to Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States - Fishery Stock Assessments Jefferson Sessions 2/28/13 Letter to Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service Daniel Ashe - Sue and Settle Practices Jefferson Sessions 2/01/13 Letter to Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Dan Ashe and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administrator Jane Lubchenco - Endangered Species Jefferson Sessions 1/14/13 Remarks of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to 94th Annual Meeting of the Farm Bureau Federation Thomas Vilsack 12/28/12 Department of Defense Appropriations Act--Continued Jefferson Sessions 8/22/12 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces New Help for Livestock Producers with Changes to Emergency Loans, Crop Insurance Thomas Vilsack 8/17/12 America's Great Outdoors: Salazar, Vilsack Announce Members of Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council Thomas Vilsack 7/26/12 Blog: U.S. Public Lands Continue to Create Jobs and Boost Local Economies Through Tourism, Restoration Efforts, and Energy Initiatives Thomas Vilsack 7/06/12 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on the Codex Alimentarius Commission's Adoption of Standards for the Veterinary Drug Ractopamine Thomas Vilsack 5/24/12 USDA Provides Funding to Cooperators for Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Thomas Vilsack 5/18/12 Obama Administration to Hire 20,000 Young People for Summer Work on Public Lands Thomas Vilsack 4/24/12 USDA Announces Assistance for 13 Wetlands Partnership Projects in 12 States Thomas Vilsack 4/17/12 Pence Supports Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012 Mike Pence 3/29/12 Blog: Secretary's Column: USDA Works for Farmers, Sportsmen and the Environment Thomas Vilsack 3/29/12 USDA Explores Feasibility of Alternative Energy Production at Airports Thomas Vilsack 1/31/12 Coats, Lugar, Visclosky, Pence Respond to Asian Carp Study Mike Pence 12/14/11 Gov. Perry: Expanded Disaster Declaration Provides Much-Needed Relief for Communities Impacted by Wildfires James Perry 11/28/11 USDA and Feld Entertainment, Inc., Reach Settlement Agreement Thomas Vilsack 10/07/11 Sessions Co-Sponsors Resolution Supporting Wildlife Refuges Jefferson Sessions 8/12/11 Blog: Secretary's Column: Partnerships Help Farmers and the Environment Thomas Vilsack 7/07/11 Chesterton Tribune -- Reps, Senators Oppose Closing River to Keep Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes Mike Pence 6/17/11 Statement About HB 1788 James Perry 5/28/11 Text of Gov. Perry's Remarks at Joint Session of the Texas Legislature in Recognition of Memorial Day James Perry 4/18/11 Annual Update for USDA National Farmers Market Directory Begins Thomas Vilsack 2/17/11 Moment of Silence in Remembrance of Members of Armed Forces and Their Families Mike Pence 1/19/11 USDA Announces Funding To Improve Public Access for Hunting, Fishing, and other Recreation Opportunities and to Restore Wildlife Habitat Thomas Vilsack 9/01/10 USDA Announces Next Steps on Sugar Beets Thomas Vilsack 5/10/10 USDA Announces Assistance Program for Orchardists and Nursery Tree Growers Thomas Vilsack 2/05/10 USDA Announces New Framework For Animal Disease Traceability Thomas Vilsack 10/16/09 USDA Conducting Confirmatory Testing On Possible Detection Of 2009 Pandemic H1n1 Influenza In U.S. Swine Thomas Vilsack 5/02/09 Statement from Secretary Vilsack on Canada Detection of H1N1 in Alberta Swine Thomas Vilsack 2/01/08 Red Mountain Park One Step Closer to a Reality Jefferson Sessions 1/01/08 Jess and Doug Vilsack Thomas Vilsack 10/23/07 Letter to the President, George W. Bush Thomas Price 5/11/07 The Democrats' Act of (Un)Intelligence Thomas Price 3/23/07 Iraq Supplemental Is More Politics than Policy Thomas Price 3/21/07 Democrat Majority Buying Votes Thomas Price 6/02/06 Governor Vilsack Takes Action on Final Day of Bill Signing Period Thomas Vilsack 3/28/06 Perry Kicks Off Gulf of Mexico Summit James Perry 1/24/06 Vilsack Signs Great Places Agreements Thomas Vilsack 9/08/05 Making Appropriations for Science, The Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, and Related Agencies for Fiscal Year 2006-- Continued Jefferson Sessions 2/14/05 Floor Statement - On The Nomination Of Judge Chertoff To Secretary Of Homeland Security Jefferson Sessions 6/16/04 Removal of Injunction of Secrecy Jefferson Sessions 10/29/03 Climate Stewardship Act of 2003 Jefferson Sessions 1/01/16 Issue Position: Montana Values Ryan Zinke 1/01/14 Issue Position: Agriculture Jefferson Sessions

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