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8/27/14 King Rolls Out Endorsement of National Education Association Gary King 8/27/14 Group Seeks to Build on King's Lead with Women Voters Gary King 8/20/14 Politico - Mitch McConnell More Polished at Kentucky Forum Alison Grimes 8/16/14 Federation for American Immigration Reform Patrice Douglas 8/15/14 Promoting Oklahoma Energy Patrice Douglas 8/14/14 Tennant Welcomes Opportunity to Debate Record, Issues, After Capito Accepts Challenge Natalie Tennant 8/14/14 Tennant Statement on Social Security's 79th Anniversary Natalie Tennant 8/14/14 Kentucky Jobs Action Plan Alison Grimes 8/13/14 Conservative Republican Patrice Douglas Announces Veterans Coalition Patrice Douglas 8/13/14 Gary King Announces Plan to Reform New Mexico's Education System, AFT Endorsement Gary King 8/11/14 Pearland Journal - Attorney General Abbott Opposes EPA Proposal to Regulate "Ditches" Greg Abbott 8/11/14 Monitor - Commentary: Greg Abbott: Keeping Texans Secure: Border Buildup Necessary for Safety Greg Abbott 8/09/14 Gary King Criticizes Republican Susana Martinez's Latest Mailer and Record Gary King 8/08/14 NM Secretary of State Trying to Steal Election for Governor Gary King 8/08/14 Gainer Calls for Penalties for Companies Who Dodge Tax Obligations Glen Gainer 8/07/14 Charleston Daily Mail - Tennant Unveils Substance Abuse Agenda Natalie Tennant 8/07/14 The Charleston Gazette - Tennant Holds Drug Abuse Prevention Event Natalie Tennant 8/06/14 Tennant Unveils Drug Abuse Solutions Agenda Natalie Tennant 8/06/14 Blog: Make Them Pay Greg Abbott 8/04/14 Tennant Launches Statewide Tour to Discuss Combating Drug Abuse Crisis Natalie Tennant 8/01/14 Paducah Sun - Grimes Eager to Face McConnell in Debate Alison Grimes 7/31/14 Blog: Greg Abbott Visits Galveston Greg Abbott 7/31/14 Governor Rick Perry Headlines Fundraiser for Dr. Miller-Meeks Mariannette Miller-Meeks 7/31/14 Tennant Touts Importance of Medicare, Social Security in Charles Town Natalie Tennant 7/26/14 Senate Candidates to Debate in West Virginia, Today...But They're from Virginia Natalie Tennant 7/24/14 Associated Press - Grimes Focusing on Jobs, Pay Equity Alison Grimes 7/24/14 CNHI - Grimes Has Pep Rally Before Energetic Democrats Alison Grimes 7/24/14 The Courier-Journal - Grimes Skewers McConnell on Unemployment Alison Grimes 7/24/14 New Poll Confirms What We've Known All Along Gary King 7/24/14 Lexington Herald-Leader - Democrats Gather to Cheer Ford, Jeer McConnell Alison Grimes 7/23/14 Blog: Guard Greg Abbott 7/23/14 Little Village - Rand Paul to Visit Iowa City Mariannette Miller-Meeks 7/23/14 Grimes Calls on Mitch McConnell to 'Change Tune' on the Bring Jobs Home Act Alison Grimes 7/23/14 King Campaign Declares Passing Mississippi in Kids Count Ranking 'Nothing to Be Proud Of' Gary King 7/21/14 McConnell's Offensive Remarks Continue to Make News in Kentucky Alison Grimes 7/21/14 - Attorney General Statement on the National Guard Going to the Border Greg Abbott 7/21/14 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: Immigration Crisis Greg Abbott 7/18/14 Parkersburg News and Sentinel - Gainer Says Leadership Has Failed Glen Gainer 7/17/14 Tennant Unveils Education Agenda as Part of Overall Jobs Plan Natalie Tennant 7/17/14 Herald Dispatch - Educators in the Area Share Concerns with Natalie Tennant Natalie Tennant 7/17/14 Charleston Daily Mail - Tennant Touts Education Agenda Natalie Tennant 7/16/14 Martinez' Campaign Tactics Reek of Desperation Gary King 7/16/14 ICMI: Grime 'Shatters' Fundraising Record, Outraises Candidates Naitonwide Alison Grimes 7/14/14 Blog: Greater than Ourselves Greg Abbott 7/14/14 Rio Grande Guardian - Serving Those Who Served Greg Abbott 7/14/14 Blog: Challenges Greg Abbott 7/14/14 Huffington Post - Mitch McConnell's Solution To Soaring Student Debt: Less Yale, More For-Profit Schools Alison Grimes 7/12/14 Greg Abbott Unveils Jobs for Veterans Initiatives Greg Abbott 7/10/14 Dallas Morning News' Trail Blazers Blog - Abbott Blasts Obama on Economic Policy, Immigration Ahead of President's Speech Greg Abbott 7/10/14 Greg Abbott Touts Texas Economy at Press Conference in Austin Greg Abbott 7/08/14 Fact Sheet: Current Seniors Would Be Impacted By McConnell's Support for the Ryan Budget Alison Grimes 7/08/14 Quad City Times - GOP Campaign Committee Elevates Miller-Meeks Mariannette Miller-Meeks 7/08/14 Grimes Campaign Statement on Team Mitch's Hypocritical Ad Response Alison Grimes 7/07/14 Congresswoman Capito Campaigning with Architect of Plan to End Medicare Natalie Tennant 7/07/14 McConnnell Refuses to Support Pro-Coal Miner Legistlation Alison Grimes 7/07/14 Grimes Statement on the Partisan Sportsmen's Act Alison Grimes 7/03/14 Alison Lundergan Grimes Releases Plan to Tackle Mine Safety, Black Lung Disease Alison Grimes 7/03/14 Breitbart Texas - Texas Weighs Lawsuit Against Federal Government Over Border Crisis Greg Abbott 7/03/14 WYMT - Alison Lundergan Grimes Talks Plan to Improve Mine Safety Alison Grimes 7/03/14 Grime's Plan to Support and Protect Coal Miners Alison Grimes 7/02/14 The Blaze "Chris Salcedo Show" - Transcript: Interview with Greg Abbott Greg Abbott 6/29/14 West Virginia Women Rally Behind Tenant Job Plan Natalie Tennant 6/29/14 WDTV5 - Tennant Makes Stop in Bridgeport Natalie Tennant 6/27/14 Tennant Jobs Tour Highlights Research Jobs Natalie Tennant 6/27/14 NBC - U.S. Senate Candidate Natalie Tennant Stops in St. Marys Natalie Tennant 6/26/14 Easing the Student Loan Burden for the Next Generation Alison Grimes 6/26/14 Tennant Tour Travels to St. Mary's Natalie Tennant 6/25/14 Gary King Demands a Minimum Wage Increase to $10.10 an Hour Gary King 6/25/14 For Some, $1300 is the Difference Gary King 6/23/14 The Monitor - A Healthier Texas via A&M South Texas Project to Curb Obesity Greg Abbott 6/23/14 Grimes: Rebuild the Bridge, Cut the Deficit Alison Grimes 6/23/14 Breitbart Texas - Obama's Failure To Enforce Law Caused Humanitarian Crisis, Says Abbott And Cruz Greg Abbott 6/19/14 Grimes Statement on 50th Anniversary of Senate Passage of Civil Rights Act Alison Grimes 6/19/14 Associated Press - Spending for Added Border Security Announced Greg Abbott 6/19/14 Breitbart - Greg Abbott Supports Texas-Led Border Security Surge Greg Abbott 6/19/14 Spending for Added Border Security Announced Greg Abbott 6/13/14 Grimes: Don't Send U.S. Troops Back to Iraq Alison Grimes 6/12/14 Texas Child Support Ranked #1 in Nation Greg Abbott 6/11/14 Grimes Statement on Student Loan Vote Alison Grimes 6/10/14 Grimes Celebrates 51st Anniversary of Equal Pay Act Alison Grimes 6/09/14 Grimes Fights For Kentucky Coal Alison Grimes 6/09/14 Grimes Applauds Department of Labor's Support for Eastern Kentucky Employment Program Alison Grimes 6/06/14 Grimes Statement on D-Day Anniversary Alison Grimes 6/05/14 EPA Rules Devastating to West VIrginia Glen Gainer 6/02/14 Tennant Opposes Job-Killing Coal Regulations, Says West Virginia Can Lead the Way in Advance Coal Technology Natalie Tennant 6/02/14 Blog: Greg Abbott: Defending Texas Energy and Jobs Greg Abbott 6/02/14 Abbott: Students Need to Learn Without Limits Greg Abbott 6/02/14 Grimes Statement on the EPA's New Overreaching Regulations Alison Grimes 5/30/14 Grimes Statement on Secretary Shinseki's Resignation Alison Grimes 5/30/14 Tennant Statement on Shinseki Resignation Natalie Tennant 5/26/14 Blog: The Greatest Among Us Greg Abbott 5/25/14 Tennant Statement on Memorial Day Natalie Tennant 5/23/14 Memorial Day A Time for Thanks and Reflection Glen Gainer 5/23/14 Tennant Calls for Shinseki Resignation Natalie Tennant 5/23/14 Grimes Takes Lead on Veterans Issues Alison Grimes 5/22/14 Grimes Calls For Veterans Affairs Secretary Resignation Alison Grimes 4/04/14 Gov. Malloy Announces Collaboration With IBM to Launch State's First P-TECH Model School in Norwalk Stefan Pryor 4/03/14 Gov. Malloy, DEEP Commissioner Klee and Mayor Jackson Join Elementary School Students for Trout Stocking Event in Hamden Robert Klee 4/02/14 Governor Corbett Convenes Healthy Pennsylvania Public Health Summit Michael Wolf 4/02/14 Governor Corbett Declares April 2 as Autism Awareness Day Beverly Mackereth