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10/15/14 Susana Martinez Snubs Traditional Debate at Congregation Albert Gary King 10/15/14 King: Her Own Party Is Turning Against Martinez Gary King 10/15/14 Martinez Lies Reach Nixonian Proportions Gary King 10/15/14 Letter to David Feldman, Attorney for the City of Houston - Withdrawing Subpoenas Seeking Sermons from Pastors Gregory Abbott 10/15/14 Gary King's Plan to Boost New Mexico Economy Gary King 10/15/14 The Truth Squad Report on Susana's Lies and Omissions Gary King 10/14/14 Sen. Brown and Grimes Will Work Together to Rebuild Brent Spence Bridge Alison Grimes 10/14/14 Grimes Impresses at Kentucky Enquirer Editorial Board; Lays Out Clear Vision for Kentucky Alison Grimes 10/14/14 Grimes Trounces Mitch McConnell; Holds Him Accountable at Every Turn Alison Grimes 10/13/14 FOX "Hannity" - Transcript: Texas Gubernatorial Race Gregory Abbott 10/12/14 The Charleston Gazette - Democrats Boost Tennant at Annual Dinner Natalie Tennant 10/10/14 Fairmont Times West Virginia - Tennant: "I Stand Up for West Virginia' Natalie Tennant 10/09/14 Courier-Journal Editorial Board: Grimes Outlines Strong Case for Election Alison Grimes 10/08/14 Tennant Clear Winner in Debate Natalie Tennant 10/04/14 Grimes Challenges Mitch to Stop Hiding, Answer to the People of Kentucky Alison Grimes 10/03/14 Susana Martinez...Where Is the Transparency? Gary King 10/03/14 New Mexico Sinks Deeper Into Poverty Under Martinez Gary King 10/03/14 Martinez Fosters Culture of Secrecy and Lies Gary King 10/03/14 King: Her Own Party is Turning Against Martinez Gary King 10/03/14 King/Haaland Education Vision & Listening Tour Success Gary King 10/03/14 Gary King's Plan to Fix Our State Economy Gary King 10/02/14 West Virginia Gazette - From Right and Left, Senate Candidates Attack Capito Natalie Tennant 10/01/14 Amarillo Globe-News - Schools, Border Security Top Abbott's List Gregory Abbott 10/01/14 Amarillo Globe-News - Editorial: Greg Abbott Says Voter Fraud Is Real Gregory Abbott 10/01/14 New Grimes Television Ad Features President Clinton Alison Grimes 10/01/14 New Grimes Television Ad Features President Clinton Alison Grimes 9/29/14 Mitch McConnell Runs from Yet Another Debate Alison Grimes 9/29/14 Blog: Last Month Gregory Abbott 9/26/14 Roll Call - McConnell, Grimes Split on Marijuana Legalization Debate Alison Grimes 9/24/14 Senator Debbie Stabenow Rallies Tennant Supporters for American Jobs Natalie Tennant 9/23/14 New Abbott TV & Radio Ads Focus On Transportation Solutions For Texas Gregory Abbott 9/23/14 New Grimes Television Ad: "Rally" Alison Grimes 9/22/14 Blog: Less Government, More Freedom Gregory Abbott 9/19/14 Kasich and Taylor Issue POW/MIA Recognition Day Resolution Mary Taylor 9/18/14 U.S. Women's Chamber Endorses Tennant Natalie Tennant 9/18/14 New Grimes Television Ad: "Proud Man" Alison Grimes 9/18/14 Tennant Blasts Congress, President for Tying Government Funding to Arming Syrian Rebels Natalie Tennant 9/17/14 Gary King's Statement - Re: Latino Heart Gary King 9/17/14 Protecting the Martinez Spanx Order? Latest Lies in Martinez Attacks on Gary King Gary King 9/16/14 Tennant Statement on Black Lung Increase Natalie Tennant 9/15/14 New Grimes Television Ad: "Skeet Shooting" Alison Grimes 9/15/14 Press Release: Miller-Meeks for Congress Releases Web Video: "Put Iowans First" Mariannette Miller-Meeks 9/13/14 Texas CEO Magazine - If I Were Governor Gregory Abbott 9/12/14 Video: Healthy Texans Gregory Abbott 9/12/14 Grimes Statement on McConnell Siding with Billionaires Over Kentucky Alison Grimes 9/11/14 Tennant Statement on the Anniversary of the Attacks of September 11, 2001 Natalie Tennant 9/11/14 The Price Of Freedom Gregory Abbott 9/11/14 A Healthier Tomorrow Gregory Abbott 9/10/14 Texas Cities Ranked Best For Job Growth Gregory Abbott 9/10/14 The Monitor - Commentary by Greg Abbott on Affordable Higher Education in Texas Gregory Abbott 9/10/14 NM Loses Out on Tesla Gigafactory Gary King 9/09/14 Kasich and Taylor Isse Patriot Day Resolution, Order Public Flags Flown at Half-Staff Mary Taylor 9/08/14 Kentucky New Era - Young, Old Come Out for Grimes in Hoptown Alison Grimes 9/05/14 Web Ad: Greg Abbott's Higher Education Plan Provides A Ladder To Success Gregory Abbott 9/05/14 West Viriginia Seniors Rally Behind Tennant Natalie Tennant 9/04/14 Tyler Morning Telegraph - 'Casting a Vision' Gregory Abbott 9/03/14 King Campaign Hits Trail for Labor Day as Job Numbers Continue to Lag Gary King 9/03/14 News and Sentinel - Mining Union Supports Tennant Natalie Tennant 9/02/14 Learn To Earn Gregory Abbott 9/02/14 Current-Argus - Gov. Candidate Gary King to Visit Carlsbad Gary King 9/01/14 Coal Miners Endorse Tennant Natalie Tennant 9/01/14 WV Gazette - UMW Endorses Tennant at Labor Day Rally Natalie Tennant 9/01/14 Charleston Daily Mail - United Mine Workers Union Endorses Tennant Natalie Tennant 9/01/14 Glen Gainer Labor Day Message Glen Gainer 8/30/14 'Mountaineers for Natalie' Rally Ahead of WVU Game Natalie Tennant 8/30/14 Inter-Mountain - Natalie Tennant Speaks About Business Growth, Minimum Wage Natalie Tennant 8/29/14 Tennant Calls for Minimum Wage Increase, Capito Continues to Stonewall West Virginia Workers Natalie Tennant 8/29/14 Daily Times - PESCO Announces Creation Of As Many As 150 Jobs Gary King 8/29/14 New Grimes Television Ad: "It's Time" Alison Grimes 8/28/14 West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum Opening Statement Natalie Tennant 8/27/14 King Rolls Out Endorsement of National Education Association Gary King 8/27/14 Group Seeks to Build on King's Lead with Women Voters Gary King 8/27/14 Journal News - Tennant Celebrates Women's Equality Day in Charles Town, Discusses Pay Natalie Tennant 8/26/14 Tennant to Rally Supporters on Women's Equality Day with Special Guest Helen Holt Natalie Tennant 8/20/14 Politico - Mitch McConnell More Polished at Kentucky Forum Alison Grimes 8/16/14 Tennant Talks Energy on 'Talkline' Natalie Tennant 8/16/14 Federation for American Immigration Reform Patrice Douglas 8/15/14 Promoting Oklahoma Energy Patrice Douglas 8/14/14 Kentucky Jobs Action Plan Alison Grimes 8/14/14 Tennant Welcomes Opportunity to Debate Record, Issues, After Capito Accepts Challenge Natalie Tennant 8/14/14 Tennant Statement on Social Security's 79th Anniversary Natalie Tennant 8/13/14 Conservative Republican Patrice Douglas Announces Veterans Coalition Patrice Douglas 8/13/14 Gary King Announces Plan to Reform New Mexico's Education System, AFT Endorsement Gary King 8/11/14 Monitor - Commentary: Greg Abbott: Keeping Texans Secure: Border Buildup Necessary for Safety Gregory Abbott 8/11/14 Pearland Journal - Attorney General Abbott Opposes EPA Proposal to Regulate "Ditches" Gregory Abbott 8/09/14 Gary King Criticizes Republican Susana Martinez's Latest Mailer and Record Gary King 8/08/14 NM Secretary of State Trying to Steal Election for Governor Gary King 8/08/14 Gainer Calls for Penalties for Companies Who Dodge Tax Obligations Glen Gainer 8/07/14 Charleston Daily Mail - Tennant Unveils Substance Abuse Agenda Natalie Tennant 8/07/14 The Charleston Gazette - Tennant Holds Drug Abuse Prevention Event Natalie Tennant 8/06/14 Tennant Unveils Drug Abuse Solutions Agenda Natalie Tennant 8/06/14 Blog: Make Them Pay Gregory Abbott 8/04/14 Tennant Launches Statewide Tour to Discuss Combating Drug Abuse Crisis Natalie Tennant 8/01/14 Paducah Sun - Grimes Eager to Face McConnell in Debate Alison Grimes 7/31/14 Tennant Touts Importance of Medicare, Social Security in Charles Town Natalie Tennant 7/31/14 Blog: Greg Abbott Visits Galveston Gregory Abbott 7/31/14 Governor Rick Perry Headlines Fundraiser for Dr. Miller-Meeks Mariannette Miller-Meeks 7/26/14 Senate Candidates to Debate in West Virginia, Today...But They're from Virginia Natalie Tennant 7/24/14 New Poll Confirms What We've Known All Along Gary King 7/24/14 The Courier-Journal - Grimes Skewers McConnell on Unemployment Alison Grimes