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9/03/16 Midwestern Scout - Changing the System From Within: Marvin Nelson Rep. Marvin Nelson 9/03/16 Grand Forks Herald - With Gistory Against Him and a Slim Pocketbook in Hand, Democrat Marvin Nelson Aims for Governor's ffice Rep. Marvin Nelson 9/02/16 The Jamestown Sun - Running for Governor Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/25/16 WDAZ - Marvin Nelson: "Doug Burgum Playing Hidey Hide" Rep. Marvin Nelson 7/15/16 Statement: Glassheim on Trump's Selection of Mike Pence for Vice Presidential Running Mate Rep. Eliot Glassheim 6/09/16 Statement: U.S. Senate Candidate Eliot Glassheim on Hillary Clinton Becoming the Presumptive Democratic Nominee Rep. Eliot Glassheim 6/08/16 Release: Glassheim Calls on Senator Hoeven to Break Silence on Donald Trump's Racially Charged Attacks Against a Federal Judge Rep. Eliot Glassheim 6/08/16 ND Governor's candidate Q & A Rep. Marvin Nelson 6/06/16 Dem Candidate Nelson Criticizes Would-Be Opponents Ahead Of Primary Rep. Marvin Nelson 5/05/16 Release: Senator John Hoeven Tries to Have It Both Ways on Supporting Donald Trump Rep. Eliot Glassheim 5/05/16 Statement: U.S. Senate Candidate Eliot Glassheim Calls on Sen. John Hoeven to Denounce Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Rep. Eliot Glassheim 3/15/16 Democrat sees governor's race as "uphill battle' but winnable Rep. Marvin Nelson 10/23/14 George Sinner Highlights Balanced, Common Sense Approach Sen. George Sinner 1/01/16 Issue Position: Campaign Finance Reform, Ethics and Redistricting Rep. Joshua Boschee

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